2016 – 077 The Single Market and Customs Union are part of a Single Regulatory Regime

 There are continuous calls from the Arch Remainers such as BBC, Clegg, Cable, Heseltyne, Clark, Soubry etc for the UK to stay in the Single Market post Brexit.

The Single Market and the Customs Union are one and the same thing.

If we stay in the Single Market this lady will have full control of UK’s trading. She is a Uni Lecture in politics and has never had a job in industry nor commerce.

The Single Market is not a ‘stand alone’ option. It is but one of four pillars of a Single Regulatory Regime. They are the essential and fundamental tenets of the EU and cannot be changed.


USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, India etc are not in the Single market and have no problems whatsoever trading with the EU.



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