2016 – 077 The Single Market is a Single Regulatory Regime

Much is said about the Single Market. It is a soft name to disguise its real nature.

The Single Market is not a version of Pettycoat Lane writ large as Remainers like to promote. It is not really a market at all –  it is a Single Regulatory Regime that comes with several sneaky political ‘add ons’ to ensure the EU remains in control.

  • Uncontrolled migration from EU,
  • submit to the European Court of Justice,
  • Supremacy of EU law
  • accept all EU standards even when not applicable to UK.

These are euphemistically called the ‘Four Freedoms’ by the EU. They are in fact chains to bind a country into subservience to the EU.

 USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, India etc are not in the Single market and have no problems whatsoever trading with the EU.



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