2020 – 008 Books to read during house arrest

Books to read  – all available form Amazon

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  • New World Order by Mark Dice – the UN plan for the world effectively using Orwell’s 1984 as an instruction manual
  • EU – A Corporate Racket by David Barnby – the treachery of the Tory  leaders in the 1970’s
  • BBC: Brainwashing Britain by David Sedgwick  BBC has been hijacked by Cultural Marxists.  e.g. The corporation’s flagship Radio 4 programme, Today, has featured just 3.2 per cent of guests in favour of leaving the EU.  It is an essential read to understand the BBC’s extreme left wing Groupthink.    https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5428081/bbc-news-  coverage-biased-against-brexit/ 
  • Brave New Europe by Mick Greenhough – tells you the history of the EU from 1870 and it’s intentions for the future and how Germany hijacked the EU.
  • No Go Zones by Raheem Kassam – tells you of the No GO areas of Western cities that the Establishment denies.
  • 1984 by George Orwell Orwell’s grim warning in 1948 that is now coming true
  • The Abolition of LibertyPeter Hitchens – the breakdown of British culture of law and order.
  • Animal Farm Orwell’s cartoon warning of Marxism
  • Fake News by David Sedgwick
  • Dangerous Hero a biography of Corbyn written by Tom Boyer at one time a close associate of Corbyn. Along time Marxist and international journalist. When he saw Marxism in action had a Damascene conversion
  • George Orwells Road to Wigan pier tells you of the worst effects of the old Industrial Society. The new Industrial Society of today has transformed the lives of millions.

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  1. Is that the same Mark Dice of YouTube fame? Some find him cringe worthy, but I like him. He’s way smarter than he sometimes appears. I didn’t know about this book but I will buy it as soon as possible. Cheers for the heads up.

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