2021 – 023 Mayor of London

 It has been reported that some 300,000+ Londoners have moved out to the suburbs recently due to the violence in London. Perhaps as many a 2 million over the last 20 years.

 I would suggest that the reason Khan is allowing violent crime to proliferate is to encourage more Londoners to leave London. He has said he would like 1.5 million more migrants (Muslim migrants to replace Londoners?) into London. This is surely a means to secure a permanent Muslim Mayor. To this end Khan has purchased £9million of Dominion voting machines manufactured by Smartmatic that can change your vote without you knowing. 

Soros has been funding Left Wing violent groups for many years to achieve the Marxist New World Order.

The original pamphlet sent to us – Do we want a mayor said that anyone who worked in London could stand as Mayor.  So anyone who works in London should have a vote for Mayor. Alternatively, it should be an appointed position.  Either should protect London.

It also said the cost would be 3p/week on a band D house. Since then we have had a mayor’s precept of £280, pollution charge, congestion charge, increased parking and now Khan wants an increase to pay for the money he has squandered.

Copy at the bottom of this post. If those who work in London but live outside of London have the vote then the likelihood of Khan getting elected will be minimal.

It also allows EU citizens to stand as mayor and for them to vote still even though we are no longer in the EU.

I would also suggest that when the Muslim population of London exceeds that of the English Khan will want London to secede from the UK to become an independent country and rejoin the EU.

The UN has ambitions to be the world government-run under a Marxist culture.

It should be noted that in the ‘30s and ’40s less than 10% of Germans were in the Nazi Party. However that 10% by violent verbal and physical intimidation cowed the 90%  though they were quite happy to follow the 10% while they were winning. We can expect similar behaviour when Muslims become the majority and outvote the indigenous Londoners. A militant 10% will dominate the rest who will be quite happy with Sharia Law over English law.

The Mayor of Londons Diversity team https://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/arts-and-culture/commission-diversity-public-realm/diversity-public-realm-commission-members

The original pamphlet sent to us ‘Do you want a Mayor of London’ (below) says that anyone who works in London can stand as Mayor. As such anyone who works in London should have the vote for Mayor.

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  1. Warren-ap-Euddav322AD

    You fail the Hitler test and are way out of your depth regarding NSDAP matters so please stick to the Khan issue: there is no parallel between Khan and NSDAP, none whatever. Thank you for the e-mail, it is appreciated.
    Sincere Regards.

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