2022 – 017 Food and houses in the ’40s

Cold Houses,  heating or eating

The house I was born into had no electricity, no gas, no heating (apart from a Tilly lamp), no running water, a small meths camping stove for cooking and an unheated outside earth toilet, rime ice on the bedclothes in the winter.

We had a stick of bombs across the house which missed the house but it smashed all the windows and crockery and it took over a year before we could get glass to replace the cardboard.

We survived

Our food ration was

My mum would buy 1/2 a pigs head as they were ‘off ration’ and boil it up to make brawn. It smelt horrible but didn’t tast too bad and she would insist the butcher left the eye in so it would see us through the week.

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