2022 – 025 A Civil Contingency Order

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The UK is in dire need of a body of trained robust men to assist the police in keeping public order when the police are outnumbered. This is a proposal for a body of civil men to protect the nature and culture of the British Isles against anyone who wants to destroy the culture.

  • All volunteer
  • To back up the police when militant and violent protests threaten overwhelm the police.
  • Means of rapid mustering and deployment
  • To have the power of arrest in limited circumstances.
  • To be a civilian body but of military structure and ethos.
  • Ex military with ex miltary only in charge and civilian men selected by invitation only.
  • To be trained in suitable techniques of crowd control and how to deal with violent demonstrators.
  • To be trained in the use of firearms in a civilian context
  • To be educated in British justice, the Magna Carta and The Bill of Rights.
  • to be paid a retainer of £25/week
  • to be paid £100 per day when on duty
  • To be an annex of their local Territoial Army base, Naval/Army/Airforce  and use their premises.
  • When on duty to be provided with suitable protective equipment and hot food and replaced with reserves at intervals thoughout the event.
  • To have legal protection against vexatious claims
  • To have a means of gaining prior information when trouble is being planned.
  • Lawful Protests – organisers required to give the police 7 days prior notice of an intended protest and cause. If not the Protest to  be deemed unlawful.

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