2023 – 028 EU laws to be repealed

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In the 1972 Act for the UK to join the EU an unknown Civil Servant quietly slipped in ‘all EU laws shall become UK law without further enactment’. That meant that all EU laws would automatically become UK law without our MPs or parliament seeing them, discussing or agreeing them. Hence we have some 20,000 EU rules and regulations on our statute book.

The remove those Rules surely all we need do is repeal that 1972 act and everything in it?

The ‘without further enactment’ was discovered by Nigel Spearing, Labour MP for Newham for 26 years, who was the chairman of the House of Commons Select Committee on Europe for 8 years. Although no longer an MP he had an open pass to go anywhere in the Palace of Westminster – including where all the records were kept. The information he gave me was

  • The Lisbon Treaty was a virtual clone of the 1933 Nazi Enabling Act.
  • The Lisbon Treaty was a repackaging of the EU Constitution rejected by France and Holland
  • D’Estainge had it rewritten in Bureaucratic double talk to make impossible to be read by any but those who wrote it.
  • It is some 3000 pages long.
  • It was placed in the HoC reading room 11.45 on the day MPs had to vote on it. It was voted through parliament without any MP knowing what was in it.
  • As an Enabling Act specially selected unelected and faceless bureaucrats can add, remove or change any of the clauses without referring to any elected person
  • Many clauses were transferred to other Treaties to hide them.
  • Several clauses were in ‘restraint’. Only authorised people are allowed to read them. Since been informed that some clauses even Merkel and Juncker are not allowed to see.
  • He also informed me that in the 1972 EC ACT three words were slipped in unnoticed at the time. All EU law will become UK law ‘without further enactment’. That is all EU law would bypass our parliament to become UK law without MPs being able to debate and reject it.

The majority of this information came from Nigel Spearing MP. He was the Labour Party MP for Newham for 26 years. He was a member of the HoC Select committee on the EU for 18 years and chairman for 8 years. I am happy that his knowledge and the information he supplied is without dispute.


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