2022 – 022 Central bank digital currency (CBDC)

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)


It is essential that the voting public understand what CBDC is. It is a creature of the Great Reset.

First to understand Normal Banking – You want to borrow £10,000 from a bank – If the Bank lends you £10,000 in money they have to have £10,000 in gold in a shed behind the Bank. They do not have that so they lend you Currency instead which is a just a cluster of electrons in a computer. That money does not exist, it is FIAT money and then the bank charges you interest on that non existant money loan. That begs the question as to why it cannot be paid back as a cluster of electrons not by your labour?

It also involves the person you pay joining in the charard that curency is real money. We are in a Debt Economy where everyone is in debt (from your bank overdraft to your mortgage) and as such you are easier for the Establishment control. A £20 note is only worth about 20 pence – the value of the paper. You can buy £20 of goods with it if everyone joins in the pretence it is worth £20 not 20p.

CBDC is just the same – it is just a cluster of electrons in a computer

Some spiv Companies used to pay their workers in ‘tokens’ that could only be spent in the company’s own (overpriced) shop. It was known as ‘trucking’.

To stop this practice the Truck Act was passed that workers had to be paid in cash.

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2022 – 021 CND marches in the 60s and how it was funded?

I only ever saw one CND march with Bertrand Russel (now known to be a Franfurt School adhearant) at its head. They were collecting money in a bucket from the people watching . In the bucket was a role of banknotes about 5 inches diameter in two rubber bands along with shillings and 2 bob coins. Thought nothing of it at the time but it stuck in my mind. I then read Pavel Stroilov’s artical in the Spectator and realised that must be how CND got funded in a way  that could not be traced.

read http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2014-024-from-the-diaries-of-russian-spymaster-chernyaev-pavel-stroilov-exposes-labours-seditious-meeting-with-them/

also read  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2012-025-the-frankfurt-school-to-destroy-western-civilisation/

It is a wonder this country has survived and the Woke campaign is continuing that movement?

2022 – -020 The Great Reset – What is all about?

Click on and read  https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/oureconomy/conspiracy-theories-aside-there-something-fishy-about-great-reset/

Remember  – When the government say “it’s for your safety”, it almost certainly means it’s for their control.

2022 – 019 Mandleson admits importing migrants for votes

read  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2326352/RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN-Peter-Mandelson-admits-Labour-brought-migrants-losing-working-class-votes.html

2022 – 018 Nationalisation of UK’s assets


Nationalisation of water will not make it rain. Nationalisation of gas will not make foreign producers sell their gas to us more cheaply.

The problem with Nationalisation of Utilities is that the government then considers those assets to be theirs to sell off to their chums or foreign companies for ready cash as they see fit. Either that or they give cushy directorships to their political mates whether they are competent or not.

National assets belong to the citizens who have paid for them – particularly any strategic utilities. Water, gas, electricity, Communication facilities, railways and National Trust etc.  Private companies can hire aspects of those Utilities for their profit but the ownership must be the citizens not the government.

The shares of the Nationalised utilities should be shared out equally among the citizens who paid for them and they would then receive annual dividends from them. They should be ‘not for sale’ shares.

Our parents & ancestors built many networks by dint of their very hard work and using the countries wealth. E.g. electricity, water, roads, schools, railways, sewage, the NHS, rubbish removal, national parks, libraries etc. Should migrants be entitled to have free use of them having contributed nothing towards them? Should they pay an extra tax if they do?

Citizens in this case would be people who were British citizens (and their descendants) prior to the Maastricht Treaty as they and their ancestors paid for those assets. The Maastricht Treaty made all UK citizens of the EU as a precuser to abolishing UK citizenship for EU citizenship only. read http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2019-032-proposal-for-uk-citizenship-post-brexit/

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2022 – 017 Food and houses in the ’40s

Cold Houses,  heating or eating

The house I was born into had no electricity, no gas, no heating (apart from a Tilly lamp), no running water, a small meths camping stove for cooking and an unheated outside earth toilet, rime ice on the bedclothes in the winter.

We had a stick of bombs across the house which missed the house but it smashed all the windows and crockery and it took over a year before we could get glass to replace the cardboard.

We survived

Our food ration was

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2022 – 016 The cause of the N Ireland protocol

Leo Varadkar primarily responsible for the NI Protocol problems… Statement by Anthony Coughlan…Tuesday 9 August 2022



Tuesday 9 August 2022

Ireland’s Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar is the person primarily responsible for the problems associated with the Northern Ireland Protocol. This is because when Mr Varadkar became Taoiseach in 2017 he ordered the promising contacts between the Irish and British Revenue authorities, initiated by his predecessor Enda Kenny, to cease.

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2022 – 014 The Net Zero scam from the Patriotic Forum

2022 – 013 Gordon Brown and the industrial raping of Rotherham girls


see also  https://www.politicalite.com/lab/labour/labours-cover-up-gordon-browns-government-urged-police-not-to-investigate-muslim-grooming-gangs/


However Brown did keep us out of the Euro for which we must be eturnally greateful.

2022 – 012 The EU is not bound by the ECHR, so why should the UK be?

The EU is not bound by the ECHR, so why should the UK be?
Why is it that nobody realises that the European Union (EU), as an entity, is not a member of the 46-member state Council of Europe.
That means the EU as an institution is not bound by the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), so individuals cannot put the EU before the European Court of Human Rights for any violations by the EU as a body.
It also means that the EU Court of Justice, the (ECJ), is not bound by rulings from the European Court of Human Rights.
This is despite all EU member states being required to join the Council of Europe in order to be a member state of the EU.
The EU’s own 2009 Treaty of Lisbon requires the EU as a body, to be a member of the Council of Europe and to be bound by the ECHR.
But, well over a decade later, the EU is still not a member of the Council of Europe.
With the reason being, that back in 2014, the EU Court of Justice ruled that the EU joining the Council would not be compatible with EU law.
That can be construed as, the EU will not agree to any challenge to its own supremacy.
The UK now needs to follow suit and declare that membership of the Council of Europe is no longer compatible with UK law.
Especially as Russia has withdrawn and been ejected from the council, but still technically remains a member until September 16 – meaning that the Russian judge stays in place, actively involved in deciding human rights cases. And that may have included the Rwanda flight ruling.
Lester Taylor
UK Independence Party Spokesman for Brexit and Northern Ireland

2022 – 011 The Origins of Trade Unions and Labour

I come from a line of coal miners and staunch Primitive Methodists and Chartists. My grand father was badly injured underground and my father, who was 11 and his brother who was 9, had leave school to go down the mine. He was incensed at what the Labour Party has become.

Henry V111 had a conflict with the Pope as to who was the ultimate ruler of England. Henry resolved the dilema by evicting the Church of Rome and starting the Church of England and as Martin Luther had recently started the Protestant movement the CoE became Protestant. However the CoE is almost a clone of the CoR but without Confession, Mass or Pope. It retained all the CoR’s authoritarianism and fancy regailia. This led to the birth of the Methodist Church who rejected that authoritarianism and adopted more plain attire. As is human nature the Methodist clergy in time began to adopt the authoritarianism of the CoE. The new industrial age required workers who were both literate and numerate so the working men started to become educated and began to read. In 1800 some of those working men (mainly from the potteries) then began to reject that new authoritarianism of the Methodist clergy so were thrown out of the Methodist Church. They felt they did not need a ‘gate keeper’ to speak to God for them as they could speak to him directly themselves. They were still devout Christians and became known as Primitive Methodists. They started street preaching and became very popular with working men particularly in the mines, heavy industries, Textile workers etc. Those working in these new industries began to become more affulent and assertive. Then in 1838 the Chartist Movement started by working men who demanded enfranchisement. It was the Primitive Methodists, who had acquired the skills of pubic speaking by their street preaching who were able to give voice to the Chartist men assembling outside of the factories. From this union the Labour  Party and the Unions were formed. The Trade Unions in 1868 formed from the much earlier trade guilds and the Labour Party in 1900.

The ‘working men’ of the heavy industries have all but gone. They have more or less been replaced by people who will be in financial difficulties if they do not get their cash at the end of each month.

Sadly the Labour Party has since been hijacked by Middle Class Fabians, academics and dilittanties while many of the Unions have been infiltrated and hijacked by Marxist militants. (view the film ‘The Angy Silence’ with Richard Attenborough 1960). The remit of the Marxists is to use the Trade Unions as a means to try to reduce the very successful Industrial Society to a destitute shambles so that a brave new Marxist society can be rebuilt from the ashes. They are more interested in exploiting the collective power of working men to achieve that than improving their welfare which now seems to be periferal. Today’s Labour Party and Unions are nothing like what they started out as and no longer represent ‘the workers’. It was never the intention of the Chartists and Prims that they would be represented by Socialists and Marxism.

Perhaps the Reform Party is now the Party of all working people?

2022 – 010 What is the World Economic Forum?

The World Economic Forum (“WEF”). Exactly what is it?.

Professor Klaus Schwab is its self-appointed owner.  His remarkably inoffensively named organisation has set itself an objective. He aims to “improve” the “state of the world” and shape it in his chosen fashion. That is despite the WEF having no official or democratic legitimacy. This is a blatant attempt to control our lives by stealth.

According to Wiki, its funding is by private and governmental donors. It received an initial investment of US$460m from the governments of Germany, Japan and Norway, plus the globalist Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust. It allegedly brings together “decision-makers from across society” to work on projects and initiatives that (in its sole wisdom) it thinks will make a “real difference”.

One of those projects is the “Great Reset” initiative.

Who actually asked for the “Great Reset” initiative? Who actually voted for it to make a “real difference”? The answer, of course, is nobody!

The fact is the WEF is “unofficial”. It has no authority to make any rules, globally or nationally nor to enter into any international treaties, but it can still covertly influence our own lawmakers and big business. To my mind, the WEF is a shadowy Bilderberg style organisation, elected by no one, yet set on a self-proclaimed mission to change the world.

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2022 – 009 The Kalergi plan to destroy Europe.

The Covert Scheme To Destroy Europe From Within

The genocidal Kalergi plan to destroy the indigenous nations and peoples of Europe

read  http://themillenniumreport.com/2018/01/kalergi-plan-the-covert-scheme-to-destroy-europe-from-within/

2022 – 008 Archbishop Welby and the Woke Bishops of the Church of England.

Archbishop Welby and the Woke Bishops of the Church of England.

In the early ’60s when we first got cars we would drive down into rural Kent to to sample the delights of the country pubs.

On one visit on entering there was a group of 4 lads, very jolly but not drunk. They turned out to be trainee CoE priests from a local Church of England training college.

Me, being brought up a Primitive Methodist, always found it fun to engage with CoE people. The CoE is nothing more than the Church of Rome without confession or Mass. It has all their smells and bells and authoritarianism.

I began ragging them about the CoE and one, who was quite tipsy, said ‘we are not really Christians we are Marxists and intend to rot the church from the inside’.

One, who was not so tipsy, then jumped up and rather angrily marched them all out leaving their half full glasses of beer.

I never thought much about it until now. However the behaviour of Archbishop Welby has made me recall that event

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2022 – 007 thelightpaper

2021 – 039 Why the panic on CO2 and Net Zero?

NET ZERO IS FOOLS GOLD it is a precurser to THE NEW WORLD ORDER  Part 1

Mankind is responsible for three mega threats to the survival of man. One of them is not Global Warming. They are toxic waste,  pollution and overpopulation in the 3rd world who cannot feed and look after their children. Manmade CO2 is being accused of being the cause of catastrophic damage to the world’s future. Is it? However, we surely need more CO2 in the air? At the moment future environmental events are all purely speculation or built on models based on past events.

COP26 ties U.K. taxpayers to punishing #NetZero targets – £20k boilers, £50k to insulate your house, £50k electric cars, heat pumps that do not work when the air gets cold- while the world’s biggest polluters utterly ignore it????

Anthropogenic Global Warming is essentially a creature of  The New World Order.

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2022 – 006 Klaus Schwab, the Great Reset and its threat to mankind

read  https://winteroak.org.uk/2020/10/05/klaus-schwab-and-his-great-fascist-reset/

2022 – -005 On Klaus Schwab: International Man of Mystery

read https://goldenageofgaia.com/2022/02/16/333074/

2022 – -004 The Cloward Piven strategy

2022 – 003 Brian Gerrish’s exposure of  psychological operations by our government

A very important read to understand much of what is happening now

Brian Gerrish’s exposure of  psychological operations  by our government; and the other, which transports this psychological operation, is the mainstream mediahttps://www.ukcolumn.org/article/brian-gerrishs-testimony-to-reiner-fullmich-our-oppressors-are-very-frightened-people

2022 – 002 Grenfell Tower and cladding

Who is Michael Gove protecting exactly?

It was Nick Raynsford who fobbed off the Garnock Court Select Committee in 1999 with BRE Fire Note 9 and commissioned Warrington Fire to compare Class 0 (National) to the classes in BS EN 13501-1.

Charles Falconer seems to have been in office when Warrington Fire finished the RADAR 2 report in early 2002, which told the Ministry that Class 0 (National) could be (European) Class C or D for composites.

Making a mockery of Diagram 40.

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2022 – 001 https://campaignforanindependentbritain.org.uk/brexit-claimed-increase-hate-crime/

Rather like that petition to overturn the result of the referendum, there is something altogether too pat and too convenient about this story of a “wave of hatred”. An article on this subject by Brendan O’Neill appeared in the Spectator of 6 August  entitled “The Real Hate Crime Scandal” and I am indebted to him for the following information.

The police say that 3,192 reports of hate incidents were received in the last two weeks of June and 3,001 in the first fortnight of July, constituting a rise of 48 per cent and 20 per cent respectively . Many of these reports (the police cannot say how many) came from a website called True Vision which allows anyone anywhere to report anonymously something they say they experienced or witnessed. Every such report is instantly logged as a hate crime. No evidence required.

The police’s “Hate Crime Operational Guidance”  now stresses that the perception of the victim or any other person is the deciding factor in whether something is measured as a hate crime or hate incident. “Evidence of …hostility is not required…The perception of the victim  is the defining factor… the victim does not have to justify or provide evidence of their belief… and police officers….should not directly  challenge the perception”.

“Hate Crime Procedure” by Surrey Police instructs that, even when nothing hateful was said to the victim….still the police must record  the incident as hate crime, if the victim perceives it to be so. Manchester Police’s guidance says that, if a victim of alleged hate crime feels that the police are indifferent, this is then victimising the victim a second time “whether or not it is reasonable for them to perceive it in that way”. Truth is “immaterial”.

I now revert to my own experience of two incidents which might have generated three reports of “hate crime” and could have caused endless trouble for those potentially  accused.

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2021 – -42 Harry Miller v the ‘police’

https://youtu.be/YNkNcnH6CKc   (see link to video report)

I have watched a longer interview with Harry Miller, who has now won his case against the police for registering a “Non Crime Hate Incident” against him because of remarks he had made about transgender people. Of many matters mentioned, the following impressed me.

(1) The police had actually no business doing this sort of thing. The judge remarked that they had behaved like “the Stasi, the Gestapo or the Cheka”.

(2) Their actions did not arise from any law but from “guidance” issued by the College of Policing (a limited company owned by the Home Secretary which had no right to create such a law)

(3) The police could disclose his record (for instance) to somebody checking on Harry Miller’s suitability for employment.

(4) The police had been following this procedure since 2014. There must be hundreds of thousands of records of such illegal actions by the police and they need to be destroyed. The senior responsible officers need to be disciplined publicly – at least for “wasting police time” which should have been used for protecting the public. Police officers were instructed that they too could be guilty of “hate crime” if they questioned any report of such an incident, however ill-founded or far-fetched it was.

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2021 – 041 info a short cut to Information you need before you vote next time

Information you should know before voting.

If you can find anything inaccurate in these posts please inform the editor at editor@theeuroprobe.org

 point curser at the hyperlink (http://)and click

2021 – 040 Smog and CO2

Smog is when smoke from coal fires mixed with fog. It was mixture of nitrogen oxides, ozone, sulphur oxide and particulates. It was common from the latter part of the 18cent and the problem came to a head in the 1950s. It was cured by the Clean Air Act and the processing of coal into smokeless coal.

However the change from smokeless coal to gas fired central heating lead to much less smokeless coal being used. CO2 has now become the apparent problem now. But why?

We need more CO2 in the air now to increase the yield of crops and vegetation.


This graph shows the decreasing amount of CO2 where it is now approaching a level where plants can no longer grow.

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2021 – 039 Why the panic on CO2 and Net Zero?

Net Zero is fools gold


If you find this post of interest please forward it to all your contacts and MP. Anything you think is incorrect in this post please notify the editor listed at the bottom. No one has yet after several years

You do not need to be an Environmentalist or Climate scientist to follow this post. Net Zero is nothing to do with the environment – it is a precurser to ease in the New World Order.

What should we do about it? Nothing we can do. Nature is doing all right without our interferance?

If any reader thinks someting is incorrect please add your comment below and include evidence for your objection.

Mankind is responsible for three mega threats to the survival of man. One of them is not Global Warming. They are toxic waste,  pollution, the falling birth rate of the Caucasian peoples and overpopulation in the 3rd world who cannot feed and look after their children and many of whom lack the work ethic to improve their lifestyles. There is a fourth one that is nothing to do with man  – the coming Ice Age. Good chance North Europe will become covered with a 1.5 mile high glacier again.

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