2018 – 025 How the NUJ muzzled journalists on naming Ethnic minority felons.

Denis MacShane, former Labour MP for Rotherham, as well as being a traitor is also a liar and a thief.

He began his twin careers of deceit and treachery while an official at the National Union of Journalists in the 1970s, when he was responsible for drawing up the NUJ’s Guidelines on Race Reporting, an influential document in the suppression of free speech in this country.

follow hyperlink   https://libertygb.org.uk/news/great-traitors-denis-macshane

2018 – 024 blank

2018 – 023 United Nations Migration Chief Claims Mass Migration in ‘National Interest’


United Nations Migration Agency Director-General William Lacy Swing has issued a barely concealed attack on the U.S. President, claimed mass migration is in the “national interest”, and that concerns about migrants are based on “false stereotypes and unfounded fear”.

“People say … we don’t want any migrants, build a wall and burn the bridge,” Swing sneered. “They identify [migrants] as ‘the other’. That is a big fear,” he claimed.

The former U.S. diplomat issued his thinly veiled attack on President Trump in an interview with the Korea Herald, buttressing it with a sustained assault on populism more generally.

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2018 – 022 The Libertas saga and how the Electoral Commission tried to bankrupt UKIP.

In 2004 a Michael Brown donated £2 million to the Lib Dems. Turned out to be stolen money and did time for his fraud.

However the Electoral Commission decided that as the LibDems were unaware it was stolen money they could keep it. Very generous of them. Surely it should have been returned to those from whom it was stolen.

I now strongly believe that the Electoral Commission is heavily influenced by Common Purpose. They are hiding behind exemption from the Freedom of Information Act to refuse to say how many of they committee are Common Purpose. They are not independent but report directly to the Cabinet Office and as such they are an agent of the Deep State.

In 2005 an Irish millionaire Declan Ganley started a party Libertas. He wanted a Libertas in each EU country to ‘change the EU from within’.  No hope of that working what so ever. He really did not understand the EU.

He had an office by Victoria Station so as I was standing for UKIP in the 2005 election I went to see them. I was met by a group of very arrogant 25 year old somethings. They said that they had plenty of money and were not inclined to talk to any UKIP oik. I was sent off with a flea in my ear.

On the train home it occurred to me that if you wanted a political party in the UK you had to register with the Electoral Commission.

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2018 – 021 Arc Manche A secret EU a plan to carve up UK.

In the meantime this is going on behind our backs. The EVIL EUROPEAN UNION has plans for OUR COUNTRY. EU chiefs have been quietly pouring around £1billion a year of taxpayers’ money into the regions

Senior Tories condemned plans to merge southern England and northern France into a territory called “Arc ­Manche” complete with its own flag.

Brussels chiefs have already earmarked millions of pounds for lavish projects designed to give the zone its own “identity”.

Schemes include a £7.6million “cross-Channel” network of cycle paths, a £2million travelling ­exhibition of “contemporary” ­artworks and even a ­bizarre ­international tour by ­circus clowns costing £5.5million.

Tory Cabinet Minister Eric Pickles yesterday revealed details of the plan inherited by his Whitehall department from the previous Labour government.

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2018 – 020 Speech to the DIEXODUS DEMONSTRATION by Edward Spalton

Campaign for an Independent Britain


Syntagma Square, Athens 13th May 2018

by Edward Spalton – Chairman

Contact 07960 906955

IT IS A GREAT HONOUR to be invited to speak here to our Greek friends who are fighting the same battle as ourselves to recover self government and independence for our countries. IT IS A PLEASURE to meet the tough, undaunted people who so cheerfully continue the fight in the face of the appalling damage which the institutions of the EU and the International Monetary Fund have inflicted on the Greek people – including the deaths of hundreds of thousands whose lives have been sacrificed on the altar of austerity, dead from malnutrition, lack of heating in winter and the plundering of resources from their hospitals and health service.

This process of plunder, including the forced sale of public assets and utilities, is portrayed as somehow helping Greece out – each additional tranche of unrepayable debt as somehow helping the Greek people, when all it represents is a transfer of liabilities from banks to taxpayers – privatising any profits and socialising the losses.

At the beginning, many people in Britain and Greece believed that the EU was a benign project, dedicated to peace and economic development – but it always was about power – power to in the hands of very few untouchable people. As early as 1947, A British politician, Peter Thorneycroft, wrote in Design for Europe No government dependent on a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifice any adequate plan must involve. The British people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences”. Thorneycroft later became Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) and Chairman of the Conservative party. What an arrogant insult to a people who had just fought a world war to defend their democratic self-government – to lead them deceitfully into a new form of definitely undemocratic government, of which they were to be kept in ignorance.

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2018 – 019 Letter to May on Islam.

Christopher Michael Baksa

2018 – 018 How the Educational Authorities produced Generation Snowflake

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”  George Orwell

Indeed one would be forgiven for believing that Winston Smith is the head of the Education Authority history division. This is known as Cultural Marxism indoctrination.

Hitler produced the Hitler youth by putting the Boy Scout leaders and many teachers into prison and replaced them with his own people.

In Animal Farm Napoleon takes over the puppies of Jesse and Bluebell and trains them to be attack dogs.

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2018 – 017 The EU’s intention to prevent free speech on the internet

The EU’s intention to prevent free speech on the internet


2018 – 016 Who do you belong to?

Your life is a lie

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2018 – 015 response to petition to keep UK military out of EU control

They do not say unequivocally that UK military will not be under EU control.

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Ensure the UK leaves all EU defence rules, policies and structures on 29/03/19.”.

Government responded:

The British people voted to leave the EU, and the Government will respect that decision. We want to develop a new partnership with the EU that builds on our existing security relationship.

We have always said that Parliament must be fully involved in shaping our exit from the EU. The Government has committed to hold a vote on the final deal in Parliament as soon as possible after the negotiations have concluded. This vote will cover both the Withdrawal Agreement and the terms for our future relationship. If Parliament supports the resolution to proceed with the Withdrawal Agreement and the terms for our future relationship, the Government will bring forward a Withdrawal Agreement & Implementation Bill to give the Withdrawal Agreement domestic legal effect.

Where it is necessary to implement future agreements the Government will introduce further legislation where it is needed, ensuring further opportunities for proper parliamentary scrutiny.

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2018 – 014 Slavery in the USA

L. Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is “Currency.” Todd is a contributor to Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, the New York Post, the National Review, Zero Hedge and others. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.

By L. Todd Wood – – Tuesday, September 26, 2017


I know of no white person alive today in the United States who has ever legally owned a black slave, or any slave for that matter. Almost 700,000 mostly white men died 160 years ago to end slavery. Jim Crow ended generations ago. Yet black America, for the most part, is still locked in inner-city gang violence and economic hardship. Why?

Is it because America is racist?  Is it because of some overhanging white supremacy?  Is it because of the Illuminati?

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2018 – 013

From: “John B. Sears” <jbsbrickbat@unicombox.co.uk>
To: “Wendy E. B. Sears” <wendyebs@unicombox.co.uk>
Subject: FW: Subversion and the EU MILITARY UNION
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 12:46:30 -0000

The first of two things of vital importance to read and consider, as ‘behind the scenes’ the EU trap is quietly being sprung shut by a bunch of rats in London & Westminster, on the one country that has been made to suffer above all others as intended from the start, apart from its global ambitions, the EU was all about, SMASHING BRITAIN & ITS COMMONWEALTH.

 “…no further action at this time” – over treason in the Civil Service!    *(NB; Read ‘Bottom up!)
 There’s your Met Police for you!
 I am not alone in forecasting trouble brewing – big time, over all this!
 This is just another clap of thunder, prior to the big storm – like Hyde Park!
Well done, Mrs. Kirby! – SORRY……Ms Kirby!  (Not even Mrs!)
 Talk about adding insult to injury…..

 —-Original message—-
From : birkby370@btinternet.com
Date : 19/03/2018 – 02:14 (GMTST)
To : DCC7Mailbox-.Commissioner’sPrivateOffice@met.pnn.police.uk
Cc : andrew.percy.mp@parliament.ukjacob.reesmogg.mp@parliament.uk,david.davis.mp@parliament.ukprivate.office@fco.gsi.gov.uk,office@maidenheadconservatives.com
Subject : Re: Subversion and the EU MILITARY UNION
Dear James,
I thank you for your reply, and I have noted it’s contents for future reference.
It would have been courteous if you had actually got my name correct, which does not fill me with confidence in the Met Commissioner’s Office.
Does this mean that action could be taken at a future date?
 yours sincerely
Mrs Jane Birkby
 From: DCC7Mailbox-.Commissioner’sPrivateOffice@met.pnn.police.uk
Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2018 6:21 PM
To: birkby370@btinternet.com
Cc: DCC7Mailbox-.Commissioner’sPrivateOffice@met.pnn.police.uk
Subject: RE: Subversion and the EU MILITARY UNION
 Dear Ms Kirby,
Thank you for copying your e-mail to the Commissioner’s Private Office.  I have noted your comments and will take no further action at this time.   – (My emphasis.)
 Staff Officer to the Commissioner
From: birkby370@btinternet.com [ mailto:birkby370@btinternet.com]
Sent: 18 March 2018 01:41
To: PERCY, Andrew MP < andrew.percy.mp@parliament.uk>; MP Jacob Rees-Mogg <jacob.reesmogg.mp@parliament.uk>
Cc: Mr David Davis MP Sec of State for Exiting the EU <david.davis.mp@parliament.uk>; Mr Boris Johnson MP Foreign Secretary <private.office@fco.gsi.gov.uk>; Mrs Theresa May Constituency <office@maidenheadconservatives.com>; Commissioner’s Private Office Mailbox <DCC7Mailbox-.Commissioner’sPrivateOffice@met.pnn.police.uk>
Subject: Subversion and the EU MILITARY UNION
 Dear Andrew,
Please see the newspaper article below.
I demand that you work with Jacob Rees-Mogg to have these unelected Whitehall civil servants, Victoria Billing, Alastair Brockbank, Sarah Winter, and Olly Robbins removed from office, questioned where their loyalties lie, and arrested for treason.
Lord Denning (1899-1999) Master of the Rolls said: “To every subject of this land, however powerful, I would use Thomas Fuller’s words over three hundred years ago, ‘Be ye never so high, the law is above you.’ �
The people are the sovereign, that sovereignty being held in trust by Her Majesty. The sovereign instructed a clean Brexit, to stop paying £Billions to the EU, and repatriation of all our powers and pre-eminences, this subversion cannot go unpunished.
With supposed friends like these, who needs enemies, and how many more of them lurk behind the doors of Whitehall?
These people are supposed to do our bidding, not work against us while drawing handsome wages from the public purse.
The people’s patience has worn dangerously thin with these treacherous people.
 I also request that the London School of Economics be investigated for Treason and subversion of Brexit, and for trying to replace our Constitution with a lesser document a little while ago.
yours sincerely
Mrs Jane Birkby
English Constitution Group
TOP Whitehall officials were caught boasting to EU diplomats that Brexit will be like a KitKat with chocolate covering ties to Brussels for years to come.
tape on webpage
Bombshell tapes passed to The Sun reveal senior civil servants secretly pledging to continue spending taxpayers’ cash propping up Brussels defence and foreign projects — including the controversial “EU Army �.
As part of the deal suggested by a Cabinet Office adviser, EU military officials would be based in Whitehall forever.
Our revelation on Thursday night reignited the bitter war of words between Brexiteers and the Civil Service – who were accused of trying to “hoodwinkâ€� voters.
Angry MPs said vast amounts of detail about the UK’s post-Brexit plans had been shared with other EU countries before them, sparking claims the officials had “briefed against their country�.
A private conference last Friday saw ambassadors and officials from France, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Poland and Italy meet the Brits at the London School of Economics to discuss post-exit plans.
Victoria Billing and Alastair Brockbank were among the delegates at the conference at the London School of Economics
 European academics also attending were told the discussions were so secret that even the countries that speakers were from should not be reported outside the room.
But one furious attendee blew open the secret chat, telling The Sun: “The public have a right to know what is being carved up behind the scenes.�
Senior Brexit Department official Victoria Billing sparked mocking laughter by describing the defence and foreign policy deal sought by the UK as a “KitKatâ€� – a “coverâ€� hidingg the depths of the continued agreement.
And Cabinet Office security adviser Alastair Brockbank – who works for top Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins – told the diplomats that Britain stood ready to continue paying “significant contributionsâ€� to controversial common EU defence and foreign policy projects adding: “We are interested in it all.â€�
Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has demanded an official inquiry into the meeting and said it was wrong for British civil servants to brief the other side behind closed doors
And he claimed that Britain could yet fund the Permanent Structured Cooperation that will see 25 EU countries merge their armed forces.
He said as the project grew “we would see what we can contribute towards PESCO still.�
Mr Brockbank boasted that it was civil servants who “are negotiating the detail of that at the same time as we are discussing the political high-level fluffy bits that will go into any declaration that gets made public.�
And he admitted his plans will lead to a nightmare headache for Theresa May, claiming: “Honestly speaking and off the record this has been for us some quite difficult political conversations for us in the UK.�
Last night leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg demanded an official inquiry into the meeting, saying: “It is wrong for British civil servants to be briefing the other side in except in a formal negotiation context.â€�

On our our side, on foreign policy and defence, we are actually looking for something… which I normally call a patchwork but someone yesterday called a Kit-Kat which I rather liked, where you have the cover of, you have the kind of political framework cover and underneath you have a series of different agreements.
Senior Brexit Department Official Victoria Billing
He hit out: “Former civil servants rounded on Brexiteers a few months ago and compared them to Nazis for questioning the traditions of the Civil Service and now we have civil servants appearing to brief against their country.�
The top Tory added that the “KitKat comment is a clear attempt to hoodwink voters.�
‘This looks like a clear attempt to fix the game and this must be formally investigated urgently.’
Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2018 9:16 PM
 This is why our military capabilities are being destroyed, and our 2 new aircraft carriers have 2 towers, the first in history. this all started years ago when all our regiments were disbanded and if that wasn’t enough Theresa May now wants our military personnel pumped full of the anthrax vaccine which has caused untold injuries to the American forces. When will the people wake up and actually start to do something. Di
  Match just before 33 minutes in and up to 44. Note Rees-Mogg does not deny what is happening. So what part of Brexit are we leaving? It is plain to see we are in fact going deeper in.
 UK Column News – 16th March 2018 – YouTube
21 hours ago – Uploaded by UK Column
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott for today’s newsupdate. START – Nicola Sturgeon ….

Bombshell tapes reveal how top Whitehall officials compared Brexit to …


20 hours ago – TOP Whitehall officials were caught boasting to EU diplomats that Brexit will be like a KitKat with chocolate covering ties to Brussels for years to come. Bombshell tapes passed to The Sunreveal senior civil servants secretly pledging to continue spending taxpayers’ cash propping up Brussels defence and …
 Brexit news: Civil servants plan UK to FUND EU army in secret plot …
https://www.express.co.uk â€º News › UK
14 hours ago – BREXITEERS were left outraged last night after secret tapes came to light indicating theUK was planning to pay for an EU army after Brexit. … REVEALED: Civil servants plan UK toFUND EU army post Brexit in secret plot caught on tape. BREXITEERS were left outraged last night after secret tapes came to …
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2018 – 011 Fallen Soldier has his say

2018 – 012 Social Media bypasses Main Stream Media

2018 – 009 If Britain is to Brexit properly, it must get out of the EU’s Defence Union

Over the past 18 months, British and European officials in nearly all policy areas have been working out how best to detach the UK from the EU. Perversely, the opposite has been the case in the area of defence. Since November 2016, the UK has joined all parts of the EU’s Defence Union – except one. The UK was one of 3 Member States to opt out of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), but involvement in all the other mechanisms will keep Britain attached. The complex web of programmes covers finance, procurement rules and command centres. Unbelievably, this has all happened without a vote in Parliament, and little or no press coverage explaining what is going on behind our backs.

The Government says it wants to participate in schemes – including the European Defence Fund, the European Defence Industrial Programme and the European Defence Agency – even after we have formally left the EU in March 2019. In Munich, Theresa May confirmed her vision included UK deployment of our “significant capabilities and resources with and indeed through EU mechanisms”. But who is choosing which mechanisms are of benefit to Britain and which are not? With a recent change of Defence Minister, this has become even more confusing. What is happening at the moment, behind closed doors is worrying.

Involvement in these programmes will generate significant risks for Britain. We will still be subject to continued payments into Brussels’ coffers. Membership of the emerging Single Market in Defence could require oversight by the European Court of Justice, contradicting Mrs May’s commitment to take us out of the ECJ’s jurisdiction. Thirdly, despite EU claims to the contrary, these programmes will inevitably cause duplication with NATO. Concerns about duplication were expressed in Munich by the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, as well as by American officials. It is also unclear how committed the Remaining 27 EU Member States will be on an ongoing basis to NATO. Only Romania, Greece, Estonia and Poland meet the NATO spending target of 2% of GDP. Meanwhile, Germany only manages 1.1%.

How has Britain ended up in this paradoxical position of integration in EU defence while leaving the EU? Partly it is a result of lobbying by self-serving UK defence companies who have been on the receiving end of a charm offensive by EU mandarins – with clear promises of future procurement deals.

Another explanation is the complicated and often dishonest manner of the EU’s drive to integrate. MPs and even ministers – let alone the public – do not seem to be fully aware of the consequences of the convoluted system.

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Alan Goodwin
22 February at 14:57

Bilderberg Group Reveals 2018 Meeting
Date, 7TH JUNE 2018
Location: TURIN, ITALY

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2018 – 007 EU intends to control all artistic activities and copyright

EU intentions for Copyright                   by  Mick Greenhough   12 5 2008           mickgreenhough@yahoo.co.uk

This has been confirmed by the leader of the Independence and Democracy Group in the European Parliament.

There is a European Commission (EC) committee currently sitting to produce an EU Directive – ‘The Status of Artists in Europe’ – that they hope will enable the EC to take control of all artistic activities in Europe. This Directive will be the cause of major consequences for artists and authors- initially for conditions of work but also for copyright when fully implemented.

At first glance this proposed EU Directive would seem to be a very good advance for artists. As with most EU Directives it is not what it at first appears. There will be a very nasty covert sting in the tail.

The interim draft has been published – 2006/2249(INI) 20.3.2007 – but a very significant item from the committee discussions have been omitted.

The following are still being worked on but basically the EC committee, chaired by a Claire Gibault with the support other very Arty Socialist MEPs, want the (unelected) European Commission to:

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2018 – 006 EU intends to control all journalists with an EU Press Card

EU Journalist or Propagandist?

From the desk of Elaib Harvey on Fri, 2008-02-15 19:23

Yesterday I received a copy of an open letter from Aidan White, the General Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). And very odd it was. It talked about the idea of a new journalist registration system, with Mr White pointing out that such a thing already exists in the shape of the IFJ card.

I write on behalf of the International Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists concerning a current discussion within European Union circles over the issuing of a specific European Press Card.

You might like to know that there is already an accreditation in circulation which is recognised by the major organisations of journalists throughout the European Union – the International Press Card of the IFJ.

The IFJ International Press Card (IPC) is the world’s oldest and most reputable press accreditation and provides instant confirmation that the bearer is a working journalist. It is only issued to genuine journalists who are committed to ethical standards and solidarity between media professionals.

Despite his job Mr White is no radical, and often seems pretty tardy on issues relating to press freedom, however here he is bang on. I immediately picked up the phone to the IFJ and spoke to them.

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2018 – 005 EU intend all copyright to become the property of the EU on expiry

EU intentions for Copyright                   by  Mick Greenhough   12 5 2008           mickgreenhough@yahoo.co.uk

This has been confirmed by the leader of the Independence and Democracy Group in the European Parliament.

There is a European Commission (EC) committee currently sitting to produce an EU Directive – ‘The Status of Artists in Europe’ – that they hope will enable the EC to take control of all artistic activities in Europe. This Directive will be the cause of major consequences for artists and authors- initially for conditions of work but also for copyright when fully implemented.

At first glance this proposed EU Directive would seem to be a very good advance for artists. As with most EU Directives it is not what it at first appears. There will be a very nasty covert sting in the tail.

The interim draft has been published – 2006/2249(INI) 20.3.2007 – but a very significant item from the committee discussions have been omitted.

The following are still being worked on but basically the EC committee, chaired by a Claire Gibault with the support other very Arty Socialist MEPs, want the (unelected) European Commission to:

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2018 – 004 Freedom of the press and the Parole Board

Let’s hear it for that secular sacrament, the freedom of the press

The words above are not mine, but from the Rev Dr Peter Mullen, our Hon. Chaplain. He wrote them after the news broke last Wednesday that The Sun and the Daily Mail have jointly written to the Parole Board and the Justice Secretary to say that unless the reasons behind the decision to recommend the rapist, John Worboys’, release from prison are published within seven days, the papers’ lawyers will apply for a full judicial review to have that decision overturned.

The Justice Secretary has decided not to seek a judicial review. No-one in the criminal justice system appears to care that a dangerous rapist is about to be released from prison after serving just nine years behind bars, forcing Worboys’ victims to raise money for a judicial review through crowdfunding. Thank goodness we have a free press in this country. Thank goodness the two biggest selling newspapers put their rivalry to one side to fight for justice. 

As Peter says in his article for us

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2018 – 003 THE HISTORY of the EU



“BRAVE NEW EUROPE?”  by Mick Greenhough

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2018 – 002 More on Common Purpose

Very interesting take on Common Purpose, from a blog called ‘The Student Room’.

‘Common Purpose UK is an influential educational charity delivering a range of leadership training programmes to decision-makers drawn from all sectors of society.
It was founded in 1989 by current CEO, Julia Middleton.[1] Its registered office is in London. The legal status of Common Purpose is that of a charity. In 2006 it has employed 142 people and received an income of £6,394,656.

So why does Common Purpose:
• Recruit using public officers in public time and using public facilities?
• Take money directly from the public purse e.g. via education budgets?
• Hold secret meetings under Chatham House rules?
• Use Common Purpose Advisory Board Members as the ‘eyes and ears’ of Common Purpose?
• Actively block and obfuscate Freedom of Information requests asking about public authority expenditure on Common Purpose?
• Use public sector facilities and office space for which it has made no payment nor signed any formal agreements. Is this to evade tax?
• Use an elitist selection procedure which dismisses good people as ‘too Ipswich’ for example?
• Claim to be apolitical when in fact it is extremely pro European Union and promotes the EU political model?
• Promote insolvent bankers such as Lehman Brothers as ‘leadership models’ to schoolchildren and others?
• Redact, strike out and withhold documentation giving details of Common Purpose activities within the public sector such as police, local authorities, government agencies and the military?
• Use the Common Purpose ‘graduate network’ to gain inside information and details of the names and addresses of members of the general public challenging the legitimacy of Common Purpose?
• Use adverse psychological training techniques such as behavioural learning to influence and manipulate ‘graduates’?

Who is involved in this?
Cressida **** is the Common Purpose senior police officer who authorised the “Shoot to kill” policy without reference to Parliament, the law or the British Constitution. Jean de Menezes was one of the innocents who died as a result. Her shoot to kill policy still stands today.
London Borough of Haringey Social Services, as implicated in the disgusting murder of Baby P, facilitated by a catalogue of SS incompetence, lies, cover-ups, as well as the vicious bullying of an innocent whistleblower, has been penetrated by Common Purpose. More than one staff member has been Common Purpose trained. Assistant Director of Community Health and Social Services Carole Wilson attended the 1995 1996 MATRIX Common Purpose Course.
Deputy Chief Officer Warcup is a senior Common Purpose graduate having completed the MATRIX course in 1993/4 whilst Deputy Chief Constable of Northumbria Police Newcastle UK. UK newspapers, including the Daily Mail November 13 2008, have carried major stories concerning the attack by Jersey Police Deputy Chief Officer David Warcup on Lenny Harper, his predecessor in the Jersey force, over possible child murders at Haut de la Garenne. According to the Daily Mail article, David Warcup launched a devastating attack on Mr Harper, saying that he had now ‘ripped up’ much of the evidence presented by his predecessor. Events seem to suggest that the new investigation team are keen to play down events at the Jersey care home. It appears strange that Mr Warcup should ‘rip up’ any evidence, no matter how questionable in such a serious case, particularly as it is evident from cases across the country that thousands of young children are being illegally and unlawfully taken from their families by Social Services, with the active support and backing of the police, courts and judiciary. Many children are snatched using false evidence, perjury, psychological bullying of parents, fraudulent evidence, falsified documents and downright lies.

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2018 – 001 How the Gov lied to the British people to join the EU

FCO 30/1048 How Whitehall thought British public TOO STUPID to be trusted with EU decision

A SECRET document prepared for pro-Europe Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath shows how the Foreign Office knew EU membership would dismantle Britain as a sovereign nation.


PUBLISHED: 09:01, Fri, Nov 24, 2017 | UPDATED: 17:35, Fri, Nov 24, 2017

Former Prime Minister Edward Heath assured the British that Britain will retain its sovereignty in the EEC after signing a Treaty with the EEC. But it was a lie.

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2017 -60 How schools have improved since 1950

Scenario : 
Johnny and Mark get into a fight after school. 

1950s – Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends. 

2017 – Police called, and they arrest Johnny and Mark and charge them with assault.
Both expelled even though Johnny started it.
Both children go to anger management programmes for 3 months.
School governors hold meeting to implement bullying prevention programmes.


Scenario :
Robbie won’t be still in class, disrupts other students. 

1950s – Robbie sent to the office and given six of the best by the Principal.
Returns to class, sits still and does not disrupt class again. 

2017 – Robbie given huge doses of Ritalin. Becomes a zombie. Tested for ADHD – result deemed to be positive.

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