2017 – 035 Brave New Europe? Amazon reviews

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ByJonathan Nicholas – AuthorTOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 August 2017

5 stars

Hard hitting no holds barred account of the real EU. It is astonishing after reading this that the vote to leave was even allowed let alone won. It now seems miraculous. But so fortunate for the British that we are now – hopefully – going to exit the failed political project that the EU has become. Great reading, thought provoking and well written. Recommended.

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2017 – 034 More on Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School

Political Correctness: Social Engineering Via Weaponising Language – rga

Political Correctness: Social Engineering Via Weaponising Language

Political Correctness – or “PC” as it has become known, is a relatively new phenomenon that has grown exponentially year-on-year, infecting each new generation of young minds worse than the previous generation.  It is a social virus [#1], designed by Marxists to spread like a cancer and help them rot a societies culture from within.  Political Correctness = Cultural Marxism.  PC is what we in the West have, instead of religion, and its adherents share the same behaviours as the worst zealots – where belief trumps reason and dogma beats fact.  Its primary weapons are slander and censorship.

political correctness voltaire


Frankfurt school building

In the 1920s, the vast majority of Marxist-influenced academics where in Europe and America.  They had expected that a war would cause the Workers to rise up, and rule in a Marxist Revolution, expecting this to spread after the Bolshevik uprising in Russia. When the ‘Communist uprising’ did not spread, two leading lights (Gramsci and Adorno) came to the same conclusion: A Revolution could not be guaranteed success (or to last, if it were successful) – if based only on Traditional Marxism; Western society was too ingrained with Christianity and the traditional values that it espoused, that the culture had to be changed first – before the Revolution could take root.  Therefore – Christianity and traditional values must be destroyed.  This is Cultural Marxism.

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2017 – 033 Brave New Europe Amazon reviews

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ByG.F.REAKESon 8 July 2017

Excellent book for giving an over view of the evil EU project. Have bought 3 copies for avowed Europhiles who knew nothing of the machinations to deceive the British people. Not one Europhile I have ever met knows of ” Corpus Juris”

ByDavidon 23 June 2017

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2017 – 032 Europa, Eurabia and the Last man


Europe is full of ‘Last men’ (and perhaps women, I suppose we are now forced to say, given the incessant demand for political correctness).

Why is this so and who will come to dwell in these territories we have hitherto called — home?

We are not talking about some imaginary seven kingdoms, as in the legendary but fictional television series, Game of Thrones, either. The point of contention is about a real place, with real peoples, and real nations that have existed for centuries on end, perhaps thousands of years—called Europa.

Trends in immigration suggest what can only be termed, a self-imposed European death wish.

read more  http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/07/30/malloch-europa-eurabia-last-man/

2017 – 031 The Perfect Pension Party

I have been asked to resurrect the Perfect pension Party.

If you think it still has legs please comment.

I have now realised that Gordon Brown is trashing my future pension. I have decided to start this Party to get me a good pension.
 TO THE GOOD PEOPLE OF ELTHAM from Mick Greenhough        Feb 2003

I am minded to stand as the MP for Eltham (now Orpington) in the next general election and would ask you to vote for me when that time comes. Please copy this and pass it to other Eltham voters.         (This should now read ‘Please copy and pass to other Orpington voters’ now – thank you)

Why do I want to become an MP?

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2017 – 030 More Global Warming Fraud

Perhaps the biggest scientific fraud of all time.



2017 – 028 Amazon

control click  http://www.shieldcrest.co.uk/mick-greenhough.html

And go to Amazon – Books – Brave New Europe? – stars – see reviews – right a review.

2017 – 027 An excellent expose of Common Purpose

The Secret Society Which Runs Great Britain • Bruce On Politics

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2017 – 026 Who was responsible for Grenfell Tower Tradegy.

017 – 025 3 US presidents and illegal migrants

Three U.S. Presidents

This is something that should be of great interest for you to pass around.

Back during the great depression, Herbert Hoover ordered the deportation of ALL illegal aliens in order to make jobs available to American citizens that desperately needed work.

Harry Truman deported over TWO MILLION illegal aliens after WWII to create jobs for Returning veterans.

In 1954 Dwight Eisenhower deported 13 MILLION MEXICAN illegal aliens.The program was called Operation Wetback: It was done so WWII and Korean War veterans would have a better chance at jobs.  Operation Wetback took two years to complete, but they deported them!

If you have doubts about the veracity of this information, enter Operation Wetback into your favorite search engine and confirm it for yourself.  Truman and Eisenhower deported over 15 MILLION illegal aliens 50+ years ago. Now, if they could deport the illegal aliens back then, we should be able to round up the 12 to 18 Million living here today and DEPORT them. Again, to help provide jobs for returning veterans.

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2017 – 023 Lord Walsingham’s Witness to History on the origins of the EU

Witness to History 

2017 – 022 Global Warming is Fake Science


Science shows “Man-made” Climate Change is

#FakeScience and fraud and the real world is cooling.
Piers Corbyn www.WeatherAction.com LongRange Weather & Climate Forecasters.
ManMade Climate Change delusional AntiScience Piers Corbyn 22 Nov ppt http://bit.ly/2ghwfes For Ref slides.
1. CO2 levels are an effect not a cause of climate (world temperature) changes.
Actual scientific data shows CO2 levels follow (ocean) temperatures by some hundreds of years eg at the end of
ice ages (Slide 17+18).
2. Even if CO2 were a driver of climate and temperatures the idea that Man’s CO2 –
which contributes only 4% of the total flux of CO2 in and out of sea/land – controls
the other 96% is a deranged conspiracy-of-nature-theory for which there is no
Termites produce 10x Man’s CO2 equivalent so if CO2 is a problem we should have war on termites.
3. The Sea Rules. CO2 and all constituents of air are in dynamic equilibrium with the same constituents
contained in sea and land. The sea holds 50X more CO2 than air and when the sea warms up (eg at the end of
an ice age) some CO2 comes off and vice versa under Henry’s Law (of liquid gas dynamics at interfaces). The
same happens when you warm a glass of pop. It’s physical fact and cannot be overcome. This fact also means
the ‘Ocean acidification’ alarm is total fiction.
4. ALL the confident alarmist predictions of the UN Climate Committee (IPCC,
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in 2000 for the coming decade failed.
Eg World cooled not warmed (on their data at the time), More snow not no snow in UK etc, Less USA
hurricanes not more etc etc (slide 13).
5. ALL extreme events since 2007 have been The Wrong Type Of extremes and a
direct negations of CO2 warmist theory.
A CO2 warming world will make the cold area North of The JetStream in NH shrink and the Jet stream on
average more north and be less wavy. The opposite has occurred and the trend is intensifying as we advance
further into the Solar-Lunar predicted WildJetStream / Mini Ice Age (in cold parts) circulation. ALL
exceptional warm events now come as part of warm-cold dipoles with larger colder bits than warm events
(warm reported on BBC who downplay the cold). The mild Arctic late Dec was matched by supercold
Mongolia /Russia and snow in the Sahara etc. Moscow (Jan7) had its coldest Orthodox Xmas for 120yrs.
6. The Man-Made Climate Change proposition violates basic Laws of Physics.
– The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (cant get something for nothing), Henry’s Law, Non-equilibrium
thermodynamics (slide 26).
7. What is really going on? Data Fraud is being committed on an industrial scale.
a) About 0.5C have been added to current data. If data is reverted to reality so-called warming disappears. 100%
of USA warming is fraud. (slides 22, below and 23).
b) Data is fiddled to make it warmer now and relatively cooler in the past (where it had been measured as
warmest). 1998 used to be warmer than 2005 and 2010, now it is deemed colder.
c) Sea ice in Antarctica has not decreased for 100years and has increased in the last 30yrs (BBC).
d) Greenland ice is now expanding at Record rates (graph below).
e) The world is plunging into the new mini-ice Age (Slide 24)
8. The Climate Change story is part of the political-Globalization-corporate-BigOil
plunder agenda.
This must be and will be stopped. Note Big Oil state Qatar funds #Aljazeera the most pro CO2 story TV
channel on the planet and also funds(ed) the Clinton Foundation and ISIS.

2017 – 021 Did Tory Remainers sabotage May’s election?

By thinking up the dementia tax did Damian Green knowingly sabotage the Tories chances of winning the 2017 general election outright?  After all, the Ashford MP was an enthusiastic Remainer in last year’s EU referendum.  As Secretary of State for Work & Pensions maybe it was his way of sabotaging Brexit if he could engineer Mrs May failing to get an outright majority.  There are claims the policy was submitted to the election manifesto behind the backs of his cabinet colleagues and the Tories ended up blowing 20%+ lead in the polls as a consequence of its announcement.  The Brexit talks, due to commence next week, maybe delayed indefinitely.

Chris Heath



Hello Mick

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2017 – 020 Hidden costs of the EU​

Hidden costs of the EU​

​(taken from Facebook)​

Here are just some:

1. 2.4 BILLION in VAT paid direct to Brussels.
2. 1.7 BILLION “punishment for success” because we had higher growth than expected.
3. 642 MILLION Fine for “poor Accounting” on Farm Subsidies.(from YOUR money)
4. I BILLION Towards Bail-Out of Greece
5. 150 MILLION fine for not flying the EU flag on projects partly funded by the EU with YOUR money.
6. 250 MILLION To Turkey and Albania to help them join the EU.
7. 300 MILLION fine a year until we meet Pollution targets set out by the EU.
8. 900 MILLION a Year to treat EU tourists on NHS
9. EU gifted 22 BILLION of your Taxpayers To boost French economy.
10. 300 MILLION costs to businesses for EU Red Tape
11. 40 MILLION in lost revenue in EU student Loans which are unpaid and the students have disappeared back to the EU.
12. 250 MILLION towards helping with costs of migrant crisis in Europe.

2017 – 019 The European Union’s Evil Pedigree – Berlin 1942 by Edward Spalton

see  http://freenations.net/the-european-unions-evil-pedigree-berlin-1942/

2017 – 018 New book a must read Brave New Europe

The origins of the EU and its future intentions along with the United Nations.

for a copy   click  http://www.shieldcrest.co.uk/mick-greenhough.html

2017 – 017 How Germany and France conspired against Britain when the EU started

see also

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2017 – 016 EU to confiscate all copyright and control all artistic activities.

EU intentions for Copyright                   by  Mick Greenhough   0780 134 1476           mickgreenhough@yahoo.co.uk

This has been confirmed by the leader of the Independence and Democracy Group in the European Parliament.

There is a European Commission (EC) committee currently sitting to produce an EU Directive – ‘The Status of Artists in Europe’ – that they hope will enable the EC to take control of all artistic activities in Europe. This Directive will be the cause of major consequences for artists and authors- initially for conditions of work but also for copyright when fully implemented.

At first glance this proposed EU Directive would seem to be a very good advance for artists. As with most EU Directives it is not what it at first appears. There will be a very nasty covert sting in the tail.

The interim draft has been published – 2006/2249(INI) 20.3.2007 – but a very significant item from the committee discussions have been omitted.

The following are still being worked on but basically the EC committee, chaired by a Claire Gibault with the support other very Arty Socialist MEPs, want the (unelected) European Commission to:

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“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

 Marcus Tullius Cicero

In June 2016 we had a fake referendum.

In June 2016 we had a fake referendum on our membership of the EU. Fake because it was not intended that the leave side would win but the Conservatives had to do something as the mantle of deceit covering the illegality of our membership of the EU was wearing thin.  In June of this year we are to have a fake general election. Fake because a general election is supposed to be about the people voting for a political party to form a government to represent and uphold their political and social aspirations in Parliament which in truth of course never happens. Once in government the politicians simply dictate whatever suits their purpose, thus a soviet style totalitarian elected dictatorship rules according to its  chosen self interest.

Once upon a time there was left and right, government and opposition, but that all ended when in the 1960s a political class cartel staged a political coup in Parliament and in defiance of constitutional constraint, the law of the land, the Vienna Convention on Treaties, and the UN Convention on Human Rights, not to mention Parliament’s sworn oath of allegiance to the monarch and through the monarch to the British people, in 1972 surrendered the nation’s sovereignty to a foreign power along with the supremacy of the Crown.

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2017 – 014 Bilderberg attendees

Bilderberg Copenhagen 2014: Full list of official attendees | Metro News

This year there are dozens of political heavyweights attending the Bilderberg conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, between May 29 and June 1 this year, including George Osborne. Here is the full list of who is going ranked by country:


Countries with delegates attending:

Austria, Greece, Belgium, Hungary, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland, China, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, France, Turkey, Great Britain, and the United States of America


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2017 – 013 All posts in the Europrobe

016 – 049 Roger Helmer’s electronic newsletter from Strasbourg
2006 – 47 Football see 2014 – 003
2007 – 4 Brave New Europe
2009-008    Recently translated documents from the Kremlin are revealing the extent of Soviet penetration of the British political body and particularly the Labour Party and the consequences for British democracy
2009-6  MIFID and the EU grab to get control of the UK Financial Centre.
2012 – 006 Tradition of selling jam in re-used jars breaches EU health and safety rules
2012 – 007  A  Merkel went to Greece
2012 – 007  C   The Foriegn and Commonwealth Letter
2012 – 012 EU wastes £89bn in one year‏
2012 – 021  The Origins of the EU from Paris in 1870 to Berlin in 1942 to Brussels in 1957Strasbourg in 1944 to Berlin in1964
2012 – 022    Degrading the morale and capabilities of UK Armed Forces
2012 – 033  Martin Tillack – German Journalist persecuted by the EU and EU court outlaws criticism of EU
2012- 014 BBC and freedom of Information and Secret Justice
2012- -031 Whatever Happened to the ‘Common Market’?
2012-001 British Jobs
2012-003 Edward Heath and a letter from the Foreign & Commonwealth office 1972 – Scroll down to B 2012-003
2012-005 The EU’s role in our financial crisis
2012-007 B      Cost Of Post Offices and EU Postal Legislation
2012-008 Who said the British public are too stupid to be involved in governing themselves?
2012-009 EU pay foreigners to get British jobs
2012-010 Britain facing new eastern Europe immigration surge
2012-011 The BBC’s involvement with the EU
2012-015     The Great Climate and Global Warming Fraud invented by the Club of Rome
2012-016 What is Left Wing, Right Wing and Centre in UK politics?
2012-017  The BBC and it’s bias
2012-018 What is an Authoritarian or ‘Police State’?
2012-019 European Court of Human Rights and ECJ
2012-020 EU to be federalised in the long run, Merkel says
2012-023 Windmills in Hyde Park? That sounds a good idea.
2012-024  Proposed new EU Anthem
2012-025  The Frankfurt School
2012-026 The EU, Freedom of the Press, Free Speech and Political Correctness
2012-027 The risks of overtaxing the rich
2012-028  Paris wants to ban all pre-1997 cars as do the EU
2012-029 Edward Heath’s lies to the British Public. Letter from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.
2012-030 The Cause of the Financial Crash
2012-032 How Labour, the Coalition and the Bank of England are bankrupting us
2012-034  Democracy by Edward Spalton
2013 – 007  Cameron’s dirty trick
2013 – 008  EuroPol, and Eurogendfor (the EU paramilitary police)
2013 – 009 Whatever has happened to our police?
2013 – 010 LibLabCon manifesto promises
2013 – 011 Brave New Europe? An Audit of the EU
2013 – 012  What Will Happen to the England  Rugby, Cricket and Football Teams?
2013 – 013  How the Cabinet Office got Lisbon Treaty through parliament without MPs seeing it.
2013 – 014 British Farming and the original model for the Common Agricultural Policy
2013 – 015 The 50% of our trade with the EU deceit.
2013 – 016 The EU caused the ‘horse meat’ scandal
2013 – 017  Manifesto promises by Blair, Brown and Cameron
2013 – 018 An interview with Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky about the EUSSR
2013 – 019 Whistle Blowers
2013 – 020  The value of party manifestos
2013 – 021  The German ‘UKIP’
2013 – 022 UKIP is continually being accused by the commentators used by the BBC of being a ‘one trick pony’. It is quite clear they have never read the UKIP manifesto but merely repeating erroneous comments by equally previous lazy journalists.
2013 – 023 GM Food – Nature has beem genetically modifying plants for a billion years or more.
2013 – 024 How Prescott muzzled the democratic local councils.
2013 – 025 Helmut Kohl confesses to euro’s Undemocratic beginnings
2013 – 026 The Tobin Tax – The EU plot to destroy The City of London as the worlds Financial Centre
2013 – 027 How the UK became overwhelmed with immigrants
2013 – 028 Understanding Derivatives
2013 – 029  EU Corruption on an epic scale
2013 – 030 Immigration, Multiculturism and New Labour
2013 – 031 The Builderberg Group
2013 – 032 What is fascism?
2013 – 033 The Girl Guides have been hijacked by the Frankfurt School of Marxism.
2013 – 034  For those who wish to know what Neo-Chartism is
2013 – 035   “Now we’ve signed it – we had better go and read it” (Ken Clarke on the Maastricht Treaty)
2013 – 036  Hiroshima 67 years on
2013 – 036  New World Order -read and form your own conclusion
2013 – 036a  European Court of Human Rights
2013 – 037 Campaign for an Independent Britain
2013 – 038 The EU is taking over UK defence policy by stealth
2013 – 039 10 Climate Myths Debunked (in 60 seconds!)
2013 – 040 Comic Relief and most other Charities need thoroughly re-assessing.
2013 – 041 Europe’s International Galileo GPS Project
2013 – 042  UK climate change committee accused of being on the take and US fraud.
2013 – 043  The EU Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide Of The Caucasian People Of Europe and Agenda 21
2013 – 044 60 years of Socialist Financing has crippled the UK and world.
2013 036 Hiroshima 67 years on
2013-001 The real danger of incompetents in charge of databases
2013-002 It is now against the European Law to criticise the EU
2013-003 The betrayal of Britain
2013-004 Common Purpose and Cameron’s links to it
2013-005  Mitterand
2013-006 Has the RSPCA lost its way?
2014 – 0
2014 – 001     EU to confiscate 10% of your bank deposits?
2014 – 002 The Club of Rome invented Global Warming.
2014 – 003 The England Football, Rugby, Cricket teams – what will happen to them
2014 – 004  Blueprint for the future Undemocratic EU. The Spinelli Group
2014 – 005  EU plan to disarm the citizens
2014 – 006 What is the The Fabian Society all about?
2014 – 007 Revealed at last: the real Lord Leveson
2014 – 008 The New World Order
2014 – 009 BBC accused of “systematic bias” and climate change cover-up
2014 – 011 More of The Club of Rome invented Global Warming
2014 – 013 Frankfurt School pt 2
2014 – 014   The Wildlands Project to control all humans and Agenda 21
2014 – 016  The BBC in the pay of the EU
2014 – 018 Jim Reynolds Speech to the Greeks
2014 – 019  Campaign for an Independent Britain Public Meeting
2014 – 020 Who are the Campaign for an Independent Britain? http://campaignforanindependentbritain.org.uk/
2014 – 021 The Wildlands Project Unleashes its  War on Mankind
2014 – 022 Massive fraud in EU  According to a report by the European office of Transparency International
2014 – 024  From the diaries of Russian Spymaster Chernyaev Pavel Stroilov exposes Labour’s seditious meeting with them.
2014 – 025  Cameron’s promised Referendum could well be a trap
2014 – 026  EU transfer of UK companies to Europe.
2014 – 027 The Disgraceful European Arrest Warrent
2014 – 028 The facts about the Lisbon Treaty
2014 – 029  The CAP –  why food is so expensive in UK
2014 – 030 The EU scheming behind Scottish Independence
2014 – 031 LibLab Cons on the naughty step
2014 – 032 How the Treaty of Rome was signed
2014 – 033  The Coalition proposes to take control over children from parents
2014 – 034 Myths about the secret EU/US Trade Deal
2014 – 035  The EU control over the UK expands.
2014 – 036 The consequences of mass migration translated from the French
2014 – 037  Professor sacked because he contradicted the Global Warming Scam
2014 – 038 BBC Today programme and its bias
2014 – 039 Hexthorpe invaded by Roma
2014 – 041  Books worth reading
2014 – 042  Archive
2014 – 043  BBC receives funding of €6,100,987 from EU in breach of its Royal Charter.
2014 – 044 How discipline in schools has changed from 1945 to 2014
2014 – 045 EU plans to scrap classic cars.
2014 – 046 The UK NHS is being shafted by the EU and the US
2014 – 047 UK to lose power of veto in EU and Cameron’s lies
2014 – 048 UKIP member giving left hand Nazi salute????? I think not.
2014 – 049 More evidence of the Global Warming Fraud.
2014 – 050  Greenhouse gasses and their effect
2014 – 051  Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
2014 – 053  Charities receiving money from Pharma
2014 – 054  More on Europol and Eurogendarmerie
2014 – 055 UKIP policies – rather more than a single issue party.
2014 – 056  Labour Politicians on the Naughty Step
2014 – 057 Biased Times Toff Journalists
2014 – 058 EU-STYLE JUSTICE CORPUS JURIS by David Rowlands
2014 – 060 Do immigrants pay more tax than they take out?
2014 – 062 Sir Ian Botham’s exposée of RSPB
2014 – 063 Massive Transfer of Powers to the European Union
2014 – 064 EU’s biggest foreign mission in turmoil over corruption row
2014 – 065 Value of migrants to UK
2014 – 066 Clegg’s 3 million lost jobs whopper.
2014 – 067 The Met Police and Common Purpose
2014 – 067 The Met Police and their links to Common Purpose
2014 – 068 At last – a sensible paper on Global Warming published.
2014 – 069 The European Arrest Warrant.
2014 – 070 The Great Charity Scandal
2014 – 071   Miscarriages of Justice Carried Out under the European Arrest Warrant
2014 – 072  List of MPs likely to benefit from NHS privatisation
2014 – 073  Gov run by unelected Cabinet Office
2014 – 074 White Van Man’s Danifesto
2014 – 075  Quotes from the Koran
2014 – 076 Ed Miliband’s 2008 Climate Change Act -the Economics of the Madhouse
2014 – 12 Brits too ignorant for a Referedum
2014 -010 Cameron wants to see a Muslim PM of the UK.
2014 -015 The Green Party want to sack all MPs and civil servants who disagree with them
2014 -017 From the Somerset Levels to the EU to the UN to the Club of Rome
2014- 059 The Ecotard Green Blob exposed by David Rose
2014- 061 EU should undermine national homogeny
2015 –
2015 – 0
2015 – 001  Daniel Hannan MEP: Nine myths about the EU
2015 – 0018  Wholesale Energy may constitute market manipulation”
2015 – 002
2015 – 002 A list of child sex offenders inside the British Government.
2015 – 002 Politicisaion of Charities.
2015 – 003 Bilderberg’s silent takeover of Britain’s $60bn defense budget
2015 – 004  Who is the Boss – The EU
2015 – 005 Who signed The Climate Declaration
2015 – 006 Grotesque abuse of anti-terror powers
2015 – 007 Cicero, one of Rome’s greatest orators, on traitors within
2015 – 008 Racism Who Originated the Term “Racist” And Why?
2015 – 008 What had
2015 – 009 Russian connection to Anti Fracking activists ?
2015 – 010 EU Plan to Install a Tracking Computer in Every Car to Tax Miles
2015 – 011 Global Warming debunked – yet again
2015 – 012 Clean Energy
2015 – 013 The Rotherham Common Purpose Effect
2015 – 015  Who Owns Britain?
2015 – 016 The Green Party ‘manifesto’
2015 – 017 More Politicians and higher bureaucrats on the Naughty step
2015 – 018  Ukraine, The EU and Russia
2015 – 019 A Democrat-voting, tofu-eating environmentalist has written movingly  about his conversion to the light on climate change.
2015 – 021 Education Authorities indoctrinating the minds of little children
2015 – 022 Schools teaching ‘invented’ history of Europe.
2015 – 023 If you feel you have been wrongly or unfairly accused.
2015 – 024  After 31 March 2017 UK will lose the right to leave EU unilaterally
2015 – 025 Austrian Professor says “Execute all Global Warming Deniers”.
2015 – 026  British Public Officials who are Freemasons or Bilderberg attendees
2015 – 027  The Politics of Bureaucracies and Global Warming
2015 – 028 We are becoming controlled by Cultural Marxists, What is it all about?
2015 – 029 roy_jez The Times They Are A-Changing – with apologies to Bob Dylan
2015 – 030  BBC Bias and  License Tax Bullies
2015 – 031  How the Global Warming Scam is controlled
2015 – 032 New report debunks the EU jobs myth
2015 – 033 Agenda 21 and it’s covert control of citizens.
2015 – 034 House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee says  no convincing case for HS2
2015 – 035 The 20 mph speed limit nonsense,
2015 – 036  How to govern  Cicero, 55 BC
2015 – 037  Your pensions are at risk
2015 – 038 After 2020 all EU members will have to use the EURO
2015 – 039 Who did you vote for? Check here to see if you did the right thing.
2015 – 040 Police cashing in on Speed awareness courses
2015 – 041 EU to devastate UK TV, Film and digital media.
2015 – 042 Magna Carta & Europe – Yesterday & Today
2015 – 043 Tory candidate ran website helping E.Europeans get jobs in UK
2015 – 044  The American Environmental Movement – The American Counter-Movement Perspective
2015 – 045 Generations Betrayed – dumbing down of British history
2015 – 046 The 319 Misbehaving Councillors You WON’T Have Heard About On The BBC  from Nopenothope
2015 – 047  Silencing global warming skeptics, and free speech
2015 – 048 The Magna Carta
2015 – 049  We are all in it together 20 millionaires in Red Ed’s shadow MPs
2015 – 050 The sinister facts behind Agenda 21
2015 – 051 Another call to arrest Climate Change Deniers and Angelia Ruskin ‘Uni’ death threat.
2015 – 052 Uninvited Boat People into Europe
2015 – 054 The Sinister History of the BBC from Breitbart
2015 – 055 Fire service bans white men from open days
2015 – 056 EU wants to merge UK with France
2015 – 057 EU Referendum – What Are We Voting For?
2015 – 058 Is Napoleon is going to have last laugh?
2015 – 059 Cod Science used to promote Chocolate
2015 – 061 Tory Gov set to end English Nation
2015 – 062 The Cloward Piven Strategy to deliberately overload Social Benefits
2015 – 063 Owen Patterson on Greenpeace work to starve the world’s poor
2015 – 064
2015 – 065 Huge Loss For Free Speech In Europe
2015 – 066 Germany’s Green Energy Transition May Be Running Out Of Money
2015 – 067  BBC secret exposed: Greenpeace, activists, BP decide what “science” Brits see  from Jonova
2015 – 068 Corrupt Banks
2015 – 069 EU and Corporates working in secret against people.
2015 – 070 Generations Betrayed. The dumbing down of education.
2015 – 071 Where Pope Francis Got His Advice on Global Warming
2015 – 072 US EPA using secret pollution data to make laws.
2015 – 073  Spot the Vested Interest: The $1.5 Trillion Climate Change Industry
2015 – 074 Common Purpose
2015 – 075
2015 – 076 Political Correctness
2015 – 077 A Simple and Elegant Solution to the Uninvited Migration Problem.
2015 – 078 It is a sad fact that most Justices of the Peace (Lay Magistrates) are puppets.
2015 – 079 The reason CO2 is important is that there is so little of it.
2015 – 080 The financial crisis has devastated Greece and still they will not leave the EU
2015 – 081BBC  repeatedly breach Ofcom code over propaganda content
2015 – 082 The One World Government and their aim to destroy traditional Families
2015 – 083 The 1, 2, 3 of Socialism
2015 – 084 Fracking and the Russian connection
2015 – 085 Obama’s war on coal and Soros buys ‘Coal’ and earns a fortune.
2015 – 086  HS2 and more loss of UK Sovereignty
2015 – 087 Lord Morris of Aberavon when he was Attourney General
2015 – 088 HS2 controlled by EU not our Gov.
2015 – 090  Soros-funded “news” outlet ThinkProgress on Saturday glorifying violent hashtag #WeWillShootBack.
2015 – 092 What is the difference between a migrant, a refugee and an asylum seeker?
2015 – 093 The nature of Islam from The Swinton Circle.
2015 – 094 UN IPCC suffers massive European Carbon Fraud
2015 – 095 What is the ‘fair share’ of migrants UK should take in?
2015 – 096 Climate Alarmist try to get Skeptics arrested under RICO law.
2015 – 097  Rape epidemic in Germany
2015 – 098  Link to Agenda 21 documents.
2015 – 100  Obama giving Muslim salute to show his solidarity with Islam and his top advisor
2015 – 101
2015 – 102 How German Companies Bribed Their Way to Greek Deals
2015 – 103 Massive anti immigration protests in Germany censored in UK BBC and MSM.
2015 – 104 Police arrest MoD whistle blower for reporting fraud.
2015 – 105 The Greens have gone bonkers now
2015 – 106 Gun Control in US and UK
2015 – 107 The result in Germany of mass migration.Germans citizens evicted & their homes given to migrants
2015 – 109  What Is The TPP
2015 – 110 GERMANY: Chief of Police Union says “all hell has broken out in Muslim asylum seeker camps”
2015 – 111 What is happening in German hospitals? Chaos and violence
2015 – 112 Info on ‘dangerous(?) methane
2015 – 113 Germany is now virtually a lawless country due to migrants
2015 – 114 Femail Activist for ‘No Borders’ Gang Raped by Migrants, Pressured into Silence to not ‘Damage Cause’
2015 – 115 Germany – Hamburg police – they are helpless to confront crimes committed by young nonwhite invaders
2015 – 116 P.Moore ex director of Greenpeace explains why CO2 is essential for life.
2015 – 117 The Secret Body of Unelected Members of the Quisling Elite who are destroying British Democracy
2015 – 120 Brussels gags and threatens swinging fine on MEPs on TTIP
2015 – 122 UK Authorities Admit EU Law Stops UK Govt Assisting Steel Closure Workers
2015 – 123 The 1942 Europaische WiertschaftsGemeinschaft used as the  first draft of the EU in 1957
2015 – 124  Is this the start of the EU collapsing?
2015 – 125 More on the Origins of the EU and Coudenhove Kalergi
2015 – 126 NOAA Refuses To Comply With US Congress Subpoena over Global Warming data
2015 – 127 Europe’s lost generation due to unelected dogmatic EU
2015 – 128  The Germany-migrant-crime-wave
2015 – 129 The EU want to replace English Common Law with EU Corpus Juris.  British justice to end?
2015 – 130 20 Bogus arguments for mass migration into UK
2015 – 131 Journalist’s freedom under very serious threat
2015 – 132 German Town Of 100 Gets Enriched By 750 Migrants
2015 – 133 West Yorkshire Police yet again circumventing the law.
2015 – 134   Carbon Dioxide in a Nutshell and why we need more not less
2015 – 135  Muslims demand pork removed from school menu. Mayor replied
2015 – 136  Explaining the Difference Between Capitalism and Corporatism
2015 – 137 Are our political elite at war with us – read below and form your own opinion.
2015 – 138 The Islamic Threat to Western Women
2015 – 139 Oliver Letwin and Kids Company
2015 – 140 Yet again the police seem to be running roughshod over the law.
2015 – 141 Stop immigration petition
2015 – 142 Dunlop tyres to be moved to Germany.
2015 – 143
2015 – 143 MPs’ Expenses Watchdogs ejected and replaced
2015 – 144 The Stupid Folly of the 5p bag
2015 – 145 Germany – Chaos Descends.
2015 – 146  The EU, UN & the Hegelian Dialectic to enslave mankind.
2015 – 147 Who ‘owns’ ISIL?
2015 – 148  Swedish police have ceded (lost) control over 55 “no-go zones” to predominately Muslim criminal gangs.
2015 – 149  The Quinton Letts discussion with the Met Office deleted by BBC and its sequel
2015 – 150 Australia PM’s adviser: climate change is UN hoax to create new world order
2015 – 151 James Dellingpole – What You Need to Know About the Paris Climate Farce
2015 – 152 The UN, EU and Peter Sutherland and his desire to eliminate the White Tribes
2015 – 153  Frontex precursor to an EU army and taking our UK armed forces.
2015 – 154 The Grim reality of wind power hits Australian public
2015 – 155 Mayor of Montreal “PUT SOME PORK ON YOUR  FORK”
2015 – 156
2015 – 156 The parable of the Bird Feeder and immigration
2015 – 157 A cautionary tale for would be Liberal Do Gooders who have lost their home.
2015 – 158 Origins of Political Correctness
2015 – 159 Islam problems in Australia
2015 – 160 A thorough Review of Muslim Rape Gangs by Anne Marie Waters
2015 – 20 The Appalling Malfeasance of the traffic police.
2015 -060 UK Forces at crisis point
2015 089 How ‘Free’ is our press?
2015 091 BBC brands advocate of free speech ‘radical’ and compares her to hate preachers
2016 –  075 EU Bureaucrats editing official minutes and speeches
2016 – 001 Cameron’s negotiations with EU and Gordon Brown’s earlier.
2016 – 002 Letter from a Physician from Czech Republic working in Germany
2016 – 003 How and why our soldiers can now be prosecuted.
2016 – 004 Riots in France missed by BBC
2016 – 005 Why do Universities support EU – follow the money
2016 – 006 EU replacing English Common Law with repressive Corpus Juris
2016 – 006 Loss of English Common Law and replaced by Corpus Juris
2016 – 007 Warmists claim getting hotter – The Mind Blowing Heat Of 1936
2016 – 008  EU TRYING TO CHANGE THE WAY WE THINK – the Metric system
2016 – 009 Oath of Allegiance and the repeal of the Treason Act
2016 – 010 How John Major was tricked by the EU over the Maastricht Treaty
2016 – 011 Is the EU Democratic?
2016 – 012 Legal view of Cameron’s ‘Deal’ By Michael Shrimpton Barrister
2016 – 013  Tom Paine and The Rights of Man. Still true today
2016 – 014 Attorney General’s letter to Edward Heath loss of sovereignty
2016 – 015 Synopsis of the EU ‘utopian dream’ stripped naked from its cloak of deceit
2016 – 016 The EU to control all press and journalists with an EU Press Card
2016 – 018  Identity Cards (ID Cards), Personal Freedom and Surveillance.
2016 – 019 Who owns your car and who is the Registered Keeper
2016 – 020  Corruption across EU ‘breathtaking’ – EU Commission
2016 – 021 The Greenhouse Conspiracy from 1990
2016 – 022  Hillside Animal Sanctuary activists exposed as fraudulent.
2016 – 023  David Cameron Unveils Plans To Ban Free Speech And Protest
2016 – 025 The Fraud of the 1975 EU Referendum. What chance to 2016 will be honest?
2016 – 026 More on EU Coudenhove to eliminate the white tribes.
2016 – 027 EU regulations continue to damage our Trading.
2016 – 028 1975 pamphlet on joining ECC – catalogue of lies from British Gov
2016 – 029 Organisations campaigning for Ref.
2016 – 030 The UN New World Order Agenda 2030 for the enslavement of mankind
2016 – 031  Allegiance, Democracy and Treason
2016 – 032 Brexit – the options to leave the EU
2016 – 033 Germany’s Expensive Green Energy Fiasco
2016 – 034
2016 – 034 Why it’s time to bust the many myths surrounding Brexit
2016 – 035  The video the EU wants to ban about TTIP
2016 – 036 Who is funding ‘Open Borders’ ?
2016 – 037  The Leaders of the embryonic EU were Nazis
2016 – 038 How Germany in 1944 made preparations to set up a post war EU to reassert its ambitions to rule Europe after the war
2016 – 039 British Justice, and your personal freedom, under threat from the EU
2016 – 040 Boris is quite correct. The committee members of the embryonic EU in 1964 were all committed Nazis
2016 – 041 Boris is right and he has knocked the lid off a very nasty can of worms
2016 – 042 Who invented the EU. The EU have it that it was Jean Monnet.  Not so!
2016 – 043 Report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich … the EU
2016 – 044 Comment by Lord Monckton on Brexit
2016 – 045 Confusion about Vienna, Article 50 the ECA and leaving the EU
2016 – 046 EU Referendum: the Liechtenstein solution for Brexit
2016 – 046 Why do the BBC keep calling Bombay Mumbai?
2016 – 047 The consequences if Brexit is thwarted
2016 – 048  Vienna Convention on the Law on Treaties 1969 & 1986 and abrogation
2016 – 050 BNE
2016 – 051 Obama, Hilary Clinton and the Frankfurt School
2016 – 051 Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Frankfurt School
2016 – 052  Hillary, Obama And  The Cult Of Alinsky and how the Democratic Party was Hijacked
2016 – 053 Globalists using migration to destroy the West
2016 – 054 Mainstream Media Admits It May “Never Recover” From 2016 Election
2016 – 055 Cost of Mayor of London
2016 – 056 Well written article on post Brexit by Miles Morland
2016 – 057 Why are Liberals called Liberals when they are absolutely not Liberal?
2016 – 059 Container inspection at port of entry and fake goods from abroad.
2016 – 060 Letter to a very confused Nick Clegg
2016 – 061  Is Sweden to become the first European Muslim state?
2016 – 062  ‘State of Fear’ by Michael Crichton Could Be the ‘1984’ of Climate Alarmism
2016 – 062 UK’s Preferred fisheries policy
2016 – 064 Un-elected self appointed body aiming for all Media to be state controlled.
2016 – 065   man of 35 has been arrested under the EAW over a car collision in some country 13 years ago
2016 – 066  Article 50 is irrelevant to our EU departure
2016 – 067  A Review of ’25 Myths that are Destroying the Environment’
2016 – 069  The Article 50 court case is a sham By John Redwood MP
2016 – 070  Stop TTIP and CITA
2016 – 072  Inside The Invisible Government
2016 – 073  The People v the Judges
2016 – 074 United Nations New World Order
2016 – 076  Duplicity of Quisling judges
2016 – 077 The Single Market is a Single Regulatory Regime
2016 – 078  Ron Paul Reveals Full List Of Fake Journalists Wikileaks Exposed
2016 – 079 Why are paedophiles and crooks tolerated in parliament?
2016 – 080 Lysenkoism the perversion of science
2016 – 081 The Barcelona Treaty
2016 – 082 Globalism and Populism
2016 – 083  The Brainwashing of Snowflakes
2016 – 084 Difference between Capitalism and Socialism
2016 – 085 Statement by Peter Thorneycroft on 1972 ECAct when Chairman of the Conservative party
2016 – 086
2016 -079
2017 – 001  White Tribes
2017 – 002
2017 – 003 Some non Brits who voted in the Petition to stop Trump visiting UK
2017 – 005 UK bureaucrats plot to lock UK into EU post Brexit
2017 – 006  Brave New Europe?



2017 – 008  Is May a champion for UK?  Bob Lomas
2017 – 009 Clause 50 could be a trap

2017 – 010 Critique of May and Brexit by a real expert. 

2017 – 011 All Common Purpose alumini


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2017 – 012 Lord Kilmuir’s letter to Heath 1972

The Foriegn and Commonwealth Letter


Sovereignty and the European Communities

FCO 30/1048  A document kept secret from the British public until it that came to light under the 30 year rule. Continue reading

2017 – 011 All Common Purpose alumini

CP Graduate Lists | Common Purpose Exposed

2017 – 010 Critique of May and Brexit by a real expert.

By Torquil Dick – Erickson

I have long predicted that Theresa May is not to be trusted to carry Brexit through.

Evidence of this has always been visible in her record as Home Secretary – she pushed for the UK to opt back into the European Arrest Warrant, thus placing every person in Britain at the mercy of alien judiciaries who are empowered to arrest and imprison anyone at will, for they do not have to provide any evidence, neither before the extradition, nor even after it has taken place, for many long months. And in June 2012 she made a statement to the House of Commons that “of course” we would welcome in “special intervention units from our EU allies onto British soil, if we saw the need”.

This means the lethally-armed, paramilitary European Gendarmerie Force, which would put Britain under effective military occupation since they will only take orders from Brussels, and once inside the country would not leave if asked to by a merely British authority.

And now as Prime Minister, her Home Secretary Amber Rudd made a statement to the Commons on March 6th, to say that they would KEEP

THE EAW, AND OUR MEMBERSHIP OF EUROPOL (the EU’s embryo FBI, to be given operational powers – NOT a branch of Interpol) even AFTER BREXIT, so indefinitely.

Yet many of our Brexiteers have allowed themselves to be seduced by her honeyed words, her vibrant rhetoric that “Brexit means Brexit”.

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