The EU –What is it really about?

It is a 1964 coalition of European Marxists and Nazi politicians who survived the war without injury or retribution.

Click on these links will give you all the information the Main Stream Media and BBC have kept from the public domain for over 50 years.

father  – tells you who the leading personnel were in setting up the EU

agenda 21   – why the UN & EU want mass immigration into Western Culture countries

The Frankfurt School  – how Globalists are destroying UK and European cultures

police  – how our police have changed and been politicised from Peel’s ‘shield of the public’ to agents of the state and why the UK is being allowed to become lawless.

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2019 – 014 EU funding of the BBC

Tabled 28 January 2008. How much more since? Nothing has been done about it. If it walks like a bribe, swims like a bribe and quacks like a bribe I think we can call it a bribe to continually support the EU with positive only reports.
2007-08 Session
That this House notes that soft loans and payments amounting to 258 million euros over the last five years were paid by the EU to the BBC; believes that such payments compromise the independence and objectivity of the BBC on EU issues; further notes that the BBC benefited by a cash-equivalent of approximately 39 million euros which is made up of 20.4 million actual saved interest on loan facilities of 240 million, 2.5 million in grants, 14.6 million to BBC World and 1.7 million euros in indirect payments; further notes that there are, in addition, undisclosed sums in respect of joint projects; further believes that these substantial benefits may offend against the BBC’s Royal Charter, which demands independence, and also its editorial guidelines which state that the BBC should not `accept funds from any organisation whose interests or actions could raise doubts about the objectivity of programming’; and cites, as continuing evidence of BBC bias in its coverage of EU affairs, the BBC’s refusal to broadcast coverage of the National Pro-Referendum Rally at Westminster on 27th October 2007; therefore calls on the Government to establish an independent inquiry into EU funding of the BBC and its impact on the BBC’s objectivity on European matters and current debate over a referendum on the EU Constitution; and congratulates the Campaign for an Independent Britain for its initiative in uncovering this information.

2019 – 013 operationcomeuppance

2019 – 013 What is Operation Comeuppance


2019 – 012 If UK stays in the EU these are the consequences.

Just in case anyone has forgotten what Gordon Brown ratified at a dinner, namely the Lisbon Treaty, the following should give an insight into what Theresa The Appeaser is doing her level best to hang onto with her latest botch-up.

This will not happen overnight. The EU works slowly using the Salami Principle of very thin slices that nobody notices until one day the salami has completely gone.

The list below is the EU’s Wish List of what they will want if the UK stays in the EU. The Lisbon Enabling ACT is the magic wand to grant them those wishes. If we have the No Deal option to leave then none will apply. If we have Deal of any sort the EU will keep control of some or many functions in the list below and the UK will remain subject to them. Much of this information was given to me by Nigel Spearing. 26 years Labour MP for Newham, 18 years a member of the House of Commons Select Committee on Europe, 8 years chairman. I had several meetings with Nigel at the House of Commons. Although no longer an MP his longevity gave him an open pass to anywhere in the Commons, even the records rooms downstairs.  This info is considered by many extremist pro EU persons as nothing more than a conspiracy theory. It is up to the reader who to believe.  Sparing wanted to publicise the details of the Lisbon Treaty. He was ordered not to by a very senior Civil Servant who said ‘that is information the public does not need to know’.

It is important to understand that the Lisbon Treaty is an Enabling Act. Virtually a clone of Hitler’s 1933 Enabling Act. That is with any of the clauses in it they can be changed, added to, or deleted by unknown bureaucrats at any time without  the knowledge of any elected person. The EU uses what is known as the Salami principle – take very thin slices at a time so it’s loss is not noticed but eventually they gain the whole salami.

So whatever the Lisbon Treaty says now it can be altered to include what is wanted in the future. This is the estimated EU’s Wish List for the future. They will not be implemented immediately in one go but a bit at a time. Continue reading

2019 -011 A more detailed account of May’s betrayal of Brexit with Merkel

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: A German Brexit? A Scandal Of Subversive Statecraft

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2019 – 009 May is far, far more underhand and deceitful than we ever thought possible.

There is no doubt about the veracity of this account since documents have been seen.

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2019 – 008 how to understand EU costing

2019 – 007 Common Purpose are at the Center of Government, the Civil Service and the Conservative Party. 

Common Purpose is the most powerful organisation in Britain today.

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2019 – 006 Mockingbird update

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Why is there no TV or news of the Yellow Vests>

D notice gagging order on our press 


WWI demonstrated to the Establishment the power of propaganda to mould the opinions of the public. Goebbels raised it to an art form and it has been refined considerably since. The Goebbelisation of news is now wide spread within the MSM and TV channels. Commonly called Fake news and is used to deceive the public.

The majority of the worlds Media are now owned by about 5 families who all seem to universally lean towards the Authoritarian New World Order. Hense the lack of diversity in news reporting.

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2019 – 005 Secret trilogue meetings in the EU

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If the elected MPs dare to oppose the EU Commission by voting against the Commission’s proposals the illusion of democracy is continued by secret trilogue meetings between commission & parliament, where a “deal” is then agreed by clever use of legal text.

2019 – 004 THE HISTORY AND AIMS OF THE EU, UN and New World Order

2018 – 058 THE HISTORY AND AIMS OF THE EU, UN and New World Order


“BRAVE NEW EUROPE?”  by Mick Greenhough

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2019 – 003 Neofunctionalism


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2019 – 002 There is a World Wide struggle going on how to control the World. 

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There is a World Wide struggle going on how to to control the future World. The Main Stream Media and TV are keeping it out of the public domain.

Brexit is part of that struggle.

The main links are listed below but for the complete story go to

read to links below to get the whole story – control click on hyperlinks

Globalism and Populism  

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2019 – 001 May’s not so squeaky clean past

Cononcern has been expressed at May’s attitude to paedophilia as Home Secretary. If anyone has more info please forward it to the europrobe.or


and  – make of it what you will

2019 – 044 How the UN controls migration into Western Culture countries

The United Nations was set up with high hopes of bringing democracy to the world. However that remit has been slowly and quietly  moved to the undemocratic  Cultural Marxism of the New World Order.

Migration of the 3rd world into countries of democratic Western Culture is a means to help achieve the New World Order. The aim is to dismantle the industrial society and remove free speech and personal liberty.

2019 – 013 What is Operation Comeuppance


When things go wrong in the kitchen i.e. someone burns the toast there may be domestic hard words. Adultery could lead to abuse or even violence. However when the wrong doers are Government Officials, MPs, elected or appointed by us to represent our interests, the consequences may be considerably more serious. Taking this to a National or International level leads to sanctions, rebellion or even wars.

We need to hold these high profile wrong doers to account.

Why? To avoid it happening again.  

To publically denounce such persons and remove them from positions of power/influence.

Bring them to justice where a court can investigate their misdemeanour and impose fines or even a custodial sentence in an extreme case.

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2018 – 042 Who is the Father of the EU? Not Jean Monnet.

So who was the Father of the EU?

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The EU was promoted as a Trading Organisation. – The Common Market. It never was and from the start – it was to be a federal state with complete sovereignty over all the EU countries using Funk’s manual as a base.

For the whole story read

1775  First mooted in 1775 by Adam Weishaupt but nobody was interested then.

1922 –  Richard Coudenhove Kalergi with his Pan European Movement and book ‘Praktischer Idealismus’ where he wanted Europe to be flooded with people from Africa and Arabia. He wanted to replace the white Caucasians by crossbreeding to form a Mestizo race as they will then be more docile and easier to control. (his words not mine). Effectively he wanted to remove the Caucasian DNA from the human gene pool, It should have been no more than a very minor footnote in history but post-war the EU and later the UN took up his proposals. He was the first recipient of the EU’s biannual Coudenhove prize. A prize for the politician or bureaucrat who has made a contribution to furthering the EU’s Coudenhove plan. The root of the anti-White policies of today’s UN and EU. This is the reason behind the UN Migration Pact, Dublin II and the EU’s Barcelona Declaration.

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2018 – 041 The Rules of Political Correctness

2018 – 040 Deep State – who are they?

The Lisbon Treaty transferred nearly all of our sovereignty left to the unelected and undemocratic EU. So How on earth did our MPs vote it through?

Our Civil Service is really now The Deep State. They  are unelected and mainly self selected from their own section of society. They are permanent staff who advise ministers and continue  in the same post as ministers change. Ministers rarely have much expertise in the job they have been allotted and it takes perhaps 3 years to acquire that knowledge. They are then moved on to another post to be replaced by another inexperienced Minister. The proud boast of the Civil Service was that it was neutral and gave sound advice to ministers irrespective of the politics of the minister. They have now become politicised and consider the ministers to be fools to be manipulated to the collective political views of the Deep State. Their remit is the Globalised New World Order. They are now working behind the backs of elected ministers to implement policies that have not been through parliament.

Their behaviour is Malfeasance and should be punishable with dismissal and loss of pension rights.

Common Purpose is a crypto Marxist training college that is a major source of new recruits to the Deep State. They have infiltrated our institutions such as the Civil Service, Police, judiciary, Education, TV and Media.


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2018 – 039 Rodney Atkinson assesses May’s surrender document

This is from Rodney Atkinson Free nations. I had to change the writing to bold as it was too pale for me to read, but I can forward the original if you like it Di xx

2018 – 038 May’s 13 Brexit mistakes

Theresa May’s 13 Brexit mistakes:-


  • There was setting out her red lines before she knew what they meant.
  • Agreeing to they EU’s sequencing, triggering Article 50 before she was ready.
  • Failing to understand the EU positions failures of diplomacy.
  • The idea that Merkel will save us after the German elections, right the way through to Salzburg.
  • Not knowing how the EU would respond to Chequers.
  • Striking a belligerent tone comparing the EU to the Third Reich or the USSR.
  • Making promises that weren’t kept: that would have no transition, that there would be no money paid in the transition.
  • That there would be no free movement in the transition, and then saying no deal was better than a bad deal.
  • Then failing to plan for no deal.
  • Saying that we’d never be in the ECJ…well, okay, maybe we will be for eight years, well, maybe we will be for case law.
  • Saying there were no impact assessments – oh, there are impacts assessments, Oh, but they’re not realign impact assessments
  • Then there was the biggest mistake so far which was agreeing to the December Withdrawal Agreement agreeing to something the Cabinet did not understand in any way.
  • Failing to get legal advice, claiming ids meant something it didn’t: a mutual recognition agreement…


2018 – 037 UK citizenship post Brexit

UK citizenship post Brexit

 It has been reported that some 300,000 Londoners have moved out to the suburbs due to the violence in London..

 I would suggest that the reason Khan is allowing violent crime to proliferate is to encourage Londoners to leave London. He has said he would like 3 million more migrants (Muslim migrants to replace Londoners?) into London. This can only mean to secure his permanent position as Mayor.

 This could be a long way to prevent that.

 All UK citizens became EU citizens when the Maastricht Treaty became operative. That means that people who were UK citizens are now EU citizens and only a member of the UK. The EU citizenship takes precedence?

The last 20 years has seen a deliberate movement by the Deep State to destroy libertarian British Culture for a New World Order Soviet Culture. To replace the British people with Coudenhove’s mestizo people.. It will take some draconian actions to recover that libertarian culture.

If the current trend continues the inescapable result will be that the migrants and their descendants will outnumber and out vote native Britons within 50 years.  Unless this is implemented the British will lose control of their country.

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2018 – 036

2018 – 035 Essential Books to read to Understand to Threat of the EU and the New World Order

  • These essential books will tell you all you want to know to understand why the world is going barmy.
  • Brave New Europe Mick Greenhough
  • The EU in a Nutshell  Lee Rotherham
  • And into the Fire’ by Rodney Atkinson gives a far more detailed account of the origins of the EU.
  • (Appendix 7) Speech by Rodney Atkinson to House of Commons
  • ‘The Great Deception’ by Booker and North.- a very academic and detailed account
  • ‘The Rotten Heart of Europe’ by Bernard Connolly.
  • ‘The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’ The Rath Foundation
  • ‘Dangerous Hero’ by Tom Bower
  • See also for many, many additional posts of interest concerning the EU
  • The Fourth Reich by Sara Moore
  • New World Order by Mark Dice
  • EU A Corporistist Racket  David |Bernby
  • ·       NoGo Zones Rahem Kassam
  • ·       Fake News Mark Dice

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