2017 – 010 Critique of May and Brexit by a real expert.

By Torquil Dick – Erickson

I have long predicted that Theresa May is not to be trusted to carry Brexit through.

Evidence of this has always been visible in her record as Home Secretary – she pushed for the UK to opt back into the European Arrest Warrant, thus placing every person in Britain at the mercy of alien judiciaries who are empowered to arrest and imprison anyone at will, for they do not have to provide any evidence, neither before the extradition, nor even after it has taken place, for many long months. And in June 2012 she made a statement to the House of Commons that “of course” we would welcome in “special intervention units from our EU allies onto British soil, if we saw the need”.

This means the lethally-armed, paramilitary European Gendarmerie Force, which would put Britain under effective military occupation since they will only take orders from Brussels, and once inside the country would not leave if asked to by a merely British authority.

And now as Prime Minister, her Home Secretary Amber Rudd made a statement to the Commons on March 6th, to say that they would KEEP

THE EAW, AND OUR MEMBERSHIP OF EUROPOL (the EU’s embryo FBI, to be given operational powers – NOT a branch of Interpol) even AFTER BREXIT, so indefinitely.

Yet many of our Brexiteers have allowed themselves to be seduced by her honeyed words, her vibrant rhetoric that “Brexit means Brexit”.

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2017 – 009 Clause 50 could be a trap

It may well be a trap, but not for this reason.

The “Council of Europe” is a body of 47 countries, founded before the European Economic Community (forerunner of the EU) project began, and it oversees the European Court of Human Rights. I think that whoever wrote this must have meant the “European Council” which is the Council of Ministers of the EU member states.

Moreover if you read subsection 3 of article 50, linked below, and the note, it is pretty obvious that once the notice to leave is delivered, as happened today, then two years later, either an agreement with the other 27 countries has been reached – and the terms of any such agreement can be vetoed by the European Council – OR the two-year period can be extended by agreement of all concerned, OR, if no such agreement has been reached, the withdrawing State is out anyway. This is quite clear from the text linked below.

So let us stop barking up the wrong tree. Two years from today, Britain will be OUT of the EU, one way or another. Unless of course our own government/Parliament decides to prolong the negotiating period. Or unless our own government/Parliament decides to withdraw the notice to leave. The EU by itself cannot stop us.

The reason why article 50 may be a trap is that during those two years, we remain inside and subject to all the EU rules. And they can make new rules which we cannot veto but must obey. So they retain their enormous powers over us for this period. If they wanted to play rough, they could strip us of all our assets so in the end we would be out, but naked and impoverished. Or they might so influence our political processes that we would have a new government that would withdraw the notice to leave. Or exert other forms of pressure on us.

Our present government has neglected to include any reform of the European Arrest Warrant. On the contrary, Amber Rudd the current Home Secretary told Parliament that they want to keep it even AFTER Brexit. As things stand, EU judiciaries could, if they felt so inclined, have any of our politicians, journalists, or any other opponents, arrested and transported to jails in Europe… (think Erdogan, Putin – that sort of thing has not happened in Britain for centuries, but has happened in all of continental Europe within living memory.) No need to show any evidence for long months, so the accusations can be quite groundless.

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2017 – 008 Is May a champion for UK? Bob Lomas



Oh dear. They never learn, do they?

Those Eurocrats over in Brussels think that they have hit on a clever new ploy to victimise Britain and punish us for having had the temerity to vote to Leave. After years of telling us that life outside the EU would be awful for Britain, they have now been forced by reality to admit that, actually, it is going to be pretty good. All those free trade deals that Liam Fox is busily chasing are going to be good for British business.

So now the EU has decided that when the rules of the EU say that a member state cannot agree to any trade deals due to the restrictive nature of the Customs Union, what it really means is that we cannot even talk about a free trade deal until after we have left.

What they hope to do is build in a time lag of a year or more between the UK leaving the Customs Union and any new trade deals coming into operation. That will hit the pesky Brits in the pocket and allow the Eurocrats to crow over our misfortune.

And they intend to follow that up by dragging their heels over a UK-EU trade deal. They will throw obstacles into the path of British trade to the EU. More punishment for the UK.

But they forget that this has been tried before. And it did not end well for the European Empire that tried it.

Back in 1806 the Emperor of the French, Napoleon Bonaparte, ruled most of Europe. France itself extended deep into what are now Italy and Germany, while his family and acolytes sat on thrones in Italy, Germany, Poland and Scandinavia. Only Britain stood defiant. After the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 Napoleon had no chance of an armed invasion of Britain. He was stymied.

Then he had an idea. He called it ‘The Continental System’�.

Under this masterful plan all contact between Britain and the European Continent would be cut off. Not even the mail would be allowed through. All trade would grind to a halt. Britain would be economically prostrate. She would be bankrupt in a matter of months and forced to surrender. Napoleon issued his orders. The ports were closed to British ships, no ships could sail for Britain. Every country in Europe was bullied into joining the Continental System.

All except one: Portugal. Portugal is Britain’s oldest ally and had important trade links to Britain. So in 1808 Napoleon invaded Portugal. To do so he had to march through Spain, and so invaded Spain as well. The Portuguese asked for British help. The British sent an army under Wellington and so began the Peninsular War that would drain France of men and money.

Meanwhile, the Russian economy was tottering toward collapse without British trade and British investments. The Tsar of Russia lifted the embargo and began trading with Britain again. So in 1812 Napoleon invaded Russia, a campaign that destroyed his own army. With the threat of Napoleon’s army gone, more and more countries opened up to trade with Britain. They had been suffering economically and unemployment was rising.

In any case the French economy itself was crumbling. The tax take was nose-diving and Napoleon’s government was facing bankruptcy. Napoleon could no longer keep a large army in the field. He was defeated and exiled to Elba. His attempt to return to power was crushed at Waterloo. He ended his days a prisoner of the British on the remote island of St Helena

As for Britain, how had she fared while Europe suffered massive economic dislocation and bankruptcy? Well, British trade with Europe fell by 55% between 1806 and 1808, and did not recover for years. However, the British had the open sea to take advantage of, and they did. British ships had to take British goods further, but they found eager customers.

Britain ended up more prosperous after the Continental System than before.

If only the Eurocrats bothered to read their history they could save themselves a lot of trouble.

2017 – 006 Brave New Europe?

To obtain a copy

go to   http://www.shieldcrest.co.uk/mick-greenhough.html


Tony Blair has said that the British public were not told the facts of the EU pre Referendum. We did receive a comprehensive leaflet from the gov but much relevant info was missing. The missing info is within this book

Mick G

If you find it of interest then hopefully you will recommend your followers.

Further info from Mick Greenhough 0780 134 1476


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2017 – 005 UK bureaucrats plotting to lock UK into EU control post Brexit

Douglas Carswell exposes secret plan to tie Britain to the EU Post-Brexit

Published Feb 10, 2017


Screenshot_56.png UKIP MP Douglas Carswell will today put down an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons in a bid to stop an international treaty that will leave the UK subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, even when we have left the EU.
Douglas Carswell is objecting to what appears to be a stealth attempt by Ministers to sign up to the proposed Unitary Patent Court Agreement (UPCA) without anyone noticing, and without parliament having a vote on the matter.
Once ratified, the UPCA will establish a Unified Patent Court (UPC), a court to adjudicate exclusively on European patents, meaning it will settle all disputes relating to intellectual property in Europe. Once established, it also means the standards for British products and inventions will be set in Europe, not the UK. Anyone wishing to challenge a UPC ruling will have to appeal to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.
UKIP in Parliament has discovered a video clip of a briefing by Kevin Mooney, the UK lawyer who has been working towards the creation of the UPC, in which he states he hopes the press ‘does not find out about’ the treaty.
Ministers appear to share his distaste for public scrutiny of the move. The Government has tabled it as ‘negative statutory instrument,’ meaning it will automatically go through parliament unless an MP formally objects, hence Douglas Carswell’s intervention.
Mr Carswell says “Leaving the EU should mean leaving the jurisdiction of the European courts, but if this proposal is allowed to pass, we would be required to accept the supremacy of EU law in its entirety with regard to any disputes within the jurisdiction of the UPC, including competition law, fundamental rights arising under the Charter, as well as any specific patent rules contained within EU Directives.
“How countries protect intellectual property is also often a key issue when negotiating trade deals, so allowing the EU to decide these matters for us will make it much harder for the UK to negotiate the free trade deals we need with big dynamic economies outside Europe.
“No wonder the Europhiles wanted to pass this into law under the radar, without proper debate. It has the potential to drive a huge stake into the heart of Brexit.”


(McCarran-Walter Act Of 1952 authorises Trump’s policy on immigration

2017 – 003 Some non Brits who voted in the Petition to stop Trump visiting UK

Look at some of the nationalities on t UK visit petition

source unknown

2017 – 002

ameron says it will be the citizens not ploticians

2017 – 001 White Tribes

United Nations and EU plans to eliminate the White tribes

Mass immigration into the UK is essential to remove the notion of ‘the English’. Not just the English but the French, Dutch and all the other nations of Europe. Promoted by Peter Sutherland – Ex European Commissioner, Director General of the World Trade organisation, ex-Chairman of Goldman Sachs, Steering Committee Bilderberg Group.


Peter Sutherland  We still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others, and that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine. Appendix 69

Peter Sutherland  http://www.azquotes.com/quote/705883


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2016 – 085 Statement by Peter Thorneycroft on 1972 ECAct when Chairman of the Conservative party

No government dependent on a democratic vote
could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifice that any
adequate (European) plan must involve. The British people
must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment
of their traditional economic defences..”

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2016 – 084 Difference between Capitalism and Socialism

2016 – 083 The Brainwashing of Snowflakes


2016 – 082 Globalism and Populism

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2016 – 081 the-barcelona-declaration/treaty

Each year the EU award a Charlemagne prize and very other year a Coudenhove prize to the politician or Bureaucrat who has made a major contribution to ever closer union and the Coudenhove Plan (appendix 4).


We also have the curious and never mentioned 1995 Barcelona Convention (is it a Declaration or Treaty? it has all the attributes of an unsigned Treaty) between the EU and the African states of the southern Mediterranean rim. Superficially it was to improve the water quality of the Mediterranean sea.

Not much is said about it but seems to have has within its remit to eventually form a new state of Eurabia. The EU and the North African states would combine to form a new state. This would allow all the peoples of N Africa free and unfettered access into Europe as citizens of Eurabia.  It is a French/Arab initiative to counteract US domination. It originated with De Gaulle who was distraught at the loss of Algeria and the dominance of the USA. Whether it is just a cooperative Convention or  Treaty between Europe and Arabia to ease tensions and protect the seas or rather more is something about which the reader must make up their own mind. The treaty is claimed to be a precursor for the new state of Eurabia and to consolidate the EU Coudenhove plan.


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2016 – 080 Lysenkoism the perversion of science

Lysenko was a Russian ‘scientist ‘ who started his research with the answer that was wanted and then perverted his results to give that result.

The Lessons of Lysenko

Image result for lysenkoism


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2016 – 079 Why are paedophiles and crooks tolerated in parliament?


2016 – 078 Ron Paul Reveals Full List Of Fake Journalists Wikileaks Exposed



Ron Paul Reveals Full List Of Fake Journalists Wikileaks Exposed


2016 – 077 The Single Market is a Single Regulatory Regime

 There are continuous calls from the Arch Remainers such as BBC, Clegg, Cable, Heseltyne, Clark, Soubry etc for the UK to stay in the Single Market post Brexit.

The Single Market is not a ‘stand alone’ option. It is but one part of a Single Regulatory Regime

2016 – 076 Duplicity of Quisling judges

A letter from our Chairman:- the High Court Brexit case


People who have spent all their political lives undermining the sovereignty of this country and its Parliament are now appealing to the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty to delay and frustrate the exit of this country from the European Union. These are people who would echo the sentiments of Ken Clarke “I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a council chamber in Europe”

They have now been joined by senior judges, including Baron Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales. His Lordship is a founder member of the European Law Institute, an organisation set up for the “enhancement of European legal integration” – that is, the ever increasing subjection of our law to the laws of the European Union.

Surely he must be aware of the principle that no man should be judge in his own cause – “nemo iudex in causa sua debet esse”. Yet he ignored it when he decided to sit on this case. The maxim was firmly established in the case “Frome United Breweries Co v Bath”, in which the then Lord Chancellor made a decision favourable to a canal company whilst, unknown to the parties involved, he was a shareholder of the company. His decision was set aside. “This will be a lesson to all…tribunals to take care, not only that in their decrees they are not influenced by their personal interests, but to avoid the appearance of labouring under such an influence.” Perhaps this partiality in London is the reason for the High Court’s decision being opposite to that in Northern Ireland..

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2016 – 075 EU Bureaucrats editing official minutes and speeches

Commission edited out Juncker gaffe

  • Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker (l) with deputy chief spokeswoman Mina Andreeva (r).

2016 – 074 United Nations New World Order


There are two conflicting World Orders that are impossible to accommodate with each other. The uncontrolled birth rate of the Third World is putting impossible strains on the First World with their inability to feed themselves. They want to freely share in the wealth that has been generated by ‘Western Civilisation’ as of right.

The current belief of the UN and the modern environmental movement is “anti-science, anti-technology, and anti-human.” The radical environmentalists of today latch onto mythical assertions that have no basis in fact. However they support the idea that man is bad, man is the enemy of man, man is “destroying” the planet and the natural “balance” of nature. Sadly they have weedeled their way into positions of authority within the UN.

They want to be in absolute control with their version of a perfect, ordered society.

The Club of Rome  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2014-002-the-club-of-rome-invented-global-warming/


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2016 – 073 The People v the Judges

Dick the Butcher (Henry VI, Part 2 – in the peasants’ revolt)

“The first thi

The People v the Judges

Comment on High Court Judgment of 3 November 2016, preventing the government from giving notice to quit the European Union without consent of Parliament.

By Edward Spalton, Chairman – Campaign for an Independent Britain

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2016 – 072 Inside The Invisible Government

Inside The Invisible Government: John Pilger On War, Propaganda, Clinton And Trump