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2013-004 Common Purpose and Cameron’s links to it

Common Purpose is a Charity, based in Great Britain, which creates ‘Future Leaders’ of society. CP selects individuals and “trains” them to learn how society works, who pulls the “levers of power” and how CP “alumni” can use this knowledge to lead “Outside Authority” and pervert the demographic process.

It is a crypto Marxist organisation that trains bureaucrats funded by local authorities  on how to covertly infitrate the Frankfurt ethos (see 2012 – 025 & 2014 – 013) into UK institutions. It maintains its influence by ensuring that its alumni are given positions of unaccountable authority with gold plated salaries, pensions and perks so long as they stay ‘on message’. If ever they make a complete and even dangerous mess of their job they will not be sacked – only moved sideways to a similar job or even promoted.

For more information Google Common Purpose Exposed.


Leveson Inquiry has momentous implications for free speech. But Mail dossier raises disturbing questions about the influence of ‘people who know best’

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2013-003 The betrayal of Britain by Ted Heath

Monumental deceit: How our politicians have lied and lied about the true purpose of the European behemoth

By Christopher Booker

PUBLISHED: 23:54, 31 December 2012 | UPDATED: 00:10, 1 January 2013

Fateful: Forty years ago today, Edward Heath took us into what was then called the 'Common Market'Fateful: Forty years ago today, Edward Heath took us into what was then called the ‘Common Market’

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2013-001 The real danger of incompetents in charge of databases

12,000 people branded criminals in error due to inaccurate record checks

  • Mistakes led to £1.9 million in redress

By Larisa Brown

PUBLISHED: 05:31, 28 December 2012 | UPDATED: 10:19, 28 December 2012


2012-034 Democracy by Edward Spalton

On Democracy By Edward Spalton

Submitted by Louis on 7 May 2012 – 5:09pm

Content on the Traditional Britain Blog and Library does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Traditional Britain Group

By Edward Spalton

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote”.
(attributed to Benjamin Franklin)

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2012-032 How Labour, the Coalition and the Bank of England are bankrupting us

QE3, QE4,…QE4,000 Are Robbing Us

Sunday, 12th February 2012

BoE hitting our head again

The government is destroying the wealth of savers and pensioners by pursuing short-term economic policies borne out of ignorance and bowing to the selfish demands of noisy, narrow interests. Private sector taxpayers are the first to suffer under a troika of bad policies. But as Greece and the other PIGS show, the public sector will be dragged down too if they insist on beggar thy private sector neighbour.

In summary, the three policies that must be changed to achieve economic recovery are:

I) an end to printing money, or Quantatative Easing.

II) reduction in the size of the state.

III) cease subsidising alternative energy.

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2012- -031 Whatever Happened to the ‘Common Market’?

6. Whatever Happened to the ‘Common Market’?
Parliament voted to join the European Economic Community (then the EEC and now the European Union Project) with the 1972 European Communities Bill.  In the middle of para 2-(1) are three words of enormous consequence, the far-reaching significance of which was not fully understood at the time, ‘…without further enactment.’ These innocent looking words enabled all previous – and subsequent – EU legislation to automatically become British law without further enactment by our parliament.

The EEC was continually described as a free trade ‘Common Market’.
Whatever happened to it? Well, there was never any such thing as the Common Market.  Founder member Paul-Henri Spaak, (A Belgian Communist) advised Jean Monnet (acknowedged as ‘the father of the EU) that the only way to achieve the goal – a politically integrated Europe –  is to pretend (i.e. Lie to the public) that it was to be only a ‘Common Market’ – nothing more than a Trade Agreement.
Founder member Altiero Spinelli (an Italian communist) advocated that the aim should be to stealthily assemble the components of a supranational government and only to declare its true purpose at the end of the process by unveiling a ‘Constitution’. (i.e. deceive the public.)
Edward Heath, the Tory prime minister at the time, knew the plan was for the UK to disappear into a ‘Greater Europe’. There was to be a complete loss of our sovereignty, culture and democratic political control of the UK. England would cease to exist. see 2012-029

The EEC was nothing whatsoever to do with ‘free trade Common Market. It was  a Trojan  Horse to get  the UK  into the EU by stealth.

Politicians of the day who were aware of this were told under no circumstances to it discuss that in public. They were to continually insist that it was merely a ‘free trade agreement’ and nothing more – a blatant and deliberate lie.
Heath refused to allow a referendum. He knew it would be lost if the people of the UK were ever to become aware of the true nature of what they would be voting for.
Sir Crispin Tickell, one of Heath’s chief negotiators, later admitted that the government covered up the full implications of membership.
The policy was ‘Don’t talk about this in public’. The BBC also kept all information of what the EEC was about from the viewers.
Heath lied to parliament; he lied to, and deceived, the UK citizens and he knew perfectly well at the time that he was lying.

Why did he do that? – Mr Heath firmly believed that democracy was unsatisfactory and political control should be the exclusive right of himself and his elitist chums.

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2012-030 The Cause of the Financial Crash

The Cause of the Financial Crash, the Euro Crisis and the City of London

First we have to get a grasp of what money really is.

In the Stone Age if you had a goat and wanted some chickens you would haggle with someone with chickens over how many chickens your goat was worth

This is bartering.

If you were a bronze axe maker in the Bronze Age your axe may have been worth 5000 chickens. There was no way a bronze-smith could handle 5000 chickens so bits of copper, silver or gold were used instead of barter.

These ‘bits of silver’ evolved into coins of a standard size.

This is money.

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2012-029 Edward Heath’s lies to the British Public. Letter from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.


Politics List
José O’Ware has this excellent letter, below, in today’s Sunday Telegraph. I know José through the British Weights & Measures Ass’n, of which she is a leading member.
Regards to all, Mike
SIR – We now have confirmation from government papers that our entry into the Common Market was a fraud perpetrated by Edward Heath.

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2012-027 The risks of overtaxing the rich


It is Socialist policy to tax the people who have generated wealth to distribute to those who have not. If you give people freebies they will vote for you.

But they should take heed of this tale.

Every day, ten men went for a beer to the same bar and the bill for all ten came to £100.

They paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, something like this…

The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing
The fifth would pay £1
The sixth would pay £3
The seventh would pay £7
The eighth would pay £12
The ninth would pay £18
The tenth man (a wealthy self made man) would pay £59

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2012-023 Windmills in Hyde Park? That sounds a good idea.


The Wind Farm lobby have now demonstrated the overwhelming economic advantages of this form of electricity generation – particularly in areas of outstanding natural beauty.

38 Golden Eagles have been killed by windmills in Scotland

The experience of windmills in the countryside has shown that once there and operating all opposition by the local population just melts away. They all become really enthusiastic supporters of, and advocates for, them. Particularly so when the wind isn’t blowing as they can then get a good nights sleep in peace.

How ‘green’ is the footprint of a wind turbine? – 45 tons of rebar – 600+ cubic yards of concrete – Permanent foundation – Dead birds/bats – Eyesore – Disposal nightmare – Rare earth mining disasters in China That’s how green.

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2012 – 022 Degrading the morale and capabilities of UK Armed Forces

The nature of war is changing. We no longer send 50,000 men marching into a hail of machine gun fire. Pilotless drones are replacing many flying duties. Electronic surveillance is now a major weapon. However we will always have a need for ‘boots on the ground’ but it is of vital importance that the control of the British Forces is exclusively in British hands.

Howwever the British Armed forces now belong to the EU see 2016 – 003 How our soldiers can now be prosecuted.

There is a significant element within our Establishment who have complete contempt for our armed forces.

When he was president of the EU Romano Prodi said “there will be an EU army and only an EU army”. EuroCorps intends to take over and absorb the British Armed Forces. To this end the morale, capability and facilities of our armed forces are being steadily degraded by our own political elite. It will soon be at a point where the only option left will be to hand over our hollowed out armed forces to EuroCorps as they will incapable of operating on their own.

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2012-017 The BBC and it’s bias




As very many people now view the BBC

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2012-016 What is Left Wing, Right Wing and Centre in UK politics?

2012-016 What is Left Wing, Right Wing and Centre in UK politics?

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2019 – 025 The Great Climate and Global Warming Fraud invented by the Club of Rome

Mankind is responsible for four mega threats to the survival of man. One of them is not Global Warming. They are toxic waste,  pollution, the falling birth rate of Western civilisation and overpopulation in the 3rd world who cannot feed and look after their children. Mankind can do absolutely nothing about the climate until we can control the sun.    if you find this post relevant please forward on to all your contacts, friends and relatives.

The problem is which population should you reduce?

Is global warming Man-Made? Yes, it was caused by cod scientists manipulating and altering the recorded data to give false conclusions.

In 1991, the Club of Rome, a group of ‘elite’ individuals (seems to be a  New World Order leaning Think Tank of self-appointed ‘experts’ linked to the Vatican and/or the UN?), published a book called ‘The First Global Revolution.’ In that book, they admitted to inventing the climate change agenda as a ‘common enemy’ of mankindin order to frighten the world into accepting the New World Order. Take a look at the following statement from the 1991 book: Continue reading

2012- 014 BBC and freedom of Information and Secret Justice

Our political elite, under instructions from Brussels and the connivance of the BBC are systematically removing our freedom of information and speech.

Scroll down for Secret Justice

see 2012 – 018

The BBC have a panel of ‘experts’ to advise them on Climate Change but will not say who they are. Why not? What have they got to Hide?

We suspect that they are Climate Change activists and so their advice will be hopelessly biased. The UN IPCC has a similar group of some 2000 ‘experts’  but by far the most are Militant  Greenies. The true Climatologists are incensed that theit input has been ‘edited’ by the IPCC without their agreement.

The BBC are hiding behing an obscure clause in the Freedom of Information Act to keep it secret. You can speculate why.

Who were the SECRET 28 who ended all climate debate at the BBC?

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2012-011 The BBC’s involvement with the EU


Scroll down to the item you want.  A : B : C etc

A    The BBC admits that it’s reporting is biased in favour of the EU and is part-funded by them.

B    THE BBC has sent 407 people to cover this weekend’s Glastonbury festival, almost as many as it flew out to film last year’s Beijing Olympics.

   UK Independence Party forces apology from the Today Programme

D   IMPARTIALITY is and should remain the hallmark of the BBC

  Corporation’s £100m loan from EU bank   By Graeme Wilson

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2012-010 Britain facing new eastern Europe immigration surge

Britain is facing a new wave of Eastern European immigration which will put British workers’ jobs at risk, experts have warned.

Twenty nine million Bulgarians and Romanians will gain the right to live and work unrestricted in Britain in 2014 under European “freedom of movement” rules.

2012-009 EU pay foreigners to get British jobs

THOUSANDS of young jobless Europeans are to get travel expenses and moving
costs to come to work in Britain.

The European Commission will pay £250 to help hopefuls get to an interview —
and £830 to cover relocation costs if they are offered a job.

Brussels claims thousands will find work under the taxpayer-funded initiative.

Critics fear it will see youngsters from countries with high unemployment
flock to the UK, where ONE MILLION young Brits are jobless. The scheme, for
those aged from 18 to 30, aims to match jobseekers with suitable jobs.

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2012-008 Who said the British public are too stupid to be involved in governing themselves?

It was Edward Heath, he was prime minister in 1972 and lied to parliament and to the British Public. He said that the European Economic Community was nothing more than a trading agreement. He knew perfectly well that it was a lie. He had a letter from the Foriegn and Commonwealth Office that explained in no uncertain terms that the EEC (later recalled the European Union) was to be a complete transfer of British sovereignty to Brussels.

The Foriegn and Commonwealth Letter  see 2012 – 029

2012 – 007 C The Foriegn and Commonwealth Letter


Sovereignty and the European Communities

FCO 30/1048  A document kept secret from the British public until it that came to light under the 30 year rule.

Annotated by: Richard North – 17 February 2002


In 1971, during the final stages of the negotiations for Britain’s entry into what was then termed the “Common Market”, the “anti-marketeers” – as they were then called – had made some impact with the claim that membership would involve an unacceptable loss of sovereignty.

This claim clearly had a significant impact on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, sufficient at least for anonymous civil servants to write a detailed briefing on the sovereignty issue. This confidential document was never published and, for the last thirty years has lain in an FCO file, guarded by official secrecy. Only under the thirty year rule was it finally released and its contents laid bare.

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2012-007 B Cost Of Post Offices and EU Postal Legislation

The Royal Mail was the best service the the world. A single cost for anywhere in the UK, 2 deliveries a day and at low cost.  The EU ordered it to be broken up and sold to private companies. The European postal services were given 7 years derogation before they had to comply. This enable them to buy up the lucrative parts of our postal service leaving the Royal mail with the lossmaking parts. This was done with the complicity of our government,

EU postal reforms spark heated debate and


Based on piece by Lucia Kubosova of EUOBSERVER


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2012-003 Edward Heath and a letter from the Foreign & Commonwealth office 1972 – Scroll down to B 2012-003

The 1971 F&CO letter to Ted Heath stating in no uncertain terms that the  then so called Common Market was, in fact, a deceitful ploy to transfer UK sovereignty to Brussels. When he said in parliament and to the British people that it was nothing more than a trading arrangement he was lying and he knew he was lying.

In 1972 Edward Heath said that the EU was only a COMMON MARKET. “There are some in this country who fear that going into Europe we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. These fears, I need hardly say, are completely unjustified. Thus he deceived the UK into joining the EU. He was lying and he knew perfectly well at the time he was lying.

When challanged later as to why he lied he said ‘the British public are too stupid to be involved in governing themselves’.  So there!

Sovereignty and the European Communities

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2012-001 British Jobs


http://news. 1/hi/uk/8276253. stm

British IT workers ‘crowded out’

British IT contractors claim they are struggling to get work because
large companies are using a government scheme to employ people from
overseas instead.

Firms are using intra-company transfer visas to move employees from
overseas bases – usually in India – to UK jobs.

BBC Radio 5 live was told people are brought to the UK to work on
government IT projects run by BT and Capgemini.

Both firms say they are operating within the law. The government said
it was tightening the rules on such visas.

The guiding principle behind immigration rules for skilled workers
coming to the UK, from outside the EU, is that an employer can only
hire an overseas worker if no-one in Britain can be found to do it.

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2009-008 Recently translated documents from the Kremlin are revealing the extent of Soviet penetration of the British political body and particularly the Labour Party and the consequences for British democracy

Reaching through the Iron Curtain

In the pages of the Kremlin’s secret diary, Pavel Stroilov discovers what Labour’s Soviet sympathisers said when they thought no one was listening
5 Comments 4 November 2009

In the pages of the Kremlin’s secret diary, Pavel Stroilov discovers what Labour’s Soviet sympathisers said when they thought no one was listening

It is almost 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall — and still the truth keeps trickling out of Moscow. The Soviets, like the Nazis, were meticulous note-keepers and there is decades worth of material still to be uncovered. At first, only those who went through the filing cabinets could compile the untold stories of the USSR. But now that these records are being digitised, scrutinising them becomes a lot easier. And this is how I came across the extraordinary diaries of Anatoly Chernyaev.

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