2018 – 040 Deep State – who are they?

The Lisbon Treaty transferred nearly all of our sovereignty left to the unelected and undemocratic EU. So How on earth did our MPs vote it through?

Our Civil Service is really now The Deep State. They  are unelected and mainly self selected from their own section of society. They are permanent staff who advise ministers and continue  in the same post as ministers change. Ministers rarely have much expertise in the job they have been allotted and it takes perhaps 3 years to acquire that knowledge. They are then moved on to another post to be replaced by another inexperienced Minister. The proud boast of the Civil Service was that it was neutral and gave sound advice to ministers irrespective of the politics of the minister. They have now become politicised and consider the ministers to be fools to be manipulated to the collective political views of the Deep State. Their remit is the Globalised New World Order. They are now working behind the backs of elected ministers to implement policies that have not been through parliament.

Their behaviour is Malfeasance and should be punishable with dismissal and loss of pension rights.

Common Purpose is a crypto Marxist training college that is a major source of new recruits to the Deep State. They have infiltrated our institutions such as the Civil Service, Police, judiciary, Education, TV and Media.

see http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2015-074-common-purpose/

The way the Lisbon Treaty was passed by parliament is a good example of their manipulations to achieve completely undemocratic parliamentary  results to suit their political desires. They have complete contempt for the democratic opinions of the voting public.

The Lisbon Treaty was originally the EU Constitution. This was comprehensively rejected by the French and Dutch. To get around this Giscard d’Estaing , the ex French premier, had the constitution deliberately re written in such a way that it was almost impossible for any one but a constitutional expert to understand. Several critical passages were removed and hidden in other Treaties. The label on the tin was different but the contents the same.
Gordon Brown said after he had ratified it ‘I have ensured a number of Red Lines to secure Britain’s future’. Sounds good but he omitted to add that the Red Lines would be there for no more than 5 years. Was this lying? He was deceitful to such an extent that it was no different to lying.

So how was the Lisbon Treaty ratified by our parliament?

The Brussels Manikin or ‘What Brussels and the British political elite think of the British people’


The Lisbon Treaty was signed by Gordon Brown in October 2007 without first having the Referendum as promised in the Labour Party Manifesto.*

The un-amended Treaty of Lisbon was deposited in the Commons on Dec 17th 2007. Most of the MPs had gone home for Christmas by then as parliament recessed the next day. How many knew it was there let alone read it? For the disastrous consequences for British democracy and sovereignty see 2014 – 028 The facts about the Lisbon Treaty

Parliament returned on Jan 7th 2008. One of their first votes was to ratify the Lisbon Treaty previously signed by Gordon Brown.
Although the government had the amended Treaty (by now 3000 + pages) for some time it was not deposited in the Commons Reading Room until 11.45am on the morning that MPs had to vote to ratify it (21 Jan 2008).  Again how many knew the amended Treaty was there and would it have mattered. It was quite impossible for an MP to read 3000+ pages – with numerous sections having then been transferred to, and scattered among, numerous other Treaties and documents – and get an understanding of what it was all about before the vote.

Our elected MPs signed away British sovereignty and democracy with only a very small handful of them understanding just how sinister the Lisbon Treaty is. They were dismissed as hysterical scaremongers but have been proved right. The few who attended the session clearly did not pay attention. The majority did not have even the foggiest clue of what on earth they were voting for. They just did as the whips told them. This was an appalling betrayal of their duty as MPs, the British Constitution and the people of this country. They were the same MPs who fleeced the country with their expenses scandal.** It would seem that many MPs have been involved in paedophilia either directly or complicit in covering it up.

What is very worrying is that this ploy was probably not concocted by the MPs. It must have been done by some very senior un-elected and faceless bureaucrats.

The finger of suspicion points directly to the Cabinet Office.

This deliberate deceit must surely call into question the validity of the vote and the legal status of the UK’s passing of the Lisbon Treaty.

© Mick Greenhough 2011

Info from Nigel Spearing – 26 years Labour MP for Newham, 18 years member of House of Commons Select Committee on the EU and 8 years chairman of that committee. Although no longer an MP his seniority allowed him an open pass in the House of Commons enabling him to ferret out this information.

*   Why did Gordon Brown ignore his manifesto promise to have a Referendum on the UK membership of the EU? Was it just another of their many empty promises?***

** There were some MPs who did not fiddle their expenses but who knew what was going on and kept silent. As such they are also complicit.

*** Tony Blair and Gordon Brown reneged on this promise but so has David Cameron reneged on his ‘Cast Iron’ promise. Their feeble excuse was that the EU Constitution has been renamed the ‘Lisbon Treaty and although the contents of the tin was the exactly same it was, somehow, totally different.

However, a court case challenged the decision by Gordon Brown not to have the Labour Party manifesto promise of a referendum, along with the formal statement by Tony Blair that the Labour Party manifesto was a Contract with the People.

But Gordon Brown’s barrister Ms. Cecelia Ivimy said on behalf of her client:“They (NuLabour manifesto promises and contracts) are not subject to legitimate expectation”. 2013 – 020 The value of party manifestos


Even more astonishing is that the Brighton County Court judge accepted this defence. His judgement was: ‘The public should not expect promises or contracts made in NuLabour Party manifestos to be kept’. A case of lies, damn lies and NuLabour manifesto promises perhaps? From now on any promise in a NuLabour manifesto will be pointless as they can quite legally ignore all promises and contracts made in that manifesto if they regain power. (ref. 2008-15). Presumably that also applies to the Cameron Tories.

The ‘Treaty’ is the Constitution – with a different name. As previously noted: ‘the label on the tin may be different, but the contents are identical’ (see chapter 15 for Mandelson’s statement on referenda and ref. 2006-54).

And it should be remembered that the most insidious part of the Lisbon Treaty is that it’s ‘self-amending (see chapt. 13 & 17). That allows the unelected European Commission to alter anything in it they wish without involving any of the elected politicians

One very disturbing aspect of this is that the great majority of the MPs must have  known nothing of this. It must have been thought up and carried out by a very small number of the political elite and with some complicit very senior Civil Servants. The finger of suspicion points at The Cabinet Office.

It was not the first time. The MPs were allowed to see the 1972 ECAct but not allowed to read it until after they had voted for it.

©  Mick Greenhough

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