2019- 026 UK fracking and earthquakes

  • Fracking would make the UK self sufficient in energy and probably able to export energy.
  • Without fracking UK needs to import gas at the cost of about £2000/year per consumer. With fracking the cost would be about £300/year.
  • how much gas have we?
  • UK reported to get some 5000 earthquakes a year (some due to collapsing old mining works but most due to the UK resettling after the Ice Age when there was a glacier 1.25 miles thick on the UK) – the great majority are very minor indeed but some over Richter 5. Richter 5 is about 1,000 times more powerful than the Richter 2 in Lancashire near the Fracking drilling. Richter 2 not enough to rattle your tea cups. The Richter scale is logarithmic so each increase is 10 times the previous.
  • If earth tremours excede 0.5 Richter fracking has to stop. That is some 100,000 times less than what the UK can experience naturally. It is reaonable to ask why?
  • Why have the BBC not mentioned that?
  • 12,000 years ago Great Britain was under a glacier 1.5 miles thick. It pushed Scotland down and caused South England to raise up. That glacier has now melted so Scotland is now raising up and causing S England to sink back. That is why the sea level there is apparently raising.
  • Why have the BBC not mentioned that?
  • So why do the Green Grollies in our Civil Service want to stop fracking? Could it be they are using Fracking as a Trojan Horse to bring in the New World Order by stealth?
Fracking is the recovery of gas from deep drilling. There is enough gas there to supply all our needs and release us from our reliance on Middle Eaest Oil until nuclear fission becomes viable.

However it is a political football used by those who wish to dismantle the industrial society. see http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2015-008-russian-connection-to-anti-fracking-activists/


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