2021 – 029 Who are the English, Welsh, Scots, Irish ie British .

The British (and particularly the English)  are getting a lot of flack of late, even to the extent where there are some who deny that the English exist at all. So who are the English?  and why are the people of the UK of British heritage and culture are now continually under attack?

Diversity is a euphemism for discrimination against white people.

Some 6 million years age an ape-like creature started to walk on two legs instead of all fours. He then began to hunt and eat meat.  The meat diet was critical for the brain to develop. Why he did it we do not know but it was the start of the line of humanoids. They began to evolve into several different humanoids until about 200,000 years ago something happened in the brain and to the body of one group of them and so came Homo Sapien (that is us) who appeared in the southern tip of Africa. Some sort of environmental stress was possibly the cause but we do not know.

The huminoid brain seemed to have several compartments that each dealt individually with a different skill. Making fire, hunting, knapping stone tools, making skin cloths. In Homo Sapiens those distinctly separate areas of the brain began to cross-link and cooperate – a massive change.  That cross-linking in the brain enabled Homo Sapiens to create and invent and to have almost unlimited imagination. (Read ‘The Pre History of the Mind’ by Stephen Mithen) Of the other Hominoids it seems that only Neanderthals had some limited creativity of thought as they began to bury their dead with very simple ceremonies and grave goods for a select few as they started to grapple with the mystery of death and what happens to the spark of life when it leaves the body after death. Where does it go if anywhere? Something we do not understand even today.

Homo Sapiens began to wonder why rain occurred, what made thunderstorms and having intelligence but only with very limited knowledge invented gods and very elaborate ceremonies for the dead as a belief in the afterlife developed. Some of the more astute became Shamans to give themselves control over the less astute in their society.

We are all born with the same desires and emotions but our upbring can decide which ones we take up preferentially.  There are many inherited unpleasant traits from their animal past. Greed, envy, lying, spite, hatred, violent temper, irrationality, thieving and being very competitive that often boils over into violence. However we are also have compassion, friendliness, tolerance,  honesty, cooperative and have a work ethic that makes one civilised and one has to suppress those more unpleasant traits from our animal past.

The Homo Sapiens migrated up to the north east of Africa where perhaps some 50,000 years ago a small group of perhaps 50 crossed the water to what is now Arabia and settled. The rest moved west to become the many tribes of Africans. They were all the same people with the same DNA as the ones who crossed into Asia Minor but evolved into different breeds. (Read The ‘Journey of Man’ by Spencer Wells). Some good at running, some swimming, some less than 5ft tall some over 6 ft tall. Different abilities but all the same people. We all share the same 99.9% of Homo Sapian DNA. The 0.1% makes us individuals.

In Arabia they began to prosper and spread out into what is now Syria and settled. From here a few moved north through the Caucuses into the Russian Steppes with its vast herds of animals. Others went east to colonise the rest of the Eastern world.

If a Patagonian Indian can have fertile children with a Siberian Nomad we are all the same species but separate breeds. Rather like dogs.

Although every person has a slightly different DNA that they can be identified by as they also fall into general groups depending on your ancestry that can be traced when your DNA is examined. What was mistakenly referred to as race when scientists originally tried to categorise humans? Race seems to be based on appearance not DNA heritage which at that time was quite unknown. The discovery of DNA has surely made the notion of Race obsolete?

Some probably moved to Europe but the encroaching ice interrupted their migration.  Northern Europe became covered with a glacier over one mile thick. Along the southern edge of this glacier were a few very small groups of an early hominid – the Neanderthals and perhaps a very few Homo Sapiens.

When the glacier melted 12000 years ago a few Caucasians left the Russian Steppes and moved west settled and eventually became Poles. A few of them then moved further west and became Germans and some went south to become Bulgarian and Romanian.

Again some moved even further west to become the different tribes of Franks, Dutch, Danes, Norse, Welsh, Irish Scots, Anglo Saxons before spreading out across the world. All the same people but as they became isolated from each other they developed separate languages and cultures but we are all Caucasians who split into the many white tribes. There are three basic language sub groups Slavs, Celts and Teutons with different languages but they are all the same people and all the languages seem to have the same roots. The English (and Scots, Welsh and Irish) are an amalgamation of several very closely related tribes who moved from NW Europe to settle in Great Britain. Angles, Saxons, Danes, Frisians, Jutes, Norse, Normans, Belgae, Celts and several others. Here they evolved their own particular languages and cultures.

These are the Caucasians. Now the UN wants the New World Order and the elimination the White Caucasian DNA from the human gene pool. They want a single people  – the Coudenhove Mestizo people achieved by mass migration with the whole world run by a small elite of fabulously wealthy families, International banks and International Corporates. There is also an unstated agenda on TV programs and adverts to encourage mixed marriages by the Establishment to help in this elimination of Caucasians.

They hope to achieve that by persuading white women to have less than 2 children or no children at all. Mass immigration from the non white countries into white countries to overwhelm them. It is up to us as to whether we want our Caucasian heritage to survive and that means having 3 or more children per family.

Now why this antagonism to the ‘English’?  The ‘English’ (in this context also includes the Welsh, Scots and Irish – the people of the UK) are a very small % of the world’s population however their achievements have been enormous. Their inventiveness, work ethic and adventurous spirit and compassion achieved one of the greatest Empires in history. It was essentially an Empire of Trade rather than of conquest and not in the same mould as the Roman, French, German and many other empires that were of conquest. The British Empire’s control of many countries was to enable easier trade. Generations of the British have produced a country with many networks of roads, water supply, gas, electricity, hospitals, schools, libraries, foul water sewers, railways underground and overground that many other countries have copied. The fighting ability of the small army has been of the highest order. They have given the world a great universal language and a template for law and order. A number of Caucasians have done some despicable things but so have all the other peoples. On balance, Caucasians can be very proud of their achievements.

These achievements have not appeared out of the blue. They are the result of hard work and planning. The British have a culture of tolerance, reasonableness and Free speech, respect for women, personal honesty, integrity, a sense of humour and a work ethic. Such a culture is quite unacceptable to the New World Order.

The British have been world leaders of inventions, engineering, science, music, art and literature out of all proportion to their small numbers. Something to be very proud of.

Nature has evolved very complicated courting rituals for swans to ensure they do not mate with Canada geese. General throughout the natural world.

Surely envy must also play a major role in the current anti-Britishness?

We need a Caucasian Association to defend and protect the interests of Caucasian peoples in Europe, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and across the world. This costs money but a very small sum from many millions of Caucasians would soon build up a good fund to protect their interests

A small monthly donation of £1, $1 or €1 to a suitable Association would build up a fund to protect the interests of the Caucasians.

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