2021 – 038 Commercial fishing, France and illegal immigration

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The following rules to apply to all commercial fishermen in UK waters whether UK fishermen or from the EU in the interests of ‘fairness.

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The overarching principal with fishing in UK waters is that the UK has complete sovereignty over its waters and any concessions are at the discretion of the UK.

  • There is a crisis in North Sea fishing stocks due to overfishing and species depletion. This is a prime reason given for this proposal.
  • All Fishing in UK waters to be under the authority of a UK Fishing Authority (UKFA).
  • The French to be given temporary discretionary access to British waters to enable them to reduce their fishing fleet in an orderly manner. A concession that was not given to British fishermen when the UK joined the EU,
  • The total catch of fish to be harvested in UK waters is to be assessed by the UK annually by a UK scientific department of the UKFA and applied to both UK and EU fishing boats.
  • Total annual catch for all EU boats to be limited by UKFA and where one EU boat catches a large harvest it reduces the catch allowed by other EU boats are allowed to catch.
  • An annual license per boat to fish in UK waters at £5000 (?) a year to fund the conservation necessities issued by the UKFA. It can be reclaimed as a legitimate business expense by a UK fisherman from the UK Inland Revenue. EU fishermen can reclaim their license fee from their home Inland Revenue
  • The number of annual licenses issued to EU boats and time scale is to be at the complete discretion of the UK Fisheries. Annual harvest taken by EU Boats and licenses issued to the EU boats to be incrementally reduced each year and transferred to the UK fishing fleet to enable the EU fisheries to gradually adapt to the new fishing climate.
  • The license would limit what the EU and UK fisherman can catch to prevent species depletion.
  • No correlation between EU and UK annual harvest
  • Unintentional overfish to be cross decked onto a UK boat or landed at a UK port.
  • To be granted a license to fish the EU Fishermen must have documented proof they have historically fished in UK waters.
  • The boat must be fitted with a tracker and the UKFA informed of the intention to fish, where and when before being given permission to commence fishing.
  • When the fishing trip is completed all fishing boats, UK and EU, must check in at a UK port to verify its catch is within the license before a UK boat is unloaded or an EU boat returning to the EU.
  • The UKFA to have the right to board and inspect any fishing boat as a condition of the license before they leave UK waters.
  • All EU boats must then return to the EU with 25 illegal immigrants that came from the EU back to the EU after each of their fishing trips finishes as a rigid condition of being granted a license.
  • Any illegal migrant found on a UK or EU fishing boat will result in that boat being impounded with a heavy fine and imprisonment of the skipper.
  • If the UKFA decides to allow future licenses for EU boats the EU boats will have to bid for them. Licenses are not an entitlement. They are a temporary concession.

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