2012-024 Proposed new EU Anthem


The Proposed European Union Anthem

There has been much talk about the need for an EU anthem and of the ‘politically incorrect’ nature of many of the current anthems of the EU members. The countries of the EU all have National Anthems. For the EU this is an anathema as they intend to destroy all notion of nation in Europe58 seconds ago

“Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony as the European anthem was chosen by a suggestion made by Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi in 1955. He of the Pan European movement to eliminate the White peoples of Europe.

The favoured option for the EU seems to be Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’. We feel that this is far too pompous and po-faced. Typically, it was selected by a small group of Eurocrats who did not bother to involve, or consult, ‘The People of Europe’ in any way. This is because the European Commission is the only group that matters in the ‘New Order’ and so the ‘EU Anthem’ will be essentially for them alone.

It was rejected in our poll

To find a more suitable ‘Anthem’ that will better reflect the proposed New European Culture being created we held an open competition. The most popular suggestions are listed below, in reverse order, with the winner being a variant of ‘Die Horst Wessel Lied’.

6th      Duelling Banjos

5th     Puppet on a String

4th       Whatever happens to be the winner of the current Euro-Vision Song Contest.

3rd       The Birdie Song

2nd       Crazy Frog

1st      ‘Die Horst Wessel Lied’

The winner by far was the Die Horst Wessel Leid . However the original words are incredibly boring and do not scan very well. We have therefore taken the liberty of writing a set of more appropriate lyrics to suit the European Commission. We think that this is now far more applicable to today’s circumstance.

It is best sung by a marching chorus line with flaming torches.

Please note that this proposed EU Anthem is completely free of all genderist, sexist, ethnic and nationalistic inferences – I think.

The lyrics and score are below to the tune of this delightful old German folk song.

Raise high the flag, bow down in meek submission

Forget the Wars, the history of strife

Put all your trust in us, the European Commission

Let us decide your thoughts, your laws, your life.


There is no more political invective

We stand alone, our bureaucrats salute

The Parliament will rubber stamp our new Directive

Control complete and power absolute.


We found a way to pass the Constitution

Just regions now, the nations are no more

We’ve now secured immunity from prosecution,

A guarantee to be above the law.


We’re granted now our own financial ruling

Expense accounts, all hidden from the truth

We now have funds, securing all our children’s schooling,

Their children too, eternal Euro Youth.


In Brussels now, Strasbourg, or Bonn, or Pisa,

We march with ghosts of those who went before,

Napoleon, Hitler, Franco, and Julius Caesar,

Empires combined, our Union evermore.




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