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Johnson’s Surrender Agreement-a précis

May’s Surrender Agreement was the worst possible agreement in history.

The Johnson one is surely the second worse


  • EU/UK disputes are to be settled by the European Court of Justice. The remit of the EJC is not to administer justice but to make judgments that further ‘ever closer union’.
  • UK military to be handed over and absorbed into the EU Army. Will also lead to the EU control of the UK arms industry.
  • UK Trade Deals with the rest of the world must be such as to never make the UK more competitive than EU.
  • EU to control our Foreign Policy
  • N Ireland will remain in the Single Market and Customs Union thus breaking up the United Kingdom
  • EU can freely fish UK waters – not clear yet as to what extent.
  • EU to control our tax policy
  • No recovery of UK investment in the EU.


Western Civilisation   is under dire threat from the United Nations and The New World Order. They want to dismantle the Western Industrial Society and replace the world’s White population with Coudenhove’s Mestizo people.  Read

Western Civilisation is Free Speech, Personal Liberty and the right own personal property you have worked for. The right to use your talents to improve yourself, your family and spinoff for society in general.

When it started the working conditions for those in the Industrial Society where often appalling for many. However as it has developed now the Industrial Society has lifted many millions of people out of poverty and drudgery. It has produced the wealth and equipment that makes live pleasant for the majority of citizens.

The Single Market  Much is said about the Single Market. It is a sweet name to disguise its real nature. The BBC and MSM continually refer to it as if it is a ‘Stand Alone’ option.

The Single Market is not a version of Pettycoat Lane writ large as Remainers like to promote. It is not really a market at all – it’s a Single Regulatory Regime that comes with several sneaky political requirements to ensure the EU remains in control.


  • Uncontrolled migration from EU into UK
  • Submission to the primacy of the European law and the European Court of Justice (The remit of the EJC is not to administer justice but to make judgments that further ‘ever closer union’)
  • The Single Market and Customs Union.
  • Acceptance of all EU standards even when not applicable to UK.

These are euphemistically called the ‘Four Freedoms’ by the EU. They are in fact chains to bind a country into permanent subservience to the EU.

Not the Fake News no 1  Sept 2019

  • The Supreme Court is a creature of Tony Blair and the EU. Only invented in 2005 as authorised by the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, Part 3, Section 23(1),[1] the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom was formally established on 1 October 2009  It consists of judges selected for their extremist Left Wing Globalist beliefs and support of the EU. They do not represent British democracy. They are unelected and they have crossed the line between administering law and making law and now making law retrospectively. As such they are usurping to role of our elected politicians.
  • This was tweeted by Elinor Dashwood@ElinorEusceptic  Just read this comment in the Law Gazette. Is it verifiable? ‘Nine out of the eleven justices receive stipends of £175,000.00+ from the EU & the Supreme Court itself is a member of the network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the EU.
  • I phoned the editor of Law Gazette to confirm. His curious response was yes it was in Law Gazette but nothing to do with the Law Gazette??? It has now been removed. He said it was complete rubbish. When asked how many of the UK Supreme Court judges were Common Purpose alumni he slammed the phone down on me. However it clearly is not complete rubbish as there certainly is a  network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the EU and the UK Supreme Court is a member. Therefor their loyalty is not to English Common Law but European Corpus Juris where you are guilty until you can prove your innocence.
  • For you to decide for yourself whether it is rubbish or not.
  • The remit of Supreme Courts of the EU seems to be similar to that of the European Court of Justice. Its remit is not to administer justice but to make judgments that further ‘ever closer union’.
  • The Supreme courts are stated to be separate to the EU but they both fly the same flag.
  • I understand that before a Judge can become a member of the Supreme Court they have to go on a brainwashing course to ensure they are truly Globalist. Unable to confirm as they seem to be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.
  •       To comment  read       and go to the bottom of the posting
  • Who is the ‘Father ‘of the EU? Not who you think.The EU says Jean Monnet but Walter Hallstein, one of Hitler’s top lawyers , surely has a far greater claim. Read  to make up your own mind.
  • UK gets some 50 earthquakes a year that can be felt with several 1000s of smaller ones – some however over Richter 5. The Richter scale is logarithmic and increases by a factor of 10 so Richter 5 (rated as small but can be felt) is about 1,000 times more powerful than the Richter 2 in Lancashire causing so much concern to the anti-frackers. Richter 2 is not enough to rattle your tea cups and of no consequence even if, and it is if, caused by Fracking. Surely a very important aspect of earthquakes so why have the BBC not mentioned that?




  •  In 1997 John Major prorogued parliament for 5 weeks to suppress a ‘Cash for Questions’ scandal without anguish displayed by today’s opposition. Major would not have done anything illegal so not a problem for Boris Johnson surely. It was not illegal when he did it. It became illegal after the Supreme Court made it so retrospectively. Something quite at odds with British justice.

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