The EU –What is it really about?

It is a 1964 coalition of European Marxists and Nazi politicians who survived the war without injury or retribution.

Click on these links will give you all the information the Main Stream Media and BBC have kept from the public domain for over 50 years.

father  – tells you who the leading personnel were in setting up the EU

agenda 21   – why the UN & EU want mass immigration into Western Culture countries

The Frankfurt School  – how Globalists are destroying UK and European cultures

police  – how our police have changed and been politicised from Peel’s ‘shield of the public’ to agents of the state and why the UK is being allowed to become lawless.

common purpose  – Cultural Marxism has been infiltrated into the administration of our institutions, education, police, justice, charities etc

barcelona  – why our political elite are encouraging mass third world migration into countries with Western culture

globalism  – the world conflict between Authoritarian Globalism and Libertarian Populism.

consequences  – the consequences of staying in the EU

educational authorities  how our schools and Universities changed the curriculums to brainwash our children and produce Generation Snowflake. – your chance to help put things right by crowdfunding to take out a private prosecution on May and Robbins.

Books to read to get a broader understanding of the changes to our society

New World Order  by Mark Dice – the UN plan for the world effectively using Orwell’s 1984 as an instruction manual

EU – A Corporate Racket  by David Barnby – the treachery of the Tory  leaders in the 1970’s

BBC: Brainwashing Britain by David Sedgwick  BBC has been hijacked by Cultural Marxists

Brave New Europe by Mick Greenhough – tells you the history of the EU from 1870 and it’s intentions for the future.

No Go Zones by Raheem Kassam – tells you of the No GO areas of Western cities that the Establishment denies.

1984 by George Orwell Orwell’s grim warning in 1948 that is now coming true

The Abolition of Liberty Peter Hitchens – the breakdown of British culture of law and order.

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