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Your life is a lie

Your entire life is a lie. It’s a bold statement, made before and not done justice. Let’s examine exactly why virtually everything in your life is a lie.

When you were born, your parents did what all responsible parents do. No doubt they were overjoyed at your arrival, and they knew life would be better now that you had arrived. They wanted to protect you and they wanted to make sure you would be looked after once they were gone, so they made sure your birth was registered by the local registrar.

Most likely this action was never once thought of as an obligation, but rather a necessity to set you up with the best possible chance of a safe, healthy, assured life. The state would be there to provide you with the help should you need it, the NHS would be there to care for you, and all the other benefits that would flow from the existance of your birth certificate. So off they went, and before long they would receive something looking very much like this:

Birth Certificate

Go grab your certificate – your ‘warehouse receipt’

Few people would argue with the idea that, as it is the first document to ‘officially’ exist about you, the birth certificate must be a bloody important document – the foundation of your identity. All documents which subsequently bear your name logically have to stem from the first that was created, right? Wrong. The birth certificate is in fact nothing to do with you. It is not admissiable even as evidence of your own identity. Why is this? Well firstly it is stated quite clearly on the bottom of your own birth certificate. Go and check for yourself.

A certificate is not evidence of identity

A birth certificate is not evidence of identity. So, what is?

Secondly, as the document clearly states and is so often missed, it is copyright of the crown. The significance of these two points can be easily passed over, and obviously has been by pretty much everyone as it just seems like getting your child registered is the ‘thing to do’. As you will now see, the birth certificate is actually the gateway to the attachment of all future debts which will certainly be accrued over the life time of the registrant.

So what does this mean? Well, as the title of this article suggests, quite a lot. Every bill, every license, every account, EVERYTHING which you believed was meant for you was actually never meant for you. It can’t have been. Because if it was yours then the foundational document which carries ‘your’ name would not actively refute the fact. What it does do is create a legal ball and chain which will be dragged throughout your life as a permanent, though voluntary, attachment of the mind.

You are not a name. You have never been a name and you will never be a name.

Lawful Rebellion verterans will know all of this already, and that’s fine. However newcomers need to understand something here and seriously dwell on it for a moment. The first 18 years of your life were spent learning that your identity starts with a name. You are John Smith. You are Jane Brown. You answer to it, you see it on paper – it is you. You sign things. It’s exciting when your national insurance card arrives and you sign that. It’s exciting when your first bank account card comes with your name on it. You sign that. Your driving licence, your passport, your world and everything in it hinges upon your name – which is you. WRONG. None of them are yours. Now go and check all your ‘identity’ documents and realise that they are all property of someone else, and can be recalled at any time.

So what is the truth?

The ‘truth’ such as it is, is there for you to discover. Certainly the details take a long time to explain and I’m not about to do it now, but this is the reason why Lawful Rebellion will always be met with massive resistance by people who have never been disturbed from their slumber:

We have all made a massive mistake

We’ve been had on an incalculably large scale. Literally, all of society, for generations, has been duped. Worse still, the more ‘succesful’ a particular person is in life, the less willing they are to consider such a concept because after all, so what – right? What harm has it done them? And lo, as is the desire of all despots, tyrants and deceivers; you have created a willing slave. A man who does not care that he is part of a deceptive, deceitful, illusory and usurious system because by the time he is introduced to the concept he no longer cares for the truth. He only cares for himself. It is all he knows. He may not admit it, but the root of his denial is sheer terror of the consequences should he peer beyond the veil.  And that is understandable, because should you take a lingering glance at the astonishing amount of information flowing through the internet you will soon find your sanity might start to slip. Until you realise, that is, what you thought was your sanity was nothing more than a misguided mind attempting to shield you from a painful, but ultimately more truthful way of life. No one said it would be easy, and my goodness is it going to get worse before it gets better. This runaway cabal of zionist controlled media hypnotists are commited to their efforts of re-shaping humanity into a sub-human drone, and they’ve practically succeeded. But ultimately they must fail, as they always have. Unfortunately this time around it’s going to be almost as painful for us as it is for them. Not through violent discourse – that is what they hope for – but rather because this revelation will be the last time it ever happens… right?

I certainly hope so. Here’s some more detail from the erudite Vic Beck

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  1. G-Force.

    My Take:
    This subject, it’s true, is as complicated as hell – it truly is – hard to tell – even harder though, to really except – to get this concept firmly, deeply rooted, in your head.
    So, If you please – if I may – I’ll try to give it to you now how I see it – so let me explain:
    You got to firstly know “Who You Are” in ‘Society’ – because when you do this whole heartedly, it will bring you to your knees – it’s called your “Strawman” no more – no less – and it’s got nothing to do with the Wizard Of Oz – or Dorothy on her quest.
    Go now and get any I.D. or paper work from our Government, Bank, Big Corporation – for now it’s time to see – your true relation – be it on a parking fine, speeding ticket, your driving licence, Passport, Birth Certiticate, Credit Card of some kind – now look where your name is written and what do you find?
    Can you see anything wrong with all these things – study them hard – tell me, what does it bring?
    See nothing no, don’t worry neither did I – but our all seeing eyes – truly don’t lie.
    Notice now your name; it’s in UPPER CASE letters – do you know why that is? there must be a reason… because there usually always is – everything else I get sent is in lower case – so why the need, tell me, why the change?
    Ok whenever you see your name in “UPPER CASE” letters this means you’re dealing with your ” Legal Fiction” but you’re not a fiction are you not? you live, you breath, you exist, I know you feel – do you not – so what the hell is going on? what is this game they are playing – I don’t understand – this concept you’re explaining.
    Remember until we tell them we are alive then we are all dead – but they still needed a way to deal with us all instead – so what they did was compose a plan – that when we sat down and thought about it, it would drive us all mad – and we would soon carry on with our daily lives – ignorant to the fact – that we all live a lie.
    You see our parents agreed to this (unknowingly) when they bought our Birth Certificate – they gave “Consent” to being apart of society in that context – for it all starts with that bit of paper – when we register ourselves with society you start this caper – it’s truly a mindf**k in every way – for how can you accept that is not your name – we have been brought up on it from the very first day – that we were born – but that matter not – for the powers that be – truly don’t give a toss.
    There is so much to discover out there that we dont get told – it’s time you started to create, your own ripples and folds – you got to start to think outside the box – because if you don’t, then you will have truly lost – what sight of what is real – and what is fake – your legal fiction is truly here though; just to take.

  2. john sinclair

    hi i have been sent a penalty charge notice by southend borough concil my name is all lower case have they caught on?

  3. Andy


    The way I view all this is simple, I don’t bother with the strawman because that is as complicated to remember as is trying to remmber who you are not.

    Remember we are only human beings and that is all no more no less and we live on a land mass and that is it. We have rights and no other human being is above or below another. Names are fictions, creations of a conscious mind that is all, so your name, the council, an incorporated company, a governement, etc etc are all fictions of some conscious mind. You have to strip everything away and think people and landmass and that is it.

    There are only 2 ways you can interact with another human being and that is by consent or by force and vice versa. Unless you consent they have to use force, but always point it out to them! If they say you have done something, point out they are using force and making accusations and ask if it is their opinion or they have facts.

    The bottom line is they don’t care about the strawman stuff, it is the right thinking but I don’t think you will win arguments like that, they don’t care because all they do is ignore you and send in the debt collectors. The only way you will win with the strawman stuff is by having nothing and then they have nothing to take. The other way is exactly the same but playing their game. Have nothing! do you hear that, have nothing! that does not mean you can’t enjoy the benifits of something you just can’t HAVE anything. Think names, think fictions, think another fiction having possesions and you having the benefit.

    From Wikepedia:

    The 1215 charter required King John of England to proclaim certain liberties and accept that his will was not arbitrary—for example by explicitly accepting that no “freeman” (in the sense of non-serf) could be punished except through the law of the land, a right that still exists.

    This means that the people of england (England being a fiction of the mind) it is only a landmass gave a little power in exchange for certain liberties. Those courts created by King John are designed for people, it is only people with conscious minds. How can the council stand in court, it can’t only a human being can, that is why the council needs a representative in the form of a human being with a conscious mind. Ask them to bring forth the council to the dock.

    Taking it further if a government is a fiction a creation of the mind how can a government give rise to a law? it Can’t! Only a human being can think and devise a law, they are hiding behind the smoke and mirrors, creating delusions and we fall for it. what started as giving a little power to protect us and proclaim certain liberties and accept that government or monarchs will is not arbitrary has resulted in a grss abuse of power and we have allowed it.

    Remember no one can take power it can only be given, stop giving them power, stop voting, turn your back on them, ignore them, stop using big corporations, stop giving them your money, stop it stop it.

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