2022 – 018 Nationalisation of UK’s assets

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Nationalisation of water will not make it rain. Nationalisation of gas will not make foreign producers sell their gas to us more cheaply.

The problem with Nationalisation of Utilities is that the government then considers those assets to be theirs to sell off to their chums or foreign companies for ready cash as they see fit. Either that or they give cushy directorships to their political mates whether they are competent or not.

National assets belong to the citizens who have paid for them – particularly any strategic utilities. Water, gas, electricity, Communication facilities, railways and National Trust etc.  Private companies can hire aspects of those Utilities for their profit but the ownership must be the citizens not the government.

The shares of the Nationalised utilities should be shared out equally among the citizens who paid for them and they would then receive annual dividends from them. They should be ‘not for sale’ shares.

Our parents & ancestors built many networks by dint of their very hard work and using the countries wealth. E.g. electricity, water, roads, schools, railways, sewage, the NHS, rubbish removal, national parks, libraries etc. Should migrants be entitled to have free use of them having contributed nothing towards them? Should they pay an extra tax if they do?

Citizens in this case would be people who were British citizens (and their descendants) prior to the Maastricht Treaty as they and their ancestors paid for those assets. The Maastricht Treaty made all UK citizens of the EU as a precuser to abolishing UK citizenship for EU citizenship only. read http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2019-032-proposal-for-uk-citizenship-post-brexit/

Their personal shares would not be for sale and the citizens would get dividends each year. Their shares would lapse on their death but their descendants would receive their own shares at birth.

Those running these Nationalised Utilities and their salaries would be decided by a vote from the citizen shareholders.

Mick Greenhough 10 7 2022

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