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  1. I am a UKIP supporter and would like to be kept informed.

  2. We in australia are fighting these kinds of things and Global warming is rubbish. Our communist based unionist (our Ex pm was from the UK) ignored this submission for political purposes…..

  3. Hallo Mick. I often refer to your excellent site and appreciate its content.
    I don’t know whether you have seen the new website of The
    >Know, the anti EU campaigning organisation.
    The site itself was up
    >and running today, although it has been receiving pledges of support
    >for some past months. (already some 109,660).

    >I believe it is well worthy of support from all shades of
    >Eurosceptic opinion on a personal and organisational level. Very
    >well informed, readable, and likely to grow in reach and influence
    >given its support already.
    It remains to be seen whether The Know
    >will become the representative group for the ‘leave the EU’ in the
    >coming referendum if chosen by the Electoral Commission. Do take a look if you have not already.

    >Do have a look at the site, and if you feel you can recommend to
    >your wide readership that would be worth a lot!

    • Graham, Please view The Campaign for an Independent Britain and their website and see their patrons.
      They are the umbrella organisation for all Eurosceptic groups

  4. Hi, I would like to subscribe for this weblog to get latest updates, thus where
    can i do it please assist.

  5. You claim “they want to take over”.

    That’s the same bullshit that people have been saying about blacks, Irish, gypsy’s, Hugeonots, Indiana, Chinese and Jews, going back hundreds of years.

    We have a fine tradition in this country of blaming immigrants for our own problems.

    The NF and BNP spouted the same shit.

    No doubt we have a problem with uncontrolled immigration, but this idea that they want to “take over”? Shut the fuck up you stupid racist cunt.

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