2023 – 030 The earth is warming up due to coming out of the Little Ice Age not coal and oil

The earth is warming up and the climate is changing. The question is WHY. The earth is warming up as we are still coming out of the Little Ice Age. In the past many civilisations have foundered and disappeared due to climate change. No oil or coal was in use then so they could not have been the cause.

There is a theory that Climate Change is nothing to do with the Climate but a project to deindustrialise the Western free nations and return them to a society of poverty and serfdom. It is for you to decide it it is a Conspiricy Theory or not after reading this post.

CO2 is not a problem – it is one of the building blocks of life. Carbon particulates are for ICE motor vehicles and so is sulpher dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.



CO2 AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER. What is Net Zero? – It is the combined number of the MPs IQ value

Mick Greenhough  editor@theeuroprobe.org

Some time ago rich folk thought they could book their place in heavan by giving their own money to The Church. Now they think they can do it by forcing the poor folk to give all their money to The Climate Scam!

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All predictions of the future climate are just speculation and opinion whether predicting a climate crisis due to man or a function of the earths nature that we can do nothing about. Those opinions are not fact until the future arrives. When mankind left the apes behind they invented fire – using the stored energy of wood and fossil fuels. It was the start of civilisation. To refuse to use fossil fuel is to return the majority of the population to the caves – except the ‘elite’ of the New World Order and WEF of course.

We all want the natural world to survive and thrive but just as nature competes with itself to survive so do we and thereby is a dilemma for uncontrolled expansion of everything from rats to deer to humans. However one can be forgiven for believing that the concern about Global Warming when it is nothing to do with the climate. It is a plan to exploit fear to deindustrialise and create famine to dragoon the remaining worlds population into serfdom for the service of the WEF elite???

There is an underlying conspiricy theory is that Net Zero is nothing to do with climate  but the real aim of is to bankrupt the UK (and others) to reduce it to a shambles so a New World Order can be rebuilt from the debris based on Marxist theory. To that end the Club of Rome invented Global Warming in about 1987 in their book ‘The First Global Revolution’. They hoped to would frighten the worlds populace to turn to the New World Order for salvation. There is much opposition to that so they are now trying to use famine instead. It is up to the readers to read this post then decide for themselves whether this conspiricy is true or not. 

Between roughly 1300 – 1900+, the world experienced the ‘Little Ice Age when the Thames froze over. We are now still coming out of that ‘Little Ice Age’.


Current agreed earth temperature variation. The dotted line is an average temperature over a short period. By coincedence we are now just about on the average of that short period temp now. It is not ‘the Normal’ temperature as there is no ‘normal’ temperature for the earth – it varies all the time and the earths ‘normal’ temperature is what it is at the time it is measured.

Note – in the Roman Warm and the Medieval warm periods both had the worlds temperatue increase and decrease by the same for the Little Ice Age but no oil or coal were in use then so what caused it? It cannot have been coal and oil as they were sleeping quietly underground then???? Why should we now believe coal and oil are the cause of the world coming out of The Little Ice Age? There is absolutely no evidence for that.

To paraphrase Disraeli there are lies, damned lies and statistics.  Just after WWII there was a steady increase in motoring accidents. That graph was matched almost exactly by the graph of the increase in the importation of bananas. Ergo Most sensible people would conclude that the importation of bananas was clearly not the cause of motoring accidents – it was just coincidece. Quite bizarrely there were some rather hysterical people who wanted to ban bananas. Some beieved eating too many would damage your kidneys and others that if they cut a banana in half and looked at it hard enough for long enough sometimes they believed they could see an image of Christ so presumably the traffic accidents were Gods punishment for eating bananas – there were crackpots even then – the Bananaristas

Using the Bananaristas reasoning – you cannot argue with statistics so:-


So if you believe that industrialisation is the cause of the earth warming up then you must be a Bananarista and believe that bananas cause road accidents???

So who are the Bananaristas?  Usually naive and rather hysterical Left wing Middle Class, often elderly loonies and naive students. They are convinced they are very clever and can predict the future and that we are all absolutely blind muppets but they muddle up what is cause and effect. If they believe that use of oil and coal is making the earth warm up they must also believe that bananas cause traffic accidents. It is as if they have an agenda that they do not want to say out loud so use Global Warming as a scare story (the Club of Rome).

It may well have been that the Bananristers wanted for some reason to stop the importation of bananas – we will never know but The Global Warmists almost certainly have another agender that is nothing to do with climate – read on-

The particulates from burning oil and coal are a problem but the CO2 is not as there iis so little of it and it increases plant growth. However

Should we even worry about Global Warming of 1 or 2 degrees (above what?)? 2000 years ago the earth heated up a couple of degrees above that average and the Roman Empire flourished. It did so again 1000 years ago and the Viking era flourised. Eric the Red had to do a runner from Iceland, sailed west and bumped into a land covered with green grass. He called it Greenland, established a colony that grew to 5000 people with 150 farms. After 400 years the snow and ice returned with the Little Ice Age and that colony disappeared.


The UK’s climate targets were set by deluded maniacs at the Climate Change Committee that advises the Government. This unelected and unaccountable quango that should be disbanded & the so-called targets scrapped.

Nature has invented a means of using the energy from the sun to store that energy for future use. It is called Coal. Coal,however, is far to valuable a resourse to just burn it in its raw form. It contains many other products of value than coke for burning.

Plants have been carrying out carbon capture for millions of years for free. Now they want us to do it and be taxed for doing so???

It was of serious concern to the Environmentalists of the 1980’s that none of their scares had happened so in 1991, the Club of Rome, a group of ‘elite’ individuals (seems to be a  New World Order leaning Think Tank of self-appointed crypo Marxist ‘experts’ linked to the Vatican and/or the UN?), published a book called ‘The First Global Revolution.’ In that book, they admitted they were looking for a cause in order to frighten the world’s population into accepting the New World Order as their savior. Take a look at the following statement from the 1991 book:

“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions, these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together.” (The First Global Revolution – A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome, p.75). They settled on Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)– warming due to man’s activities.  (book available vailable at Amazon). However the threat of Global Warming is not resonating well enough with the worlds proletariat now so the CoR are now moving on the engineer a world famine by stopping farming.


Joseph Bast, former president and CEO of The Heartland Institute, perfectly summarises the underlying agenda of the #ClimateScam: “Back in 1993, we identified [global warming] as the mother of all environmental scare tactics… Groups on the left understood that if you can control energy, you can control human beings.” “If, in fact, the combustion of fossil fuels is having a dangerous impact on climate, you have a recipe for controlling all use of fossil fuels—that’s 80-90% of all the energy. If you can control that and shut it down, you can shut down the engines of the world.” “And that is no less than what the environmental movement wants to do, and has been trying to do now going on 30 years [with] the global warming debate.” Source: https://youtu.be/JZj0L9TEuv0

All predictions of what will happen in the future are purely speculative and just someones opinion.

Global Warming is a Trojan Horse to sneak in the New World Order.


The Schwarzschild Equation (shown here as a diagram) is used by all the IPCC climate models. This equation clearly shows that doubling CO2 only results in a 1% warming effect. In other words it’s negligible.

You do not need to be an Environmentalist or Climate scientist to follow this post. Enviromentalism is essential to protect the Natural World from the ever expanding human influence. However Net Zero is a construct of the Club of Rome and the WEF to achieve The New World Order. Net Zero will surely bankrupt the UK. Net Zero is nothing to do with the environment – it is a Trojan Horse to ease in the New World Order.

Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection, says the German economist and IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which the distribution of the worlds resources will be negotiated. - Ottmar Edenhofer

Ottmar Enderhofer is the joint chairman of the UN  IPCC Working group (IPCC — Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)


The heat records have been “shattered” because ESA has started using Land Surface Temperatures, not air temperatures at 2m above the surface, which means they have altered the standards of the past records (which means they are not actually record temperatures, except on the short-term).


CO2 change follows temperature change by 500+ years. So CO2 does not cause temperture change but temperature causes CO2 to increase.

Below 200 ppm plants cease to grow. CO2 level ’caused ‘ by temperature and follows it by about 500 years. The CO2 now is about 400ppm. For optimum plant growth we need 1000 to 1500 ppm.

IPCC now Admits Many of its Gloomy Climate Forecasts Are of “Low Likelihood”  13.5.2023  https://dailysceptic.org/2023/05/13/ipcc-admits-many-of-its-gloomy-climate-forecasts-are-of-low-likelihood/


The UK has 2 coal fired power stations, here are some other countries, many increasing:

China (Mainland) 1,118

India 285

United States 225

Japan 92

Indonesia 87

Russia 71

Germany 63

Poland 44

Turkey 33

Vietnam 26

Philippines 25

Czechia 24

South Korea 23

Kazakhstan 21

Ukraine 20…

First of all, developed countries have basically expropriated the atmosphere of the world community. But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. Obviously, the owners of coal and oil will not be enthusiastic about this. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore.

Ottmar Edenhofer co chaiman of the UN  IPPC 

There is no objective evidence that future Global Warming will happen nor even if it does it would be detrimental. All speculations that claim to predict the future are equally only speculative. Climate change is a belief system that can be compared to the Witch Sniffers belief in old Sarum. Fear about a non existant problem. What should we do about it? Nothing we can do. Nature is doing all right without our interferance

‘Britain is leading the world in Net Zero’? However Germany and France are now scrapping Net Zero. Britain may be leading but nobody is following.

Surely the Ecoloons of today are todays equivalent of those of the past who used to dance around a fire chanting to make it rain?

If any reader thinks someting is incorrect please add your comment below and include evidence for your objection.


Mankind is responsible for four mega threats to the survival of man. One of them is not Global Warming. They are toxic waste,  pollution, the falling birth rate of the Caucasian peoples and overpopulation in the 3rd world who cannot feed and look after their children and many of whom lack the work ethic to improve their lifestyles. 

CO2 is not pollution. THIS is pollution

There is a fifth one that is nothing to do with man  – the certain coming of the next Ice Age. Good chance North Europe will become covered with a 1.5 mile high glacier again in a couple 1000 years. It is that threat that we should be taking very seriously.

It should be noted that Net Zero has not been discussed by the public but it is being implemented by a small handful of zealots. The government should be given a Darwin Award for Net Zero?


Prior to 1988 the big fear was Global Cooling and a coming Ice Age.


UK signed the Climate Change Act in 2008 to ‘Lead the world and shame them into following the UK’s lead’. Another Labour success?

Water vapour is produced naturally by the sun warming the surface of the oceans. It releases vast amounts of latent heat when it condenses. CO2 is insignificant.


You are able to get a 30-40 year mortgage on seaside property. If rising sea levels were real no mortgage company would do that. In fact, the price on such properties has gone UP. The financial world knows this is a scam.


Why do those people who are terrified that the earth may heat up by 1.5 degrees chose to go on holiday in the Med where it is 10 degrees hotter?


Long-term climate is set by orbital movement, cooinciding with global cooling trends for 500m years. The sun is 99% of the mass of the solar system & the source of all electromagnetic energy. It is the driver of earth’s climate, not CO2, a trace gas 1 part in 10K, an absurd idea. 


We have been told for decades that the sea is rising and flood vast areas of current habitable land. So far it has not. The only sensible conclusion is that the ocean must be leaking somewhere?

The Milankovitch cycles

Oil and coal are the products of plants and organisms being subject to great pressure and temperature over millenia. They are the ultimate Green Energy. When burnt in an engine it reverts to CO2 in the air which then becomes plants again by photosynthesis. It is a natural cycle. The earth is still generating coal and oil. The CO2 in the air is absorbed into the sea where it is used to generate billions of sea shells that sink to the floor to become chalk that is then dragged under a tectonic plate to melt and release that freed CO2 back into the air from volcanos.


If you insist on removing CO2 from the air by far the best way is to plant vast numbers of mixed trees in hedgerows.


Nearly every single temperature sensor used for climate data is located on an airport! They are including asphalt and jet exhaust temperatures in their climate “warming” data.  https://twitter.com/i/status/1629973677101158401


Every time they say “Net Zero” what they really mean is zero travel, zero meat, zero privacy, zero freedom. A Marxist paradise.


What happens when after all the green energy initiatives have been implemented  there is zero impact on climate change?

We cannot predict the weather a week ahead. To do so for 10 years ahead is pure speculation.


Carbon Capture was invented by nature millions of years ago. No need to bury it – just grow more trees.


for further info read  https://www.sott.net/article/420049-NASA-admits-climate-change-occurs-because-of-changes-in-Earths-solar-orbit-not-because-of-SUVs-and-fossil-fuels

Manmade CO2 is being accused of being the cause of catastrophic damage to the world’s future. Is it? However, we surely need more CO2 in the air? At the moment future environmental events are all purely speculation or built on models based on past events.


Oil is a natural substance made up from sunshine, dead plants and pressure over millenia.


Why do so many ‘experts’ say we need less CO2? Folow the money – they will not get a grant unless they do.


facts. 1   Earth is now in the Pleistocene Ice Age.

2.  Global temperature is lower now than for 250M years.

3   The optimum level of CO2 is 1,000-2,000 ppm. It is now 420 ppm. Climate Zealots who want zero CO2 should take careful notice of the graph below.

4   CO2 is the main food for all life.

5   CO2 is a very minor contributor to the climate.

6   CO2 is 100% positive.

Climate does not stand still but changes all the time – it always has done.


World Economic Forum report: “90% of all coastal areas will be affected by rising sea-levels due to climate change.”


COP26 ties U.K. taxpayers to punishing #NetZero targets – £20k for new boilers, £50k to insulate your house, £50k electric cars, heat pumps that do not work when the air gets cold- while the world’s biggest polluters utterly ignore it????

Leaf litter contributes 90% of the yearly volume of carbon back into the atmosphere. The natural process of trees and plants is ignored as climate activists try to attribute all carbon emissions to humans.



You cannot tax People into Poverty to change the Weather.

Anthropogenic Global Warming is essentially a creature of  The New World Order.


How does the BBC deal with the discussing of Climate Change?

However this post is supporting of the many ecological efforts to maintain and improve the diversity and the survival of the natural world, to reduce pollution and waste. It is aimed mainly at the premise that we need more CO2 not less.


We first of all need to know the scale of what is being suggested.

If you take a column of air 1 kilometer long

    —————————————————————————————————————   ∙

The line represents the column of air 1 mile long and the dot at the end represents the 20 inches of CO2. It may be a GreenHouse gas but it is minuscule compared to water vapour and methane (marsh gas) and nitrous oxide. We cannot print a dot small enough to be truly representative of the CO2.

So why is CO2 now regarded as the cause of Global warming – that is if it really is the cause of warming? The last Ice Age ended about 12000 years ago and we have had a fairly benign and stable climate since. There have been many extreme events before the Ice Age of floods, wildfires, warm and cold periods far greater than in our very recent history AD.

Why are there so few scientific papers, if any, refuting Global Warming? No scientist would get any funding to carry out such a project and may even lose his job???

Very surprisingly GBNews claiming that Methane is second only to CO2 as a Greenhouse gas????

The claim that the earth will heat up by over 1 degree by 2030 is purely speculative. They cannot predict the weather for next week let alone 25 years ahead. There have been 2 times in the historic past, 2000 and 1000 years ago and on both time empires flourished. Plus the Minoan period 7000 years ago.

2000 and 1000 years ago the earth heated up naturally to over 1 Degree and the Romans and Vikings flourished. 4000 year ago the earth heated up over nearly 2 degrees. On all three Homo Sapians survived without any problem. We are now still coming out of a mini Ice Age so naturally the earth is getting hotter now – naturally.


Net Zero is to stop the temperature of the world going up by 1 degree. During the Holocene Optimum 6000 years ago the world temperature went up by over at least a degree to what it is today. Man survived. There was no COP26 activity to make it do that and the world did not boil over. Humans lived through them quite happily. No fossil fuels were used to achieve those higher temperatures.

It is widely promoted by the Environmentalists that the Maldives will disappear under rising sea levels by 2030. This is not happening but the Maldive land mass has increased by 7%. The rising sea levels seems to be based on measurments from a pier that was sinking.


If in 30 years’ time the earth’s temperature is only 1 degree hotter how will we know whether that is the result of man’s efforts or just the result of the earth’s natural temperature cycles?


Hydrocarbon is entirely made from hydrogen and carbon. The chief examples are oil, gas & coal. These substances lifted human society out of the dark ages & powered all modern civilisation. They continue to do so & India & China are building hundreds more coal fired power plants.


Here’s the ‘biggest battery in Europe’. Cost £75,000,000. Covers 20,000 sq m. Could power UK for 15 seconds

An 8 Billion Trees pie chart showing carbon dioxide emissions by country, with the US, CHina, and India comprising 50% of all global emissions.

As can be seen the UK produces only 1% or the total and for this we want to bankrupt the UK for nothing more than virtue signaling.


Currently, over 1300 volcanoes in the world that all emit CO2. One Icelandic one has been erupting since March 2021 emitting 12000 tons of CO2 a day and still going. ( Dec 2021) It is a matter of dispute how much CO2 man is responsible for, possibly more than volcanoes but then we need much more CO2 in the atmosphere. That does not include those that erupt underwater that we know nothing about. Billions of plankton in the sea use CO2 in the water to build their shells. When they die the shells sink the sea floor to become chalk. That chalk is eventually draged under a tectonic plate to melt and be ejected by a volcano releasing the CO2 as gas back into the air.

What caused hurricanes before climate change? Was it racism? I bet it was racism.

There have been many scare stories in the last 70 years but none have ever come to pass

Note – read the list – Prior to 1988, a coming Ice Age was the big fear and virtually no mention of Global Warming. After 1989 suddenly the Ice Age was no longer mentioned but Global warming appears. WHY?Note – read the list – Prior to 1988, a coming Ice Age was the big fear and virtually no mention of Global Warming. After 1989 suddenly the Ice Age was no longer mentioned but Global warming appears. WHY?

Note – read the list – Prior to 1988, a coming Ice Age was the big fear and virtually no mention of Global Warming. After 1989 suddenly the Ice Age was no longer mentioned but Global warming appears. WHY?

True or false? This has been on the internet for several years and Time magazine has not taken it down. The text 1977etc has clearly been over printed to emphasise the point.
        COP26  Now 1 minute to midnight – yet again

Note – read the list – Prior to 1988, a coming Ice Age was the big fear and virtually no mention of Global Warming. After 1989 suddenly the Ice Age was no longer mentioned but Global warming appears. WHY?

Net Zero has all the attributes of being used to further a hidden agenda- What could it be? United Nations Environment Programme – linked to the New World Order?


The maximum power density of a #solar farm is 50 watts per square meter. Natural gas and #nuclear plants range from 2,000 to 6,000 watts per square meter (Power Density, Vaclav Smil MIT Press, 2015).

After 1989 suddenly the Ice Age was no longer mentioned but Global warming appears. WHY?

It was of serious concern to the Environmentalists that none of their scares had happened so in 1991, the Club of Rome, a group of ‘elite’ individuals (seems to be a  New World Order leaning Think Tank of self-appointed ‘experts’ linked to the Vatican and/or the UN?), published a book called ‘The First Global Revolution.’ In that book, they admitted they were looking for a cause in order to frighten the world’s population into accepting the New World Order as their savior. Take a look at the following statement from the 1991 book:

“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions, these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together.” (The First Global Revolution – A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome, p.75). They settled on Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)– warming due to man’s activities.  (book available vailable at Amazon).


Dr Patrick Moore was one of the founders of Greenpeace. He left when his colleagues (none of whom were scientists) joined up with the Club of Rome & others to support the present official theory that increased carbon dioxide from human activity was causing catastrophic global warming.

Soon after that Dr. Michael Mann came up with his ‘Hockey Stick’ graph, based on tree ring measurements, that he claimed demonstrated CO2 had been more less level but had dramatically risen since the start of the industrial revolution in about 1750. This conclusion has been thoroughly discredited in a high-profile court case.  However it is still quoted by Warmists despite having to deny the two warm periods and the two little ice ages. Greenland was ice free in 900 AD and covered in ice again by 1400AD long before the industrial revolution.

CO2 gas is an essential ingredient that is required for all vegetation to grow. Currently, at 400ppm but if it drops below 150ppm plants cease to grow.

350 million years ago in the Carboniferous Age, the CO2 level was about 20 – 30 times what it is now. The world did not boil over but there was an explosive growth of trees for 50 million years. These died, fell over, got covered, and in time became compressed into coal and lignite.


Coal is essential for steel making in the UK but the government will not allow the mining of coking coal in Cumbria so steel will have to be imported and made with coal overseas.


How much will it cost to remove this base foundation at the end of its working life? This cost is never programmed into the cost of wind energy unless they intend to leave them in place forever?


The concept of AGW due to man became completely untenable so the Environmentalists altered it to Climate Change due to the increase in CO2.

Climate Warriors say that the temperature will go up 1.5 degrees. If it does not how will we know whether it is due to the climate change precautions or just down to normal natural events as it did 2000 years ago and 1000 years ago?

Net Zero is surely today’s equivalent of witch doctors of old doing Rain Dances to control the weather.

What does an increase in CO2 do?

Well, let’s look at Wheat. To grow wheat five conditions are required.

A grain of wheat,

◾Fertile soil with trace elements



◾and Carbon Dioxide’

The DNA of the grain of wheat contains the instructions for the energy from sunshine to combine the rainwater and CO2 by photosynthesising them into carbohydrates as new ears of corn plus oxygen gas released into the atmosphere.

COP26 has voted to stop deforestation. The best way to achieve that is to increase CO2 in the air so more trees grow.

Greenhouse tunnel from polythene plastic on an agricultural field, panorama format. Greenhouse tunnel from polythene plastic on an agricultural field, long stock photos

Across the countryside you can see hundreds of poly growing- tunnels. The farmers enrich the air in the growing tunnels with higher levels of CO2 pumped into the tunnel to increase the yield of cucumbers or tomatoes etc by up to 35% and more.

COP26 has agreed that there must be a big reduction in CO2 gas and at the same time a major planting of trees. You cannot have both. Trees need CO2 gas to grow, without it they won’t grow.



CO2 is clearly not a problem so why the call for Net Zero? We need more CO2 not less as we are getting close to the extinction-level of plants?????

Where has all that CO2 gone since the Carboniferous age? Vast amounts go into the seashells of the billions of sea creatures and, when dead, they sink to the bottom of the sea to become chalk. See the White Cliffs of Dover to get an idea of its massive scale and how much CO2 must be locked up in the chalk and limestone. Much of that rock on the seabed is then dragged under the next tectonic plate to be melted and ejected as volcanic lava and millions of tons of released CO2.

Mankind is responsible for three mega threats to the survival of man. One of them is not Global Warming. They are toxic waste, pollution and overpopulation in the 3rd world who cannot feed and look after their children. Mankind can do absolutely nothing about the climate until we can control the sun.


How and why  have they managed to instill fear of the climate into people?

As Goering said ‘if you find something to scare people you can get them to do anything’.

So why is there this ‘panic’ about CO2? It is self-evident that CO2 is not a problem and we need more of it. However, the scare over CO2 has all the attributes of a Hidden Agenda – what could it be?

Dr Ottmar Edenhofer is the co-chairman of the United Nations IPPC on climate.

Mann – the inventer of the hockey stick curve

It seems the UN wants to panic the people of the Western Industrial Society into having the wealth generated by their hard work to be distributed to the rest of the world who have not worked to achieve that wealth and to bring in the New World Order without clearly explaining to us what they intend.  The dismantling of the Western Industrial Society. Reducing CO2 is part of their plan as it makes a very emotional message if not properly explained.

https://twitter.com/i/status/1453350471675039745  video of JFK’s speech 7 days before he was shot  (may have been removed from the internet). He intended to make that speech public but someone had him shot. The finger of suspicion is pointing remorselessly at elements within the US Deep State.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: The CIA’s Murder of My Uncle Was a Coup d-Etat From Which Democracy Has Never Recovered

“the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world” – Professor Klaus Schwab – the new head man of the New World Order

Prince Charles using disturbingly similar words at COP26 warns of a ‘dangerously narrow window’ to act on climate change.

Are the Globalists using Covid and the Ecological Problems and exploiting them to further the New World Order and their aim to dismantle the Industrial Society?  see  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/the-wildlands-project-to-control-all-humans-and-agenda-21/  

The use of fear to control the public is well known.

What is the New World Order?    read  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2016-082-authoritarian-globalism-and-libertarian-populism/  – the New World Order. It wants the Western industrial and Capitalist society reduced to a shambles so they can rebuild a Socialist society from the ashes.


Why has the Media not reported this?    read   http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2017-059-operation-mockingbird/

Having read this post you have to decide whether we need more CO2 or Less. If as the government says it is less then are they using the so-called climate crisis to further a hidden agenda.

We are squandering the wealth the Western Industrial Society has built up to solve a problem that does not exist that will bankrupt the world.

None of the government’s new Green policies were in their manifesto. They and their Green Grollies are trying to implement Green policy without the agreement of the population.


Mick Greenhough  editor@theeuroprobe.org  26/10/2021

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