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The is a very interesting law called Malfeasance. That is abuse of official authority and carries a life sentence. 

This gives you the info on how May conspired with Merkel to betray the British people

May had a secret meeting with Merkel behind David Davis’ back without him knowing.

By John Petley.

With contributions from Dr Niall McCrae, John Ashworth, Ariane Loening and Lawyers for Britain.

Cast your mind back to the summer of 2018. The Cabinet gathered at the Prime Minister’s country retreat of Chequers, on the sylvan Chiltern downs. There was very important business: Theresa May, flanked by senior civil servant Olly Robbins, presented the draft agreement for Britain’s departure from the EU. For the first time, ministers (including Brexit secretary David Davis and foreign secretary Boris Johnson) saw the proposed terms – and the extent to which May would abide by her pledge of ‘Brexit means Brexit’. The chief whip instructed that nobody could leave without consenting to the Withdrawal Agreement unless they resigned – and must then find their way home without ministerial transport. They were given no time whatsoever to read the WA transcript and grasp what was in it.

For Leavers in the Cabinet, it was a shocker.  Scarcely anything appropriate for a renewed sovereign nation could be found in this document, which seemed an abject surrender to Messrs Barnier and the EU. For Brexit voters, it was hard to believe that their government would consider such punitive clauses; their faith in Theresa May, until then buoyant, was shattered. And this document, we were told, was only the initial negotiating stance – it could get worse. In the morass since the referendum on 23rd June 2016, this has been the most significant subsequent event to date.

It was widely reported that Theresa May paid a visit to Angela Merkel in Berlin shortly before the Chequers meeting. What did they discuss?  We weren’t told at the time. Mrs. May did not take minutes of the meeting but unbeknown to her the Germans did. According to a confidential source who has seen a complete transcript of the meeting, the two leaders agreed to a plan that Mrs. May allegedly told Chancellor Merkel she would “appease” Brexit voters while nonetheless enabling her to get rid of those Tories who were (in her words) “against progress and unity in the EU.” According to the transcript, Mrs. May is also reported to have agreed “to keep as many EU laws and institutions in effect as she could despite the current groundswell of anti-EU hysteria in Britain” (again, apparently her words). It is claimed that both leaders agreed that the only realistic future for the UK was as a member of the EU and that is the likely course of events Britain would re-join the EU in full at some time after the next general election.

The transcript also indicated that the Withdrawal Agreement was essentially a German production, with the original draft completed in May (5th month) 2018 in Berlin. It was then sent to the Cabinet Office marked “Secret”. After much to-ing and fro-ing in the subsequent few weeks, including several telephone calls between Mrs. May and the Chancellor the final draft was completed late in June, with the Chancellor telling Mrs. May that she was happy with it. However, a few more small concessions by the UK would be needed later on, just to keep the EU happy. All attempts to obtain a copy under the Freedom of Information Act have met with a brick wall of silence.

It was BRINO  Brexit In Name Only with the UK leaving the EU but remaining under complete EU law. The UK would become a vassal state of the EU.

David Davis was kept in the dark about this planning, as were other pro-Brexit ministers. The EU, by contrast, was happy to circulate the transcript of the final May/Merkel meeting to key EU and German embassies. What is more, Mrs. May was probably unaware that the Chancellor had made a recording of this private meeting! Perhaps our Prime Minister would not have spoken so freely had she realised her words were being noted for posterity.

If this account of the meeting between the PM and the German Chancellor is accurate, this paints a very different picture of the Brexit process from that reported to the public by the BBC and other mainstream media. There is one obvious objection: these explosive claims are impossible to prove in the absence of a copy of the transcript of either the May/Merkel meetings or of the briefings given to EU embassies. My source, however, has been accurate in the past: several other tip-offs of EU intentions passed to me were revealed two or three days later by the press.

Furthermore, I believe that this account of the meeting has verisimilitude, because of the considerable amount of circumstantial evidence to support it. For example, John Ashworth, of the campaign group Fishing for Leave, has analysed many UK government and EU documents over the past twenty years. Familiar with the style of both, he has noted how the Withdrawal Agreement resembles an EU document rather than anything originating from the UK government. Lawyers for Britain have also noted examples in the Political Declaration accompanying the Withdrawal Agreement which sounds more like a translation from a foreign language. Paragraph 6, for example, begins: “The Parties agree that the future relationship should be underpinned by shared values such as the respect for and safeguarding of human rights.” The final “the” before “respect” is totally superfluous. The next paragraph ends with a clumsy sentence. Paragraph 8 begins with an ugly construction:- “In view of the importance of data flows and exchanges across the future relationship…” No British civil servant would have written such gobbledygook.

There is much circumstantial evidence from the EU side. Martin Selmayr and Sabine Weyand, both Germans and deputies to Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier respectively, have spoken very positively about the Withdrawal Agreement. On 9thNovember last year, Weyand told The Times, “They must align their rules but the EU will retain all the controls. They apply the same rules. UK wants a lot more from future relationship, so EU retains its leverage.” Selmayr said that he wanted the Withdrawal Agreement to show that “Brexit doesn’t work” and he told a group of EU officials last November “The power is with us.”  These statements have been widely reported in British media. Dan Hannan MEP recently quoted an interview with Michel Barnier in which he said, “I’ll have done my job if, in the end, the deal is so tough on the British that they’d prefer to stay in the EU”. In an article In an article in the Daily Telegraph published only yesterday (6th March), Igor Gräzin, an Estonian Eurosceptic MEP, claimed that “around Europe, Theresa May’s ‘deal’ is described as a capitulation.” Why, if the EU regards the Withdrawal Agreement as a victory for them, is Mrs. May pushing so hard for us to agree to such a one-sided outcome while refusing to consider any alternative? The only plausible explanation is that she actually wants a deal that disempowers her own country.

The whole subject of defense integration also strongly hints at collaboration between the EU, Mrs. May and pro-remain Civil Servants. Prior to the 2016 referendum, as an EU member state, the UK strongly opposed efforts by the EU to develop its own military capability independent of NATO. After 2016, however, the EU has pushed ahead with military integration. Astonishingly, since 2016 the Government has signed no fewer than five agreements with the EU on military matters. The excuse given to MPs at the time was that as the UK was leaving anyway, we didn’t want to be obstructive. The Withdrawal Agreement and accompanying Political Declaration, however, looks to create a longer-term relationship with the military EU, beyond any transitional period. Particularly worrying are proposals in the Political Declaration pointing to an attempt to bypass Parliament in the shape of a future defense treaty, to be signed after Brexit Day using ministerial, or ‘prerogative’ powers delegated by the Crown.

When things go wrong in the kitchen i.e. someone burns the toast there may be domestic hard words. Adultery could lead to abuse or even violence. However when the wrong doers are Government Officials, MPs, elected or appointed by us to represent our interests, the consequences may be considerably more serious. Taking this to a National or International level leads to sanctions, rebellion or even wars.

We need to hold these high-profile wrongdoers to account.

Why? To avoid it happening again.

To publically denounce such persons and remove them from positions of power/influence.

Bring them to justice where a court can investigate their misdemeanour and impose fines or even a custodial sentence in an extreme case.

In the past there has been public clamour for revenge resulting in stocks or lynch mobs. Today we must use the law. The law in this case is Malfeasance.

If May is no longer PM should this prosecution continue? If someone tries to rob a bank and fails they are still criminally liable. May’s delaying of Brexit has cost the country £billions. 3 years extra fees to EU, 3 years extra VAT to EU 5 years loss of fish, HS2, 3 years extra costs on UK commerce and Industry complying with EU Regulations. The list goes on and on.

Operation Comeuppance

Please forward this email on to all your contacts.

Operation Comeuppance is not affiliated to any political party. It is a completely citizen based organisation. It’s function is to get Politicians and bureaucrats guilty of lying and perverting their authority to degrade our democratic ethic into court to account for their misdeeds.  It is of interest to Remainers and Leavers alike who cherish our democratic heritage and abhor duplicity and cheating in public life.

Operation Comeuppance is to raise funds by crowdfunding to prosecute those who have abused Official Authority by Malfeasance. Malfeasance is a very serious crime that carries up to life imprisonment. Full details go to www.operationcomeuppance.org

We are being run by thoroughly dishonest, deceitful and duplicitous politicians. They think they can ignore the historic laws of the UK established over hundreds of years. We are hoping that if enough people feel angry enough to crowd fund this operation we can bring the culprits to account in court.

Are you angry with the duplicity of May, the deceit of our Deep State and Remainer MPs? Frustrated that you feel helpless to do anything about it? Well now you can. . .

First will be Theresa May & Oliver Robbins then the BBC administration. May and her acolytes have been trying to stitch up the people of the UK. Brexit is leaving the EU with no strings attached. May’s Kit Kat Chequers is a device to leave the EU but will keep us a permanent vassal possession of the EU.

.Charity status applied for but a 12 week waiting list. Probably go for Association not for profit instead.

Brief on Operation Comeuppance

There is only one Deal that will achieve Brexit. That is No Deal. Any other Deal will come with strings attached to allow the EU to maintain some residual control over aspects of the UK

How Common Purpose has infiltrated our government.



May’s Chequers KitKat Agreement is essentially a complete surrender to the EU.

We believe that Theresa May and Oliver Robbins (a lifelong Marxist https://order-order.com/people/olly-robbins/) conspired with parallel Brexit negotiations behind the back of the official UK negotiating team without team leader Davis Davis’s knowledge.

Davis is on Facebook saying that he was continually undermined by Downing Street.

Control click  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JEtRIGyiOg

They agreed with the EU what they called a Kit Kat Brexit. This was May’s Chequers Agreement. The UK will not be in the EU but the EU will have absolute permanent political control over the UK. It is a surrender document where the UK will submit to all EU law, EU regulations and unlimited migration from the EU with no input into making those laws. But because it will involve UK leaving the EU May considers that it satisfies the spirit of the Referendum. However as EU law will still take precedence over all UK law it is, in practice, the exact opposite of the Brexit that the citizens voted for.

We believe that is a Prima Facie case of Malfeasance. It is a crime of abuse of Official Authority considered so serious that it carries the penalty of life imprisonment.

We will be crowdfunding to take out a Private Prosecution on May and Robbins.

I have spoken with a criminal barrister who has assured me this is perfectly feasible.

However he thinks the Establishment will try its damnedest to block it by the CPS trying to take it over or getting a Common Purpose judge to throw it out. The Main Stream Media and TV will also make strenuous efforts to neutralise it. However if sufficient crowdfunding can be reached it is worth a shot.

No problem continuing negotiations post Brexit but they can then take place in London and we set the agenda

Donated monies will not be used for salaries and pensions of those running Operation Comeuppance.

The potential for crowdfunding looks very promising. 17 million voted for Brexit. If they all donate £1 each that would give a pretty good fighting fund. That is very unlikely so we would ask you to make a donation of £5 and many are already doing so.  Thank you.

If only partial success is achieved then the publicity and exposure of duplicity would be well worth it

Any funding left over could be used to repeat the exercise on such as the head of BBC for the continuous breach of their Royal Charter and such as The Electoral Commission, Rotherham Council, The Border Agency, Several Police chiefs etc

Please forward this website to all your family, friends, members and contacts.


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The following links will give you essential information kept from you by the government and the Media


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The struggle to control the World. Of which Brexit is a part

———————————————————————Common Purpose


The crypto Marxist trained administrators being infiltrated into our institutions teaching administrators how to manage beyond their authority and outside of the democratic process.


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