2019 – 032 Proposal for UK citizenship post Brexit

UK citizenship post Brexit 

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The object of this proposal is to ensure the British do not lose their country by stealth by 2060 without stopping people coming legally from abroad to improve their lives and contribute to Britain. The lifestyles of non-UK citizens will not be affected in any significant way by these proposals so long as they obey the laws of the UK.

The problem with immigration is not the people who migrate to your country but it is the numbers and when those numbers start to exceed your countries own population numbers that is when migration into your country becomes a very serious problem indeed. The solution is to leave the UN Migration Pact and the EU Human Rights and make our own Human Rights law. The ECHR and the EU are inextricably linked and as long as we adhere to the ECHR we will remain under EU law.

The position of the UN is that they want to remove all national borders and to have a world government of the UN. They also wish to have a single breed of human (the Mestizo people) and to that end want to see the complete demise of the Caucasion peoples.

It seems the UN wants the population of Africa and the ME to move to Europe and the UK. Africa has far more space than Europe. The UN Migration Pact means that over 2 billion migrants could come to the UK without our agreement.


A major problem we have is we are still under EU law via the EHRA. They started out as separate organisations but they now fly the same flag. You cannot have a clearer statement they now are inextricably linked.

see  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2012-019-european-court-of-human-rights/

It is the stated intention of Muslim leaders in the UK for their followers to outbreed, then outnumber,  then outvote the British then convert the UK to an Islamic state. These proposals are to keep the UK a liberal and free state following Christian freedoms.

The question is not if a Moderate Muslim would pick up a machete & attack you. It’s whether they would help protect you from a fellow Muslim that would.

There must also be a law that allows constituents to call an MP to account at any time in their term if they vote against anything in their manifesto.

Egypt is a warning for the UK. Egypt was a Coptic Christian country but the relatively small Muslim population increased far more rapidly than the Coptic to exceed them and take over their country. They are now a minority in their own country and under continual threat.

 It has been reported that some 300,000+ Londoners have moved out to the suburbs due to the violence in London.

 I would suggest that the reason Khan is allowing violent crime to proliferate is to encourage Londoners to leave London. He has said he would like 1.5 million more migrants (Muslim migrants to replace Londoners?) into London. This is surely a means to secure a permanent Muslim Mayor and London to become a Muslim City.

Indeed this has already happened in some northern towns where the migrants more or less outnumber the British. So much so that quite a few now have Muslim mayors and councilors.

“Diversity” is not a social concept, but rather a weapon used by racist zealots to ensure that their BAME constituents get preferential treatment at the expense of whites.

The original pamphlet sent to us – ‘Do We Want a Mayor’ said that anyone who worked in London could stand as Mayor.  So anyone who works in London should have a vote for Mayor. It also said the cost of a mayor would be 3p/week on a band D house. The cost is now about £300 + parking + congestion charge + pollution charge + Dartford tunnel charge + penalties. Not what we voted for when we voted for a mayor.

Copy of this pamphlet is at the bottom of this post.

I would also suggest that when the voting Muslim population of London exceeds that of the English Khan will want London to be hived off from the UK to become an independent country and rejoin the EU.

The UN has ambitions to be the world government-run under a crypto Marxist culture with the destruction of the concept of separate nations so that anyone from anywhere can move freely to any part of the world without conditions with no national borders.

The UN and EU want the world population to be a single breed – Coudenhove’s Mestizo people. To that end they want mass migration from the third world to mainly western white countries to water down and eventually eliminate the white Caucasian DNA. If you want your grandchildren to be in your image you must work to stop this. When you vote make sure you know what the candidate really intends when in power not what they say in public to get your vote.

2021 – 33 Joe Biden and White Genocide

The cost of having 4 children instead of two is considerable. Clothes, holidays, food, birthdays etc. There must be serious tax advantages for the parents of 4 children to make their having 4 children equitable with those who have two or fewer. There is considerable pressure on Caucasian parents to have only one, two or none at all to help save the world. That means the Caucasian population will steadily diminish. The average Afghan woman resident in the UK has 4.25 kids, The average Somali woman here has 4.1 kids The average Pakistani woman has 3.82 kids. By contrast, the average White British woman has 1.7 kids. (lower than during WW2).  There must be tax incentives for UK citizens only to have at least 3 children. There must be financial incentives to discourage non-UK citizens from having more than 2 children. We’re not afraid of minorities, we’re afraid of becoming a minority in our own country. This is not someone’s opinion but a straightforward statement of a mathematical fact.

The UK government are to build 60000 houses for illegal migrants. What for if they are to be deported. Clearly, the government has no intention of deporting them?

Our parents & ancestors built many networks by dint of very hard work and using the countries wealth. E.g. electricity, water, roads, schools, railways, sewage, the NHS, rubbish removal, national parks, libraries etc. Should migrants be entitled to freely use them having contributed nothing towards them? Should they pay an extra tax if they do?

Our tolerance and welcoming nature can eventually eliminate the British nation unless we lay down strict rules to ensure that does not happen

London exodus at record high as 340,498 people left last year https://mol.im/a/7197417  @MailOnline

It is important to understand that although you may consider the UK belongs to you the Globalist United Nations considers the UK belongs to anyone who cares to migrate to the UK without any conditions.

The end game for the Muslims is to outnumber the native Brits by mass immigration and outbreeding then take over the UK and convert it to Islam.

To prevent that we need to decide what % of the population can we tolerate being non Brits. If that % is near being exceeded then it must be a case of one and one out.

 These  proposals could go a long way to prevent that.

Overwhelmingly the selection procedure for judges must be changed. Blair ensured that only lifelong Left-wing activist Woke barristers can be appointed to be judges  read  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2020-11-the-appointment-of-judges-and-magistrates/

 The Maastricht Treaty made us all EU citizens in addition to, but not above, UK citizenship. However, since then the ECJ has continually made rulings that give EU citizenship more and more primacy – the EU Salami slice principle. Eventually, UK citizenship would cease to be as presumably the intention of ECJ was to continue to do so in the future until EU citizenship had complete primacy. As such UK citizenship would have become secondary and eventually removed completely. Not so now we have left the EU but as this was written before UK left much still applies as we are still under some EU law.

Proper British citizenship will have to be reinstated post-Brexit exclusively for Britons.

There is no doubt that the UN wants to see the British DNA eliminated from the Human gene pool. Unless we take draconian action it will happen if we let it.

Additionally, all Political Correctness must be removed along with Hate Speech. They are Marxist techniques to intimidate and control the public.

Similarly, Devolution must be redefined. It was an EU requirement to enhance the dismantling of the UK. It has not been a success for the British people.

The last 50 years have seen a deliberate movement within the UK Deep State to destroy libertarian British Culture for a New World Order Soviet-style Culture. http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2013-044-couden/ To replace the British people with Coudenhove’s Mestizo people. http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2016-026-more-on-eu-coudenhove-to-eliminate-the-white-tribes/

It should also be noted that the United Nations has ambitions to be the world government on a crypto Marxist basis. see http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2016-030-the-un-new-world-order-for-the-enslavement-of-mankind/ The UN is nothing like it was set up to be having been systematically hijacked by the hard left and now China and Islam. The UK (and the US) should pull out of the UN and expand the Commonwealth to include those countries that have democratic standards. The original UN charter was drafted by Algar Hiss who was later exposed as a closet Marxist but his Charter was by then set in stone.

It will take some very draconian measures indeed to recover that libertarian culture. It will also require considerable political bottle to achieve this. The alternative to not doing so is that the British will lose their country in 50 years.

If the current trend continues the inescapable result will be that the migrants and their descendants will outnumber and outvote native Britons within 50-60 years.  Unless this is implemented the British will lose control of their country.

It should be noted that the Germans were a very cultured and civilised people that Hitler was able to brainwash into being completely uncivilised.  In 30s and ’40s less than 10% of Germans were in the Nazi Party. However that 10% by violent verbal and physical intimidation cowed the 90%  though they were quite happy to follow the 10% while they were winning. We can expect similar behaviour when Muslims become the majority. A militant 10% will dominate the rest who will be quite happy with Sharia Law over English law.


British citizenship should not be given out like Smarties. It is something that should be well earned and revoked if abused.

Post-Brexit we have to reinstate full UK citizenship. It will be a new beginning and we will have the opportunity to put right the many mistakes of the past. First, we need to withdraw from the UN Migration Pact (which May signed us up to without it being discussed and voted on in parliament), Leave Dublin III and reinterpret the 1951 UN Refugee convention with a UK Migration convention.  Refugees of today are quite different to those of 1951 and are now mainly economic migrants, We need to set up our own Migration/Asylum policy as agreed in parliament.

We can make all those who were UK citizens pre-Maastricht (and their descendants) to automatically become new UK citizens. Being born of UK citizens makes you a UK citizen. Being born in the UK of non UK citizens makes you a citizen of the country of your parents. There are, however, many who were here illegally pre Maastricht who should not have automatic citizenship.

All others who are EU citizens remain EU citizens. They can stay in the UK but will have no voting nor citizen rights in the UK. They will keep their EU citizen rights. Give them 3 months to arrange their benefits from the EU. If they have no means of supporting themselves after 3 months of being in the UK they must return to their own country. The rights of EU citizens in the UK should be identical to the rights accorded to UK citizens in the EU’

Refugees will come under the same conditions but will be entitled to temporary sanctuary and limited benefits until it is safe to return to their home country. Once their country is deemed safe they must return there. They will have no choice of location of accommodation but wherever available. They must report regularly to the local police to ensure they have not absconded. If they do abscond and are caught they must be returned to their home country.

Those convicted of a crime with a custodial sentence 6 months or more are deported immediately after their sentence is completed with their nuclear family with no appeals.

Other appeals – only one appeal is accepted and any legal aid has to be thoroughly justified by a judge who is not a Common Purpose alumnus. If it fails the solicitor will not be entitled to further public funding. Only UK citizens are normally entitled to Legal Aid. Solicitors who act for an asylum seeker must act on No Win No Fee and if they lose they are liable for the costs incurred by the state.

Any further appeals to be funded by a charity supported entirely by public donations or pro bono by the solicitor.

Those who want to become UK citizens must conform to the following

  • A cow born in a stable does not make it a horse.
  • 30 years of positive tax returns as a rule but 10 years for someone who has made a very significant contribution to the country. Perhaps some exceptions in certain circumstances.
  • No criminal record
  • Have a job
  • Have accommodation
  • Have health cover (from their EU home country or private). Entitled to NHS once a UK citizen.
  • Swear allegiance to British law above all other laws.
  • Not necessary to swear to Protestant Christianity but to accept its precedence.
  • Swear allegiance to Queen and Country
  • Fluent in conversational English.
  • No free translation services.
  • Formally accept complete primacy of British customs over their inherited non-UK customs
  • No infectious diseases.
  • They keep their EU citizenship (or whatever their original citizenship is as dual citizens.
  • There needs to be a ‘settled’ status for those who are settled in the UK and working their way to UK citizenship to have access to some social benefits and health.
  • anyone who gains UK citizenship must also keep their original citizenship so they can be deported if they transgress UK law.
  • Must have the Work Ethic – a job that supports them.
  • A significant fee.
  • pass a written exam of British history and the British constitution.
  • Any non-UK citizen who has not got work after 3 months and cannot support themselves must leave the UK.
  • If the applicant is not prepared to accept British Culture as supreme they must leave the UK.
  • All migrants, even with their families must go to the bottom of housing lists.
  • Any Muslim who wants to settle in the UK must revoke Islam and convert to a benign religion such as Christianity, Hindu, Buddist etc
  • Under no circumstance can a migrant be given housing while there is a waiting list of UK citizens.
  • Should non UK citizens have free medical treatment on the NHS? Private hospitals have no problem getting paid. Migrants and visitors should have medical insurance.
  • Unemployed non UK citizens must accept any job given to them by the Labour exchange or they forfeit all social benefits.
  • The problem of misuse of Benefits can be solved by no more cash. All benefits put onto a smart credit card, that cannot be used for cigarettes, alcohol or luxury goods. No more Sky TV, basic phone/Internet and new games for consoles. Make it real subsistence and perhaps it will encourage them to work.
  • Under all circumstances the housing of homeless Brits first must be a priority.
  • A new permit that gives a person residential rights that can be revoked if the holder transgresses British values

Voting  Voting is now subject to much fraud, especially Postal Voting which seems to have been designed for easy fraud.

Photo ID is now essential in polling stations. Replace postal voting with an App for a mobile phone or iPad where the voter is sent their personal secret passcode that they enter with their email or ID. The App then opens up where there is a list of candidates each with two links. One link to the candidate’s CV and one link to vote. Where the voter does not have a mobile they can vote in the Polling station, local library or via a friend’s iPad.

Military overseas and ex-pats will then be able to get their votes registered in time instead of losing out due to late post.

Those with existing UK citizenship granted post-Maastricht will have dual UK/EU(?) citizenship whatever their home country.

  • Any breach of these conditions and their UK citizenship is revoked and they revert to EU or original citizenship only.
  • Children born in the UK to EU citizen parents would be EU citizens
  • Children born overseas to British parents were given British citizenship for when they returned home. It somehow got converted to anyone from anywhere.
  • Refugees from a dangerous country given sanctuary in the UK must be repatriated once their country is considered safe.
  • A separate National Insurance number to enable approved migrants to work in limited areas with limited benefits.
  • All non-UK citizens to carry an ID card.
  • Any migrant who wants to return home some financial assistance to be considered.
  • Migrants must accept the mocking of their religion and all other forms of British humour.
  • EU to authorise the UK to issue EU passports to EU citizens residing in the UK.
  • Settled status does not give voting rights.
  • All UK citizens should get a bursary for further education and all non UK citizens must pay the full cost of further education and training.
  • Sharia and other non UK courts have no legal status whatsoever and their decisions are void. They can operate but the final decision, if required,  can only be in a UK court.
  • Under no circumstance should amnesty be given to any migrant who enters the UK illegally.
  • Any solicitor who tries for a second attempt using Legal Aid must be fully liable for all costs if his case fails.
  • Anyone harbouring an illegal migrant to be fined £25,000 for each migrant or if a non-UK citizen to be deported with the migrant.
  • Everyone on the Security Watch List to be immediately deported and they can then appeal from their home country.
  • Open The Asylum Office in Paris where all asylum seekers and hopeful migrants are processed.

Noncompliance with any of the above will be a reason to reject any application for UK citizenship or revoke it for later non-compliance but may keep their EU or previous citizenship.

  • Those with no documents must return to their home country or the country they came to the UK from to apply for a Work Visa. ie If they came via a safe country like France then they must return to France to apply for a visa there.
  • If the home county cannot be determined illegal migrants must be kept on a remote uninhabited island until their home country can be established. Land of Origin can be usually be determined by a DNA test from a simple swab from inside the cheek.
  • Travel companies who bring uninvited migrants to the UK must be responsible for immediately returning them to where they came from at their expense with a £5,000 fine.  The travel companies must check their credentials before leaving not when on UK soil.
  • Uninvited migrants ‘rescued’ in the channel or crossed the channel to be returned to France wherever they are rescued – even if they reach the UK.
  • Anyone found with an illegal passport automatic deportation. (bogus marriage, stolen, fake)
  • No Legal Aid for non-UK citizens. Funding can be via charity crowdfunding.
  • Students who have completed their studies to return to their homeland and apply there for a visa to work in the UK.
  • Application for UK citizenship or work visa must be applied for in their home country – where known.
  • Non-UK citizens to have no right to free translation services. Translators to be voluntary members of their community or funded from within that community.
  • Only those with full UK citizenship will be entitled to vote in UK elections. The voting is now very corrupt. We need something like a personal credit card with our secret PIN number and confirmation of UK citizenship. A simple card reader exclusive to voting and illustrating the candidates and their views. If a voter can look after their voting notepaper they can look after their plastic card.
  • Those with dual passports would not be entitled to vote.
  • University students to have only one vote that must be where they live not where the University is.
  • Only UK citizens are eligible to become magistrates and judges.
  • UK citizens who work in a city to have the vote for Mayor of that city. They have just as much concern about how the city is run as those who live there.
  • Only UK citizens will be entitled to social benefits (except for temporary refugees).
  • Migrants with multiple wives can only claim for one and her children. He must be financially responsible for any other wives and children.
  • Halal meat not permitted but can be imported.
  • Foreign visitors arriving in the UK must have written confirmation that their home country will cover any health costs incurred in the UK or have comprehensive health insurance of a company with an agent in the UK.
  • Postal voting very strictly limited and controlled.
  • In all charities and institutions the decision-makers must only be UK citizens
  • Non-UK citizens cannot own the freehold of the land. (about 25% to 40% of London house sales g to overseas buyers) Only rental or leasehold. Value of land owned by a non-UK citizen to pay for the annual leasing until paid up. All such freehold, National Parks, that of non-Protestant Christian places of worship, village greens, Common land, school playing fields, Green Belt (controlled but not necessarily owned), allotments, school paying fields etc to be owned by a British Land Bank wholly owned by all British citizens and not any government department. Those running the UK Landbank to be appointed by citizens, not the government. The government or local authorities will have no right to sell any off or grant building permission on such land. All building permission to be controlled by local people. The foreign owner of any property must be registered in the UK (with contact details) with the UK Landbank
  • None protestant churches cannot own freehold even if some of the members are UK citizens.
  • The number of Mosques in the UK must not outnumber the number of Christian churches in Saudi.
  • If Muslims want their flock to pray they must give them mobile phones and text them not use shouting or loud speakers.
  • Only UK citizens can stand for an MP or as a council official
  • The name, address and contact details of the owner must be registered with the UK Landbank. Any property where the owner cannot be identified becomes the property of the Land Bank
  • If UK citizens buy a house from a migrant they have the right to acquire the freehold. If they sell the house to a non-UK citizen the Freehold goes to the British Land Bank and the house becomes leasehold or rented from the Landbank.
  • Only UK citizens are entitled to free education, health care, benefits.
  • Anyone employing or harbouring an undocumented migrant without informing the Police will be subject to a £25,000 fine for each migrant.
  • All sermons in any place of worship if not in English must have it translated into English and posted on the internet.
  • There can be no use of loudspeakers or shouting calling people to pray. The Followers can be given mobile phones and texted when to pray.
  • All non-Protestant churches should pay full council tax.
  • All UK criminals to lose their votes until they have completed 10 years of trouble-free after their release.
  • Prisoners only provided with healthy basic meals. Any prisoner wanting special food has to pay for it.
  • One phone call a week for prisoners and on a monitored land line. No mobile phones.
  • Senior staff in organisations like the police, Parole board, Legal organisations, medical staff, educational bodies must be UK citizens for at least 10 years.
  • UK citizens must be given priority for public service jobs if they are qualified for that job.
  • All migrants out of work must be given 6 months to find work or lose all UK benefits on a sliding scale to zero and must return home..
  • Any social housing available must be offered to UK citizens on the housing list first. Honourably discharged military, UK single or couples with or without children
  • All persons in charge of National and professional bodies must be UK citizens (eg BMC, Unions, charities, etc etc)
  • Over the last 200 years or so UK citizens have paid for a series of networks of water, electricity, sewage, roads to homes etc. Water and other services should then be far cheaper to UK citizens and non UK citizens should pay much more for them as they have paid nothing for the installations.
  • Any criminal record makes one ineligible to stand for any civic position.
  • For all places of further education UK citizens must be given priority’

If a ‘refugee’ has no passport and refuses to give his country of origin he is put in quarantine until he fully explains himself. Give him an EU passport with a 6 month life with a no return to UK clause. Land of origin can usually be determined by a DNA test. Give them 6 one monthly payments of £100 to help them settle themselves somewhere of their choice.

Non-UK citizens who want to work in UK

  • Committee members of UK professional bodies and Quangos (such as BMA) must be UK citizens of at least 10years.
  • Only UK citizens may stand for an MP or council official.
  • Time-limited work visas with rolling renewal where applicable.
  • The employer responsible for their accommodation
  • The employer responsible for their health insurance
  • The employer is responsible for them to leave when their visa expires.
  • They must post bail of £5000 on a credit card that is canceled on leaving the country. The credit card company to inform Border Control if the credit card is canceled.

British citizens living in an EU country. No problem before the EU. They would keep their British citizenship and UK voting rights. They can have dual EU/UK citizenship if they wish but live by EU law. The same rights as say a US citizen living in the EU.

I would also add that nobody should be able to work in public service administration until they have worked for 10 years in the private sector.

The document for establishing City Mayors said that anyone who lives in the city or works in that city can stand as Mayor. Everyone who works in that city should, therefore, have a vote for Mayor of that city as well. If not the British citizens will lose control of our cities to foreign migrants.

It also states that the cost of the Mayor will be about 3p/band D house.

10 responses to “2019 – 032 Proposal for UK citizenship post Brexit

  1. Having just read the above rules and regulations. I agree with everyone of them. Also I would add if anyone is guilty of plotting any harm to a UK British citizen no matter what country they are from they should be dealt severely with our laws and when sentence has been served deported without question or appeal and barred fro ever entering our country again.

  2. Sounds like a sorely needed plan.

  3. Michael Harrison

    Absolutely Brilliant. I like around 70% of the UK population, totally support and endorse this.
    Let’s make this the law ASAP.

  4. If British citizens don’t have to carry id cards under your plan, how do they prove they are British Citizens when the police pick them up and accuse them of being dirty foreigners? Recite the Lord’s Prayer?

  5. Olivia Mitchell

    Best thing I’ve read in a long time. All these points are essential

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