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2013-002 It is now against the European Law to criticise the EU

THE European Court of Justice ruled yesterday that the European Union can lawfully suppress political criticism of its institutions and of leading figures, sweeping aside English Common Law and 50 years of European precedents on civil liberties.

The EU’s top court found that the European Commission was entitled to sack Bernard Connolly, a British economist dismissed in 1995 for writing a critique of European monetary integration entitled The Rotten Heart of Europe.

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2012 – 033 Martin Tillack – German Journalist persecuted by the EU and EU court outlaws criticism of EU

A  Hans Martin Tillack


B  European Court of Justice      outlaws criticism of EU


For E.U. Critics, a Cautionary Tale

A        Police Raid on Reporter’s Home Seen as Retaliation for Story

BRUSSELS — The bell rang three times early on a cold Friday morning before a sleepy Hans-Martin Tillack, an investigative reporter for the German newsweekly Stern, answered the door in his T-shirt and boxers. Six Belgian policemen politely filed in, he recalled, handed him a search warrant and went to work.

For the next 10 hours, they combed through his apartment and his separate office, seizing his computer hard drives, his bank records, his Filofax organizer, four cell phones, 18 boxes of files and a copy of “Spaceship Brussels,” his exposé of fraud and waste inside the European Union. When Tillack complained, he recalled, one of the officers shrugged. In Burma, the policeman told him, “journalists get treated much worse.”

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2012-030 The Cause of the Financial Crash

The Cause of the Financial Crash, the Euro Crisis and the City of London

First we have to get a grasp of what money really is.

In the Stone Age if you had a goat and wanted some chickens you would haggle with someone with chickens over how many chickens your goat was worth

This is bartering.

If you were a bronze axe maker in the Bronze Age your axe may have been worth 5000 chickens. There was no way a bronze-smith could handle 5000 chickens so bits of copper, silver or gold were used instead of barter.

These ‘bits of silver’ evolved into coins of a standard size.

This is money.

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2012-028 Paris wants to ban all pre-1997 cars as do the EU

Subject: It Could Happen Here

The EU also wants to scrap all classic cars. Scroll down

GREEN: Paris Seeks Ban On Older Cars
Mayorâls proposal would keep vintage vehicles, including French classics, off the streets of the capital city in a bid to clean the air.
High Gear Media  |   |  Posted November 14, 2012   Paris (FRA)

The Paris clean-air proposal would keep vintage cars, such as this 1938 Citroen Traction Avant, from driving in the city. (Photo: Barrett-Jackson
For some, the image of a classic Citroen DS passing along the Champsalyses couldn’t be much more French if a man in a striped top and beret walked past swinging a chain of onions.

But that image could soon be shattered as Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe readies plans that ban all pre-1997 cars from the city’s streets in bid to curb pollution.

The plans have angered classic-car fans, whose vehicles make up only three percent of the vehicles on Parisian roads, about 365,000 cars, according to Reuters.

It would take some of France’s most distinctive vehicles off the streets, including such iconic vehicles as the aforementioned Citroën DS, the 2CV, the Peugeot 205 GTI hot hatchback and the dependable Renault 4L, along with dozens of others.

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2012-026 The EU, Freedom of the Press, Free Speech and Political Correctness


EU Proposal to Monitor “Intolerant” Citizens

For the complete story see Gatestone Institute … EU to monitor ‘intolerant’ citizens. Get ready for the Stazi thought police to come knocking on your door.

by Soeren Kern
October 28, 2013 at 5:00 am

“There is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant” — European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance, Article 4

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2012-025 The Frankfurt School

The Frankfurt School is a movement to destroy Western Society and replace it with a Marxist Culture by infiltrating the Educational Establishment and National Institutions to destroy them from within.

see also

and 2014 – 013 Frankfurt pt 2

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2012-024 Proposed new EU Anthem


The Proposed European Union Anthem

There has been much talk about the need for an EU anthem and of the ‘politically incorrect’ nature of many of the current anthems of the EU members. The countries of the EU all have National Anthems. For the EU this is an anathema as they intend to destroy all notion of nation in Europe58 seconds ago

“Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony as the European anthem was chosen by a suggestion made by Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi in 1955. He of the Pan European movement to eliminate the White peoples of Europe.

The favoured option for the EU seems to be Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’. We feel that this is far too pompous and po-faced. Typically, it was selected by a small group of Eurocrats who did not bother to involve, or consult, ‘The People of Europe’ in any way. This is because the European Commission is the only group that matters in the ‘New Order’ and so the ‘EU Anthem’ will be essentially for them alone.

It was rejected in our poll

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2012-023 Windmills in Hyde Park? That sounds a good idea.


The Wind Farm lobby have now demonstrated the overwhelming economic advantages of this form of electricity generation – particularly in areas of outstanding natural beauty.

38 Golden Eagles have been killed by windmills in Scotland

The experience of windmills in the countryside has shown that once there and operating all opposition by the local population just melts away. They all become really enthusiastic supporters of, and advocates for, them. Particularly so when the wind isn’t blowing as they can then get a good nights sleep in peace.

How ‘green’ is the footprint of a wind turbine? – 45 tons of rebar – 600+ cubic yards of concrete – Permanent foundation – Dead birds/bats – Eyesore – Disposal nightmare – Rare earth mining disasters in China That’s how green.

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2012 – 022 Degrading the morale and capabilities of UK Armed Forces

The nature of war is changing. We no longer send 50,000 men marching into a hail of machine gun fire. Pilotless drones are replacing many flying duties. Electronic surveillance is now a major weapon. However we will always have a need for ‘boots on the ground’ but it is of vital importance that the control of the British Forces is exclusively in British hands.

Howwever the British Armed forces now belong to the EU see 2016 – 003 How our soldiers can now be prosecuted.

There is a significant element within our Establishment who have complete contempt for our armed forces.

When he was president of the EU Romano Prodi said “there will be an EU army and only an EU army”. EuroCorps intends to take over and absorb the British Armed Forces. To this end the morale, capability and facilities of our armed forces are being steadily degraded by our own political elite. It will soon be at a point where the only option left will be to hand over our hollowed out armed forces to EuroCorps as they will incapable of operating on their own.

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2012-020 EU to be federalised in the long run, Merkel says

EU to be federalised in the long run, Merkel says

07.11.12 @ 20:55

Germany makes case for British EU membership
Merkel downplays EU budget vetoes
Cameron defeated in EU budget vote

By Valentina Pop
Valentina email
Valentina Twitter

BRUSSELS and Berlin – The EU commission will eventually become a government, the council of member states an “upper chamber” and the European Parliament more powerful, but fixing the eurozone problems is more urgent for now, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told MEPs on Wednesday (7 November).

Back in the European Parliament for the first tim since she chaired the rotating EU presidency in 2007, Merkel laid out her vision for Europe, which Germany feels “deeply committed to” ever since its re-unification 22 years ago.

“Indeed we must find a right way to stabilise eurozone permanently and eliminate its conception errors. We must be courageous and not shy away from treaty change if needed,” she said.

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2012-019 European Court of Human Rights and ECJ-and-the-EU

It is important to remember that the Human Rights Act was set up after the war, mainly by Britain, to protect those suffrering  political and racial persecution under the Nazis. The type of refugee has now changed very significantly.

Our judges have accepted todays ECHR interpretation to say an asylum seeker is a family life or fleeing hard work in their country. It was to protect honest citizens from the excesses of the government. Not to protect terrorists and criminals from the law and provide a fat income for Human Rights solicitors. It was started with the best of intentions as an international agreement. It has been hijacked by the EU by selectively employment and inserting some 47 of their own judges to make judgements of value to the EU.  The UK judge in the ECHR is a German. It is no longer what it was originally as constructed. Many of these EU judges have little or no knowlege of UK law, Magna Carta or Habeas Corpus and were judges in the Soviet era of East Europe.

We now have a situation where an obscure foreign judge can over rule our elected parliament.

It should be noted that Poland is a signitory to the ECHR but ignores it and allows no illegal migrants in. If Poland can do that why cannot the UK also? There are also around 150 countries around the world choose not to avail themselves of the terms of the ECHR? Many other EU countries also only accept the ECHR decisions as advisory only and cannot override their national law.

The remit of the European Court of Justice is not to administer justice but to make judgments that ‘further ever closer union’ of the EU.

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2012-018 What is an Authoritarian or ‘Police State’?

2012-018 What is an Authoritarian or ‘Police State’?

The EU was set up to be initially a disguised police State. (or as Gorbachev said ‘why is Europe setting itself up as a copy of the USSR?’) This became more obvious (but not much) within the Maastricht Treaty. Gerard Batten, the MEP for London) has produced a very clear pamphlet showing this clearly

Freedom, Security and Justice – the creation of a European Police state.

Available free from Gerard Batten MEP, PO Box 2409, Ilford, IG1 8ES.

There are a number of specific criteria that define a police state from a true democracy:  from ‘Brave New Europe?’ see 2013 – 011

What criteria  defines A Police State?
1.    Government is an by un-elected ‘elite’ or ‘higher authority’ who are the ‘state’
2.    Any elected parliament will have no power or function other than to pass on the edicts of the elite and enable them to fraudulently call themselves democratic
3.    Elections are usually permitted, but there are no effective opposition parties. In reality you can usually only vote for the  one ruling party or not to vote at all
4.    The system is usually run by pampered and compliant bureaucrats – the unaccountable senior civil service and appointed administrators on very generous conditions of employment
5.    No dissension or criticism of the state is tolerated. Anyone who does usually becomes unemployable, can be declared ‘mentally unstable’ and confined to a psychiatric ‘hospital’ … or just disappears. 2013-002 It is now against the European Law to criticise the EU
6.    The elite control all social, commercial, cultural, judicial, artistic activities and what you can think and say
7.    Press and media are totally controlled tools of the state.
8.    The system is enforced by police and a judiciary totally answerable to the state.
9.    The population’s monitored by a secrete police force for any political dissension or criticism of the state.
10.    The police can arrest citizens and hold them indefinitely without a warrant, evidence  or informing anyone.
11.     All deliberations of the ruling elite are held in secret sessions
12.   All individuals are required to carry an ID card at all times
13.    An organisation of local informers exists to spy and report on ‘friends’, neighbours and fellow citizens – including children to report on their parents.

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Only about 130,000 homes were built across Britain last year – a historic low

An EU plan to slap VAT on new homes will send prices soaring, experts warned yesterday.

Brussels has quietly issued a con­sultation document that proposes scrapping the current zero VAT

The move to charge the full 20 per cent is part of a plan to standardise tax rates across Europe. It
would drive up the average price of a new home by £48,000 from £238,000 to £286,000 and have a
catastrophic impact on the UK.

The huge increase would price people out of the market, make it even more difficult to get a
mortgage and bring the building industry to its knees.

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2012 – 012 EU wastes £89bn in one year‏

BRUSSELS bureaucrats wasted billions of pounds through fraud and blunders
last year, the European Union’s own spending watchdogs revealed last night.

Official auditors raised questions over a colossal £89billion of spending
during 2011. And for the 18th year in a row, they refused to sign off the
EU’s annual accounts.

The damning verdict brought new fury at the soaring EU budget and added to
the pressure on David Cameron to block a further massive hike.

He faces tense talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today over the
rising bill for Brussels ahead of a crunch summit on the issue later this

In yesterday’s report, the European Court of Auditors admitted there were
“too many cases of EU money not hitting the target or being used

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2012-011 The BBC’s involvement with the EU


Scroll down to the item you want.  A : B : C etc

A    The BBC admits that it’s reporting is biased in favour of the EU and is part-funded by them.

B    THE BBC has sent 407 people to cover this weekend’s Glastonbury festival, almost as many as it flew out to film last year’s Beijing Olympics.

   UK Independence Party forces apology from the Today Programme

D   IMPARTIALITY is and should remain the hallmark of the BBC

  Corporation’s £100m loan from EU bank   By Graeme Wilson

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2012-010 Britain facing new eastern Europe immigration surge

Britain is facing a new wave of Eastern European immigration which will put British workers’ jobs at risk, experts have warned.

Twenty nine million Bulgarians and Romanians will gain the right to live and work unrestricted in Britain in 2014 under European “freedom of movement” rules.

2012-009 EU pay foreigners to get British jobs

THOUSANDS of young jobless Europeans are to get travel expenses and moving
costs to come to work in Britain.

The European Commission will pay £250 to help hopefuls get to an interview —
and £830 to cover relocation costs if they are offered a job.

Brussels claims thousands will find work under the taxpayer-funded initiative.

Critics fear it will see youngsters from countries with high unemployment
flock to the UK, where ONE MILLION young Brits are jobless. The scheme, for
those aged from 18 to 30, aims to match jobseekers with suitable jobs.

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2012-008 Who said the British public are too stupid to be involved in governing themselves?

It was Edward Heath, he was prime minister in 1972 and lied to parliament and to the British Public. He said that the European Economic Community was nothing more than a trading agreement. He knew perfectly well that it was a lie. He had a letter from the Foriegn and Commonwealth Office that explained in no uncertain terms that the EEC (later recalled the European Union) was to be a complete transfer of British sovereignty to Brussels.

The Foriegn and Commonwealth Letter  see 2012 – 029

2012-007 B Cost Of Post Offices and EU Postal Legislation

The Royal Mail was the best service the the world. A single cost for anywhere in the UK, 2 deliveries a day and at low cost.  The EU ordered it to be broken up and sold to private companies. The European postal services were given 7 years derogation before they had to comply. This enable them to buy up the lucrative parts of our postal service leaving the Royal mail with the lossmaking parts. This was done with the complicity of our government,

EU postal reforms spark heated debate and


Based on piece by Lucia Kubosova of EUOBSERVER


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2012 – 007 A Merkel went to Greece

Angela Merkel went to Greece and was stopped at immigration.

“Name?” Said the immigration Officer

“Angela Merkel”




“No I am only staying for a couple of days!”

2012 – 006 Tradition of selling jam in re-used jars breaches EU health and safety rules

Don’t sell jam in re-used jars… by order of Europe: Tradition of selling home-made preserves ‘breaches health and safety rules’

What about milk bottles? Surely not to reuse them will be in conflict with the EU recycling edict?

Churches warn parishioners to stop selling preserves in re-used jars. The tradition, enjoyed by the WI, breaches EU health and safety laws

They are the backbone of church fetes, village fairs and jumble sales
all around the country.

But the thousands who regularly sell their home-made jam, marmalade or
chutney in re-used jars may have to abandon their traditions after a warning
that they are breaching European health and safety regulations.

Legal advisers to Britain’s Churches have sent out a circular saying that
while people can use jars for jam at home or to give to family and friends,
they cannot sell them or even give them away as raffle prizes at a public
Glass warfare: The Women’s Institute is warning its 210,000 members about
the European regulations Take note: The written circular from the Churches’
Legislation Advisory Service

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2012-005 The EU’s role in our financial crisis

A   The EU’s role in our financial crisis
By Christopher Booker
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 05/10/2008


B    http://financialadv news/11/tax/ 12244/London- traffic-to- be-halted- by-EU-directive. html


A   The EU’s role in our financial crisis
By Christopher Booker
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 05/10/2008

As the Western world’s banking system teeters on the edge of collapse, one
crucial factor in this unprecedented crisis has gone almost entirely unnoticed –
although David Cameron made a veiled reference to it on Tuesday.

At the heart of this catastrophe lies a drastic change made last year to banking
regulations, which has led to the current freezing of the money markets. Without
it, most of the banks that have collapsed, such as Lehman Brothers, might have

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