2014 – 12 Brits too ignorant for a Referedum

Britons ‘too ignorant’ for EU referendum

Viviane Reding, vice-president of the European Commission, questioned whether British people are capable of making a decision in an EU referendum.

3 responses to “2014 – 12 Brits too ignorant for a Referedum

  1. I am very capable of deciding I dont want to be ruled by EUrocrats.Living here in England I have watched our country go down hill for many years.Hospitals not coping.Schools not coping.Shortage of houses in which to put the millions of immigrants.Green belt land bulldozed to build more houses.Jobs taken up by immigrants.The list goes on…Meanwhile Brussels has no concern of our plight..or even knowledge.I want my country back..What is there not to understand.Patronising us only fuels our anger…we are very capable of seeing what is going on thank you….

  2. agreed–pls vote UKIP in may 2014

  3. I am dismayed People in UK are so complacent..I do understand though..all the time we have warmth a roof a car a TV Electricity gas…we remain mute and compliant..To be ruled by foreign powers can not be right..We have always had a safe stable country.Ruled by people we(majority) have voted for. Democracy is a hard won priviledge .Our forefathers fought and suffered for our freedom and to be conned out of that freedom/ democracy by EUrocrat bully boys is wrong.We were never asked or never voted to be ruled by or our rules/laws to be decided in Brussels.We want our country back…Enough of this mad expriment of an EU superstate.It is very obvious it is not working out

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