2013 – 032 What is fascism?

You may recognise may aspects with the current state of the UK and the EU
The definition of fascism is a coalition of a Socialist dictatorship and privately owned large Corporates and is very anti Capitalism and individualism. eg The Nazis(National Socialists) and I.G. Farben

Dear Editor,

Mr R. Worle, a self confessed Conservative, in his published letter ( WSCT 22.12.06) when referring to the recent Denne Ward by-election, indicted the good people of Horsham as having flirted with Fascism. It seems Mr Worle knows little of Fascism, so I will elucidate.

    A Fascist power is one which takes over a nation by assuming the people’s sovereign powers for itself. It politicises the nation’s judiciary, and then denies the people their lawful rights and liberties by ignoring their constitutional constraints and rule of law. A Fascist power is one which takes the people’s police out of the community and builds it into a state militia trained to use pugilistic measures to put down and suppress any substantial protests by the people; as witnessed at the time of the miners strike, and more recently, in Parliament Square at the time of the Countryside march when bully boy state police thugs beat unarmed protestors over the head, including Horsham people, and were later exonerated for their actions by the state. 
    A Fascist power is one that maintains a controlled high level of crime in the community, institutional terror, in order to intimidate and frighten the general public. Should the victims of crime defend themselves or seek remedy, the Fascist power through its bully boy police and politicised judiciary will take action against them, even to the extent of making criminals of them, whilst affording the real criminals all leniency.  In order to assert its power still further, a Fascist power will increasingly introduce draconian laws affecting the masses in order to suppress and demoralise them. A Fascist power is one which robs the people’s sense of identity by denying them their lawful rights and customs, such as making it a criminal offence for English men and women to use their traditional weights and measures, inalienable rights they enjoyed for over a thousand years.  A Fascist power is one which imposes disproportionately high taxes on the people in order to fund its unlawful practices
  Should Mr Worle care to read this, I hope it will afford him a better understanding of what Fascists looks like, that he might then identify them when next he goes to vote for them.
Bob Lomas.

PS. For further reading:-  Fascist Europe Rising by Rodney Atkinson 2001:The Four Reichs by Col. Harry Beckhough (Bletchley Park 1943): and The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer 1959.

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