As with so much from the EU and their Agenda, it has proved very difficult to get anything definitive out of them of what they intend. It has required much digging to get this information – and it’s often been impossible to get any written confirmation.

As such the following paragraphs can be taken as accurate until such time as the EU issues a formal and unambiguous statement that the eventual circumstance will be different and what safeguards there will be. The most definitive reference is by Gerard Batten MEP (ref. 2006-101). Of considerable alarm now is the EU Arrest Warrant where you can be arrested without evidence and  held without charge. You can be extradited to any country in the EU and held for an unlimited time without charge.

A). EUROPOL is the ‘European Police Force’. They answer to Eurojust, the EU prosecution service, and to the EU Council of Ministers – not to the citizens. They’re currently headquartered in The Hague with offices in London and a training school in England. They will eventually have precedence over all police forces in the UK.

At the moment they are a small token force and are keeping a very low profile indeed – until the EU Constitutional Treaty is fully ratified. The reason for this is that the UK still retains a veto in the Council of Ministers on foreign policy, home affairs and justice. We will eventually lose our vetoes and Europol will then take over.

Interestingly one of the bodies set up under the Tampere EU Council meeting in 1999 was the European Police College. It is now situated in Hampshire and trains senior European law enforcement officers. The new Director of the College is a Hungarian, Mr Ferenc Banfi. Mr Banfi was a member of the Hungarian Communist Party and a policeman under their murderous communist regime. He has claimed that, “It is only a question of time before Europol will have full executive powers; it maybe five or ten years but it will happen”.

Europol officers have a form of diplomatic protection and as such:

t      They’ll have absolute immunity from prosecution for just about any misdeed, by word or action, they care to commit in the course of their duties

t      If they can carry firearms without reference to UK authorities, what will happen if they shoot an innocent UK citizen (in the light of their immunity from prosecution)?

The powers-that-be will not clarify the latter … and still pretend Europol is not here…

The truth? Europol officers will, apparently, have powers to rival those of Stalin’s secret police (KGB and Stazi) and they seem to be even less accountable. Europol doesn’t yet have the power to arrest anyone directly yet but Mr Banfi thinks they soon will, and he’s an expert so we should pay attention. As said, Europol has no legal status, yet it’s here in the UK just the same and officers will apparently be able to:

a). Enter your house without a search warrant, arrest you and confiscate anything they want

b). Extradite you to anywhere in Europe on the basis of an ‘EU arrest warrant’, written by themselves, without producing any evidence against you whatsoever or going through any UK legal process.

c). If they wish, they can remain completely silent on your whereabouts: they are not required to tell anyone in the UK where you are – not the UK police, a UK magistrate or even your family (ref. 2006-4, 2006-68)

d). Hold you in custody – without charge or trial – for ‘any reasonable period’’ … which could be months or even years. The period between arrest and prosecution could be as much as three years in prison – ie: you are guilty until proven innocent. Your whole life can unravel in far less time than that, especially as there’s no requirement to inform anyone where you are or why you are held

  • Your children could be taken into care
  • Your home, car etc repossessed
  • Your job long gone.

Even if you are released without charge, you lose everything except your debts – and could well be financially ruined.

There’s no comeback on Europol: they are not liable, or even answerable, for false arrest or even incompetent arrest. Even members of their household will be immune from prosecution – though no one can explain why…

The UK Police Force has been renamed the Police Service and recruits not longer have to swear an oath of allegiance to the people of the UK.

B). EUROJUST (EJ) is the EU prosecution agency and closely linked to Europol. It apparently has autonomous, non-accountable power to order the surveillance of any person’s letters and emails, to tap phones and to acquire, upon demand, secret intelligence from the British security agencies (MI5 and MI6).

This means that the EJ can watch any Briton it considers to be opposed to the EU.

If there’s a difference of opinion between the UK government and other EU member states, Eurojust has the self-appointed right to spy on our politicians, civil servants, press, members of the armed forces etc. Just how much the UK government co-operates already is not known. Our own security agencies may be compelled to assist them to get information that may well be passed on by EU officials to their own member states (ref. 101 Reasons for Leaving the EU: St. Mathew Publishing).

C). EUROGENDFOR (EGF) – who on earth are they? You may well ask!

It seems that until recently hardly any EU personnel in Brussels had heard of them either and they were only stumbled upon by chance. They are the Euro Gendarmerie, a paramilitary force commanded by brigadier-general Gerard Deanez, and a rather shadowy group with a very sinister potential. The EGF was very quietly formally established on the same day as Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty. It seems to be modelled almost directly on the French Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité (CRS), who were first established in 1944 to suppress any French demonstrations against the Vichy/Nazi authorities as Hitler was, by then, clearly losing the war. They were reorganised in 1948 and still on active duty today retaining the same ethos (ref. 2006-98). The CRS have established a most unpleasant reputation for the uncompromising and very aggressive manner with which they suppress civil demonstrations and unrest.

Once the Lisbon Treaty is ratified we’ll lose our veto and the Commission can then allow the EGF to be deployed on our streets at some future date… (ref. 2008-12).

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