2014 – 028 The facts about the Lisbon Treaty

A historical fact buried by the mass media: the EU has been USE since the end of 2007  from Global Political Analysis

A historical fact, yet hardly anyone is aware of it: the EU has been one political-economic unit, that is, one country, since the acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty at the end of year 2007. The Lisbon Treaty is the very same as the former EU Constitution. Only the façade elements – the word “constitution”, the flag and the anthem – are omitted from the text but in practice the very content of the EU Constitution itself is retained and implemented, the flag is used and the anthem is played on a regular basis. By the EU national leaders signing one federal constitution in 2007, the affected countries actually merged into one federal union governed by a superstate, which might be called “USE”. The main constitutional elements of the Lisbon Treaty:

  • abolishes the borders among the EU-states – establishes one common outside border for EU
  • establishes the governmental functions, responsibilities and powers of the EU supranational state above the authority of Nation States
  • provides for a gradual transfer of the legislative powers of the members states to the EU
  • stipulates precedence of the federal law over state-law in case of conflict between the two
  • provides for EU-military (2012 – 022), EU-tax and a secret agency to protect the EU-authorities
  • it is an anti-democratic constitution placing the unelected European Commission on the top of the decision- making hierarchy, directing the activity of the European Parliament
  • its content is designed to protect the rights of private property against human rights, it forecasts to abolish all welfare benefits and to transfer via privatisation all values and resources of Europe into the ownership of the protected super-rich.
  • It is also an Enabling Treaty which means the EU can change anything in it without referring back to any elected body. It bypasses every democratic principle.

The historical relevance of this fact: when the leaders of the EU-countries signed the Lisbon Treaty – either willingly or upon deceit and intimidation (2013 – 013) – they gave up the national sovereignty of their countries. As some of the former officials behind this process admitted, the secret scheme of redrafting the EU Constitution as the unreadable Lisbon Treaty – as a bundle of scattered amendments of existing EU-treaties – had the sole purpose to avoid referenda on the EU Constitution (2014 – 025), to keep it in secret that the EU-countries have lost their national sovereignty upon entering this treaty, and to create one country out of the EU without the knowledge and consent of their citizens.

  • The Treaty of Lisbon is the same as the rejected constitution. Only the format has been changed to avoid referendums.”~ Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, former French President and President of the Constitutional Convention in several European newspapers, 27 October 2007. “The proposed treaty on how Europe will be run is essentially the same as the rejected EU Constitution.“The term ‘constitution’ had been dropped simply to “make a few people happy.”Mr d’Estaing warned that a referendum in Britain must be avoided because the outcome would be “uncertain to say the least.“ “EU leaders including Germany’s Angela Merkel have lined up to boast that the new ‘amending treaty’ is the old constitution in a new form. “The substance of the constitution is preserved,” Mrs Merkel told MEPs last month. “That is a fact.”

(DailyMail: “EU treaty is simply the old constitution reborn, says creator Giscard d’Estaing”) According to further evidence provided by former MEP Jens-Peeter Bonde (see references), the idea of reinstating the formerly rejected EU Constitution originated from a core group of EC officials and politicians (Merkel and Sarkozy), who executed the secret plan to devise the so called ‘Lisbon Treaty’, which would hide all the constitutional elements of the former EU Constitution as mere amendments of existing EU-treaties.

  • The constitutional elements of the Lisbon Treaty were kept hidden in order to avoid the otherwise due EU-referenda in the affected countries and to make sure that the citizens of Europe would NOT notice that the international treaty their politicians would sign is actually the EU Constitution that created a new supranational state above their countries and abolished their national sovereignty.

Even though this event appears to be a concern of Europe only, the case of the EU is an apt demonstration of how our future is being shaped by the global political engineering that is gradually creating one global dictatorial empire under the façade of being the crusaders of “liberal democracy”. This historical step is a milestone in the respective global process whereby the national democracies in the West, and of the world, are being abolished by the global cartel of the super-rich. It is also monumental in the sense that it offers a glimpse into the unfathomable depth of deception the vast majority of the West are being kept by the mainstream politics and their subservient mass media.

see 2013 – 013 How the Lisbon Treaty was voted through parliament without the MPs knowing what it said.

I had several meeting with Nigel Spearing, Labour MP for Newham for 26 years, who was the chairman of the House of Commons Select Committee on Europe for 8 years. Although no longer an MP he had an open pass to go anywhere in the Palace of Westminster – including where all the records were kept. The information he gave me was

  • The Lisbon Treaty was a virtual clone of the 1933 Nazi Enabling Act.
  • The Lisbon Treaty was a repackaging of the EU Constitution rejected by France and Holland
  • D’Estainge had it rewritten in Bureaucratic double talk to make impossible to be read by any but those who wrote it.
  • It is some 3000 pages long.
  • It was placed in the HoC reading room 11.45 on the day MPs had to vote on it. It was voted through parliament without any MP knowing what was in it.
  • As an Enabling Act specially selected unelected and faceless bureaucrats can add, remove or change any of the clauses without referring to any elected person
  • Many clauses were transferred to other Treaties to hide them.
  • Several clauses were in ‘restraint’. Only authorised people are allowed to read them. Since been informed that some clauses even Merkel and Juncker are not allowed to see.
  • He also informed me that in the 1972 EC ACT three words were slipped in unnoticed at the time. All EU law will become UK law ‘without further enactment’. That is all EU law would bypass our parliament to become UK law without MPs being able to debate and reject it.

The majority of this information came from Nigel Spearing MP. He was the Labour Party MP for Newham for 26 years. He was a member of the HoC Select committee on the EU for 18 years and chairman for 8 years. I am happy that his knowledge and the information he supplied is without dispute.

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