2014 – 047 UK to lose power of veto in EU and Cameron’s lies

From: Clive Easton
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 09:46:41 -0400
Subject: More Powers lost to EU – including Withdrawal
Thread-Topic: More Powers lost to EU – including Withdrawal

You may remember that some time ago I sent out an e-mail detailing all the 43 powers under the
LISBON treaty which are being handed over to the EU this November under”QMV” (including the right
of “withdrawal of a member state”) and over >which Westminster had a VETO under the Nice treaty.
Well, it now seems that the realisation that >this is occurring is beginning, belatedly, to gain traction.
Below is a URL link to the “38Degrees” petition >site, which has started a petition which
requires the Government to implement “Article 50” of the Lisbon Treaty to withdraw from the EU
before the trap door closes in November. I recommend that everyone signs this.
However, it still does not address the fact as to WHY the Conservative Government is allowing
these very important powers to pass away from Westminsters control through the loss of our
Veto and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, why these lost powers include removing the ability of a member
state to unilaterally decide to withdraw from the EU by passing “withdrawal of a member state” to QMV.
Let us be clear, the Conservatives are allowing this whilst, at one and the same time, claiming
to want to RECLAIM lost powers and offer an “in/out” referendum.
It remains up to you to decide whether this “slight of hand” is cleverness or trickery!!!

Here is the URL:

And here is my original e-mail:

Under the NICE treaty, any initiative/prospective laws or directives instigated by the European commission in all the
areas listed below, could only be passed by “Unanimity”.
Put another way we could VETO any prospective EU legislation if it was not in our National interests. In other words our Parliament at Westminster retained effective National Sovereignty over these areas.
However, the LibLabCons and, Cameron in particular, have not made this clear to the Nation, WHY??
Because as of the 1st November 2014 under the LISBON TREATY, the right of parliament to >legislate in these listed areas will be removed and the EU can pass its own legislation by “qualified majority voting” (QMV). We will no longer be able to veto anything deemed not to be in our National interests… Sovereignty gone!

However, there will be a mechanism allowing “transitional arrangements” up to March 2017 ONLY.

THIS is where Cameron is exercising an awful “slight of hand” on our Nation when he promises an in/out Referendum. He has been careful to say this referendum will not be before 2017,
>specifically (note the word) the “END” of 2017, by which time the below powers will be out of our reach to alter. Now, look at the last competence. It says “WITHDRAWEL OF A MEMBER STATE”

Now ask yourself, if we have given away the right of withdrawal from the EU by March 2017, whether a referendum at the END of 2017 resulting in a withdrawal vote, is likely to happen.
Cameron will be able to say, “Sorry guys!!! I can’t do anything about it… the rest of the EU under QMV will not allow us to leave.
Just like a lobster which has wondered into a lobster pot, we will not be able to get out. Any referendum will be effectively meaningless!!

Clever, or what!!!


Initiatives of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs
Administrative co-operation
Border controls
Citizens’ initiative regulations
Civil protection
Committee of the Regions
Common Defense policy
Crime prevention incentives
Criminal judicial co-operation
Criminal law
Diplomatic & Consular protection
Economic & Social Committee
Emergency international aid
EU budget
European Central Bank
European Court of Justice
Eurozone external representation
Foreign Affairs High Representative election
Freedom of movement for workers
Freedom to establish a business
Freedom, security, justice, co-operation & evaluation
Funding the Common Foreign & Security Policy
General economic interest services
Humanitarian aid
Intellectual property
Organisation of the Council of the EU
Police co-operation
President of the European Council election
Response to natural disasters & terrorism
Rules concerning the Armaments Agency
Self-employment access rights
Social Security Unanimity
Structural & Cohension Funds
Withdrawal of a member state

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