2015 – 052 Uninvited Boat People into Europe

Australia had a massive problem with Uninvited Boat People (UBPs) forcing their way into Australia. They solved their problem by returning any intercepted to SE Asia. The flow of UBPs has stopped.

The great majority are young fit men. Surely better that they join the police or army in their own county to establish a ‘better life’ there.

The EU could easily use the same technique to stop UBPs coming from Africa and effectively Q jumping ahead of those who legally apply for a visa by paying people traffickers instead up to £5000. If they are destitute how can they pay that?

The more they allow to land in Europe the more will come. Return them to Libya and the flow will stop. EU should provide money and faculties for them to stay in Libya.

The Boat People are anxious to get to Europe to have a better life Style. There are perhaps some 500 million + other Africans who would like to come to Europe for a better life. By sheer weight of numbers that would destroy our ‘better life’ and the better life they are seeking would no longer exist. Surely better to keep their £5000 to improve their home country.

Many drown on the way and the people traffickers are making £millions out of their desperate desire to get to Europe for a better life.

However the EU are funding the Italian Navy rescue the Boat People and bring them to Italy.

However the EU wants very many migrants from Africa to further their Coudenhove Plan to Ethnically Dilute the White Tribes of Europe. see 2013 – 043

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