2015 – 080 The financial crisis has devastated Greece and still they will not leave the EU

The financial crisis has devastated Greece.
My family, my friends and my neighbours are struggling every day with mass unemployment and homelessness while young people like me have to leave Greece if we want a future.
This is how ordinary Greeks survive the crisis.
Meanwhile, finance giants like Goldman Sachs made close to $450 million Euros off snatching our livelihoods right from under us.
I’ve had enough of big corporations destroying our lives and making money, so I started a petition using SumOfUs’ Community Petitions platform to demand that Goldman Sachs give back the money it took from Greece.
Goldman Sachs made 450 million Euros in profit from crashing the Greek economy. On behalf of my fellow Greek people, I am asking for the corporation to return the profits. Will you sign my petition?
Goldman Sachs’ involvement in the crisis started in 2011 when it created complex financial “swaps” that disguised the extent of our debts.
The goal was to get Greece into the Eurozone and it “worked” — Greece was allowed to join the EU after Goldman was involved. However, this also gave Goldman access to billions of Euros in easy credit that our government was unable to pay back.
Now the people of Greece are paying the price — regular middle-class Greeks likemy family and neighbours have been crushed under the weight of crippling austerity while Goldman Sachs carries on profiteering from debt with impunity.
Will you stand with us? Tell Goldman Sachs to pay back the people of Greece.
It’s sickening that Goldman Sachs earned up to 450 million Euros from the crisis, but this is not surprising behaviour from Goldman Sachs — it’s a world leader in disaster capitalism, with a long history of profiteering from human misery. It inflates bubbles only to profit when they burst. It sells toxic assets and then bets they will crash.From food speculation to global tax evasion, the bank is a symbol of everything that is wrong with capitalism.
“The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity,” Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi famously wrote, “relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”
While Goldman sucks us dry, our schools and hospitals are crumbling, and suicide rates are skyrocketing. 450 million Euros won’t solve all of Greece’s problems, but it will help — and it will go some way to correcting the injustice that allows those who caused the financial crisis to get away scot-free while ordinary people are left to suffer the consequences.
I ask you to stand with the people of Greece and get Goldman Sachs to take responsibility for the Greek crisis.
Goldman Sachs: Return Greece’s money to the people of Greece.
Thank you for standing with the people of Greece,
Andreas Karoutas, a Greek citizen forced to leave Greece

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