From the beginning, the EU project was anti democratic. Dr Hallstein, (He was on the Nazi committee to establish how Germany would run Europeand used it as the first draft of the EU) see 2012 0 021 Origins of the EU. the first President of the European Commission (1958-1967), asserted that the unelected Commission was “empowered to take all measures necessary…on its own authority without having to rely on special and specific approval by the Council of Ministers” (now the European Council).

More recently the EU Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmstrom, gave the brush off to a petition by War on Want with over 2 million signatures against the highly secretive negotiations for TTIP, the EU/USA trade agreement. She told them that she does not take her mandate “from the European people” . As John Hilary of War on Want said “In reality, as a new report from War on Want has just revealed, Malmstrom receives her orders directly from the corporate lobbyists that swarm around Brussels”.

Although Britain pays a first class membership subscription, second only to Germany, we remain a second class member without influence. This was demonstrated when Mr. Cameron opposed the appointment of Mr Juncker as President of the EU Commission without success. Nobody took any notice of him. Mr Cameron is there to pay in our money and do as he is told.

Mr. Juncker has the usual EU view of referendums.“If it is a yes we will say “on we go” and if it’s a no we will say “we continue””. That is the rule which will apply as long as Britain remains an EU member under any terms.

For three years now the EU authorities have been preparing for a new treaty after the British referendum. Essentially it will allow the countries of the Eurozone to merge into a single economic government with a permanent majority of votes. Mr. Cameron is waiting to hear what sort of “associate membership” they will offer him. Our second class status will be institutional and permanent.

When they tell him, he will come and tell us of the wonderful deal he has made. But, of course, it won’t have happened before our referendum .So, if people are persuaded to vote to remain in the EU, the eventual outcome will be out of Mr Cameron’s or Britain’s control. It will be a blank cheque for a future government to make us pay. The EU does not have a good record in keeping its word in such cases, as British politicians have learned over the years – or maybe they haven’t.

Yours faithfully

Edward Spalton

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