2015 – 159 Islam problems in Australia

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We have recently received the following informative bit alarming message
from the Party for Freedom in Australia, which clearly shows that it is the
whole of the West which is facing attack from the Mohammedan religion. It
also clearly demonstrates the insidious nature of the new Australian Prime
Minister Malcolm Turnbull. We hope that somehow the Australian people can
ensure the re-appointment of their former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott!
> Party for Freedom activists will be holding a rally outside Parramatta
> Mosque this Friday, 9th October 2015 in memory of Police colleague
> Curtis Cheng who was gunned down outside Parramatta Police Station last
> Friday. Curtis was looking forward to spending a long weekend with his
> family but was cowardly shot at point blank in the back of the head by
> 15 year-old Muslim refugee Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar.
> After the murder, MUSLIM Farhad sprang into sickening joy yelling out
> “Allah Akubar”. Fortunately, two constables on duty ran from the
> Parramatta Police Station and shot the crazed Muslim gunman dead.
> Farhad was a regular at the local Parramatta Mosque, where he recently
> listened to lectures by extremist pan-Islamic group Hizb-ut-Tahrir. Just
> prior to the murder of Curtis Cheng, Farhad had visited the same mosque.
> Terrorism expert Greg Barton of Alfred Deakin Institute said radical
> groups may have used the Parramatta mosque as a place to find young
> recruits. Parramatta mosque’s willingness to accommodate Hizb-ut-Tahrir,
> an extremist group wanting to establish a pan-Islamic caliphate over
> most of the globe proves the mosque has come under the spell of hateful
> preachers and their vile messages of conquest, terrorism and oppression.
> It has been revealed that three of the four males arrested yesterday
> over last week’s terrorist execution of Curtis Cheng were previously
> targeted in Australia’s biggest counter terrorism sting over a year ago,
> and also went to the same Arthur Philip High School as Farhad. Police
> believe one of the arrested supplied the murder weapon to Farhad, which
> debunks the nonsense the 15-year-old gunman acted alone. More than 200
> Police officers took part in the morning raids, what a spectacular waste
> of taxpayer’s money. The high maintenance Islamic community needs
> constant monitoring to prevent further terrorist attacks. Just imagine
> the extra strain on our Police, welfare and prison systems when the
> agreed 12,000 Syrian Muslim refugees are resettled in Australia, what a
> disaster we face thanks to our treasonous political establishment that
> have brought division, hate and ethnic preference to our shores.
> The mainstream media, the multicultural industry and political oligarchy
> have all come together in a repulsive orgy of appeasement and apology.
> Our new backstabbing PM Malcolm Turnbull swung into action saying, “The
> Australian community cannot be divided by a terrorism threat posed by a
> very, very small section of the Muslim community”. This typifies the
> disconnect and double standards of an international banker who lives in
> Point Piper, Australia’s wealthiest suburb void of Islamic cultural
> enrichment or immigration.
> Turnbull incoherently waffled on saying, “We must not vilify or blame
> the entire Muslim community”.  The airwaves have been hot with
> discontent since last Friday and the Australian people aren’t blaming or
> vilifying Muslims, they are blaming the intolerant political ideology of
> Islam and questioning its ability to transform men of all ages into
> murderous monsters.
> Labor leader, Bill Shorten was even more disgraceful when he expressed
> his condolences to the family of the perpetrator saying, “Our thoughts
> are with the family of a 15 year-old alleged perpetrator as they must be
> struggling to comprehend how someone so young could be part of such a
> terrible crime”.
> The Australian people have had enough of our weak political leaders and
> their refusal to accept the truth that Islam is a terrorist ideology
> masquerading as a religion. Islam has proven time and time again that it
> is not a religion of “peace” but a religion of ‘war’.
> Turkish Prime Minister once said, “The mosques are our barracks, the
> domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our
> soldiers”. Mosques are recruiting centres for future terrorists inspired
> by Prophet Mohammad’s sadistic words of Jihad. It is time the Koran and
> its teachings were put on trial for hate speech.
> This Friday, we ask the Australian people to join us in protest
> demanding Parramatta Mosque be shut down until the mosque publicly
> rejects terrorism and sharia law. It’s the least we can do after the
> Islamic terrorism inspired execution of Police colleague Curtis Cheng.
> Facebook discussion page:
> Venue: Opposite 150 Marsden Street, Parramatta NSW
> Time: 5.00pm to 7.00pm
> Date: 9th October 2015
> Further info: Nick Folkes on 0417-679972.

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