2016 – 016 The EU to control all press and journalists with an EU Press Card

The European Union (EU) is proposing to issue an EU Press Card (EUPC) and to accredit journalists.

This will be to replace the existing International Federation of Journalists Card that is already universally accepted for a journalist to operate within the EU.

This accreditation and issuing of EUPCs will be controlled by the unelected European Commission (EC).

They will decide who can and who cannot be an accredited journalist and who they will allow to have an EUPC.

If the journalist does not report the activities of the EU in a manner acceptable to the EC then the EC will have the legal right to confiscate their EUPC. The journalist will not then be able to work and report within the EU.

Alessandro Buttice, the lawyer who represents OLAF (an office of the EC) as its press spokesman, has sent out a 16 page document to the Brussels’ press corps advising them of how they should and should not report news about the EU.

There have been reports of newspaper advertisers being approached and asked to lean on the editors to be very EU friendly when reporting EU activities in their papers.

Margot Wallstrom, who describes herself as the “Propaganda Commissioner” for the EC, has made a number of attempts to control and prohibit reporting of journalists who are not considered to be ‘EU Friendly’.

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