2016 – 018 Identity Cards (ID Cards), Personal Freedom and Surveillance.

 Identity Cards (ID Cards), Personal Freedom and Surveillance.
Whatever reasons are given for the EU requirement of UK ID cards, they have a very sinister potential. This is because they will be linked into a fully-integrated European database.
Your movements and behaviour will be constantly monitored: what you buy, where you are, what books you take from the library, your emails and phone calls (with voice recognition), your medical records, your biometric details, your political, sexual and religious preferences as well as gossip about you can all be recorded, stored and cross-referenced in the EU computer.
The EU spy satellite Galileo – similar to the US Echelon but with less accountability – will be able to track and locate any individual with a micro-chipped ID card to within three feet.
t You will have no knowledge of, or control over, who can access your file
t You will have no right whatsoever to know what is ‘on file’ about you or to challenge its accuracy
t In a case of mistaken identity or mischievous gossip, you’ll have no means of knowing – let alone setting the record straight.
ID cards are being vigorously promoted as a means to ‘combat terrorism’. Rubbish. About the only thing you can be certain of is that they will not be the slightest hindrance to terrorists whatsoever: ID cards are all about having control over citizens. What matters is not who controls the data, who can have access to it and under what circumstances, but who appoints those who control the data, what is their remit and to whom are they accountable?
It’s a classic EU ‘salami’ – and the requirement for a new driving licence is a typical salami slice to collate information about you, disguised as ‘sensible’.
Do you feel you can trust the unknown, corrupt, unelected and secretive officials of the E.Commi with control of such personal information (ref. 2006-70)?
Our government is also setting up an embryonic body of civilian informers (at some £30M), with miniature surveillance cameras, to secretly spy on friends, neighbours and local citizens to report petty and minor transgressions (ref. 2007-18 and ref. 2008-13). At the moment it is only to grass up anyone putting litter in the wrong bin (especially if it’s four inches open – collect a criminal record and huge fine!), smoking in proscribed areas or untaxed cars.
The potential’s there for the ‘ little Hitlers’ (known as ‘Euro Narks’) to expand their remit to include almost anything they wish – particularly any sign of political dissent. Fantasy? They existed in Nazi Germany, were called Blockleiters and even encouraged children to keep an eye on their parents. A similar group also existed in Stalin’s Socialist USSR. Oh, there’s also a plan for tax inspectors to demand complete personal data about you – your political opinions, whether you are a vegetarian, where you shop etc. – to assess your tax liability (ref. 2007-18).

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