2016 – 025 The Fraud of the 1975 EU Referendum. What chance to 2016 will be honest?

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Many people were amazed that the result of the 1975 In /Out referendum on the EEC(as it then was) was 67/33 in favour of staying in – a complete turnaround from polls prior to the referendum and also prior to Heath’s ramming the European Communities Act through the Commons without a referendum in 1972. It seemed inconceivable that opinion could have changed that radically in such a short time.

I have only just learned some astounding information about the count from a book about the 1975 Referendum . We are all familiar with the time consuming but accurate methods in use by our local authorities for the counting of and verification of votes in local and national elections, and they are a credit to this country . Amazingly, all this expertise of the local councils was completely sidelined in the voting process in the 1975 referendum. Instead Roy Jenkins, the euro-fanatic Home Secretary at the time, decided , against the advice of the House of Lords, that the ballot papers in 50,000 Ballot boxes from all over the country should be counted at one big national venue at Earls Court, a journey of 3-4 days with obvious scope for tampering. According to the book there was an unverified story of everyone on an electoral register who had not voted being counted in with the IN total and ballot papers stuffed into opened boxes which were then re-sealed. The  counters and staff at Earl’s Court were all volunteers – amateurs with unverified credentials, even the man put in charge by Roy Jenkins, Lord Allen was a total amateur at running elections.. There was no audit trail, flawed verification, the count was chaotic, and immediately afterwards all the ballot papers were destroyed.

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