2016 – 074 United Nations New World Order


There are two conflicting World Orders that are impossible to accommodate with each other. The uncontrolled birth rate of the Third World is putting impossible strains on the First World with their inability to feed themselves. They want to freely share in the wealth that has been generated by ‘Western Civilisation’ as of right.

The current belief of the UN and the modern environmental movement is “anti-science, anti-technology, and anti-human.” The radical environmentalists of today latch onto mythical assertions that have no basis in fact. However they support the idea that man is bad, man is the enemy of man, man is “destroying” the planet and the natural “balance” of nature. Sadly they have weedeled their way into positions of authority within the UN.

They want to be in absolute control with their version of a perfect, ordered society.

The Club of Rome  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2014-002-the-club-of-rome-invented-global-warming/



We currently have a society where traditional family life and one’s ethnic and national history are of great importance to the individual. The desire to work to improve your life and family, individualism, personal freedom and free speech are highly prized. The individual has the opportunity to exploit their natural talents for the benefit of themselves and their family with spin off for society in general. Democratic governance is of prime importance for the individual as opposed to be the exclusive right of the political class. It can be somewhat chaotic but that is your choice.

The other is the United Nation’s New World Order that wants to supplant our cultures with a rigid, controlled society.


With this philosophy all National borders, traditional family life, your ethnic heritage, private property and history are to be destroyed for a new society. This will be run by the ‘New Illuminati’. A controlling Soviet style group of fabulously wealthy unelected politicians and bureaucrats. The Bureaucrats will be unelected and unaccountable to the citizens and appointed so long as they acquiesce to the New Illuminati. They will have a very pleasant life style if they stay ‘on message’. The citizens will have no say whatsoever in governing. Individualism and free speech are quite incompatible with such Soviet governance. The bulk of the population will be little more than serfs who will be controlled and ordered.

Individuals will be told what they can do, when they can do it, where can do it and how they can do it.

However everyone would be fed and housed but with no personal choice. All will be allocated by faceless bureaucrats.

The EU is part of this project.

This is been quietly set up over the last 50 years without consulting ‘the people’ or even informing them of the UN’s intentions.

We can only have one of the above cultures.

The UN charter was written by Alger Hiss later exposed as a closet Marxist. The UN is now like a stick of Brighton rock. Sweet and sugary on the outside with Marxism running through its core.

(appendix 80)  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2014-002-the-club-of-rome-invented-global-warming/
It is like the fable of the fox meeting a farm dog. ‘What are you doing?’ said the dog ‘Looking for some food’ said the fox. ‘Well join me here’ said the dog. ‘The farmer gives me food and a nice kennel to sleep in’. ‘Sounds great’ said the fox ‘but what is that chain round your neck?’’ Well’ said the dog ‘the farmer only allows me to do what he wants when he wants it’. ‘And the rest of the time?’ asked the fox. ‘Nothing I just sit in front of my kennel.’ ‘Not for me’ said the fox ‘I like to run free and do what I want – goodbye.

But of course the fox is a big threat to the smooth, orderly way of running the farm and has to be hunted down and killed.


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