2017 – 054 The very serious threat of the EU army having control in UK post Brexit

EU to treat UK like Spain is treating Catalonia?

[Ed: UKIP Daily has published Part One of this essay on Sunday 22nd October.]

With the EAW (European Arrest Warrant) Brussels has already launched and landed a grappling iron on our liberties. Yet from their point of view, the EAW system as it stands is not completely adequate for their purposes, for it relies on British police, obeying laws passed by our Parliament, for its enforcement.

In a case of extreme tension, such as that existing between Catalonia and Madrid, our Parliament could unilaterally repeal our acceptance of the EAW, and then our police and courts could disregard any EAW received, or rather could demand to see the evidence on which it was based, and if non-existent or considered insufficient, dismiss it.

To ensure therefore total and permanent control, Brussels will need its own enforcement agents with their boots on our soil, who will owe allegiance only to Brussels, and not to Westminster or Her Majesty the Queen.

Most of the continental States have their own paramilitary riot-police batallions, which serve to keep public order and quell any rebellions by their own populations. Several years ago a number of these were put together to form the European Gendarmerie Force, with headquarters in Northern Italy, where they drill side by side, with the intention of forming a single corps, welded together in the service of the EU. The Spanish contribution is – surprise! – the Guardia Civil.

Britain has no such paramilitary police force and is not part of the EGF (Eurogendfor) . However, article 6.3 of the EGF’s founding Treaty of Velsen says that it may be deployed in any State “with its consent”. Of course once it is inside a State, it will not leave if ordered to merely by the authority of that State, for its loyalty is only to Brussels.

In June 2012, Dominic Raab MP presented a Parliamentary Question, to ask if the Home Secretary (Mrs May) could envisage any circumstances in which the UK might call on “special intervention units” from the EU to set foot “on British soil”. Through her Minister Mr Brokenshire, May replied that, if needed “of course” they would ask for assistance from “our EU allies”.

All this may seem past now, since our government is working determinedly towards Brexit, right?

Well, not really. We are not out of the woods yet. Right now our own armed forces are undergoing heavy cuts in funding. There is a project, called PESCO, to merge the EU member states’ armed forces into a single force, the European Army. And under the cover of “Security”, the UK government’s plan is to be a full member of this!  This is due to be debated and voted on in Parliament shortly.

It is all spelt out in this document .

Once our armed forces are merged into a single force under one command, controlled by Brussels, wearing the same uniforms, we will be completely at their mercy, just as Catalonia is now at the mercy of Madrid. All the talk about trade, finance, citizens’ rights, etc will be irrelevant. Our independence, without our own armed forces in allegiance only to Her Majesty the Queen, will be null and void. They will be able to walk all over us at their pleasure, just as Madrid will now soon be able to walk all over Catalonia.

350 years of peaceful constitutional evolution have blinded the British people and our politicos to the ultimate reality of power in any land. Our continental cousins are only too conscious of it, They have nearly all experienced dramatic and violent changes in government in living memory. We in Britain risk losing sight of it at our peril. Mao TseTung was fully aware of it, when he said “Power springs from the barrel of a gun,” And Stalin, who also knew what he was about, said “To control a territory it is enough to have the support of 10% of the population, provided that your 10% has guns, and the other 90% does not.”

Many EU leaders have manifested an angry desire to “punish” the UK for daring to vote to leave the EU, just as Madrid sent in its Guardia Civil to punish and chastise, with truncheons and rubber bullets, the Catalans who were voting for their independence from Spain.

If HMG pursues its present policy of going along with EU military integration, we will be putting our head in the jaws of the lion. Please all write to your MP with a link to this article, and tell him or her to oppose this self-destruction of our independence, our freedom and our democracy!

Meanwhile I hope that UKIP as a whole, and in particular our leader Henry Bolton who is also spokesman on Defence, with his background in military and security matters, takes up the cudgels on this.

The wall of media silence on this must be breached,

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