2022 – 021 CND marches in the 60s and how it was funded?

Mick Greenhough  editor@theeuroprobe.org

I only ever saw one CND march with Bertrand Russel (now known to be a Franfurt School adhearant) at its head. They were collecting money in a bucket from the people watching . In the bucket was a role of the old white £5 banknotes about 5 inches diameter in two rubber bands along with shillings and 2 bob coins. Thought nothing of it at the time but it stuck in my mind. I then read Pavel Stroilov’s artical in the Spectator and realised that must be how CND got funded in a way  that could not be traced as it had no paper trail.

read http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2014-024-from-the-diaries-of-russian-spymaster-chernyaev-pavel-stroilov-exposes-labours-seditious-meeting-with-them/

also read  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2012-025-the-frankfurt-school-to-destroy-western-civilisation/

It is a wonder this country has survived and the Woke campaign is continuing that movement?

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