2024 – 007 The Britons and Caucasians who are they?

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Alfred the Great's England - Robin Mark Phillips

The British (the English, Scots, Cornish, Welsh and Irish but particularly the English) are getting a lot of flak of late, even to the extent where there are some who advocate that the British should not exist at all. So who are the British?  and why are the people of European and British heritage and culture from all round the world now continually under attack? It is a movement that began before WWI in 1912 long before the Nazis came to power with their ‘White Supremacy.  It is becoming far more active today. From the RAF, BBC, Fire Brigade, councils and many others are not accepting White applicants to the TV Advertising industry making anti white male and using mainly black actors in adverts. Not just UK but worldwide – the murdering of the white Boer farmers.


also read  https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2023/05/20/london-transport-advertises-paid-position-for-people-of-non-white-heritage/

Arabs took black AND whites as slaves, but they’re not called racist, or being told they have to pay reparations. They’re not told they DON’T have a culture worth keeping, or that their colour and creed don’t matter. So why are WE tolerating the abuse?

So why is there such enthusiasm by the UN and our governments to encourage mass migration from Africa and S America into ‘White countries when there is so much more room in the Middle East, S America and Africa. It is becoming more and more obvious that the UN wishes to see the demise of the White tribes by reducing their birthrate to extinction or overwhelming them with migrants??? – read on


Some are even those calling for the elimination of the White race – actually the Caucasians. Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter being the worst which is now prevalent in our schools and Universities. Deluded left wing teachers are teaching our kids that they and their parents are evil and racist just for being white. Curiously it is often promoted by fellow extreme left wing whites. There is also a very positive movement to emasculate white men from infant school onwards. Could the mass immigration be part of this plan even if it is our own MPs, Lords and Church leaders ensuring it carrys on? Indeed the Church of England is actively brainwashing young people that White supremacy is a fact and being white is evil. Many Corporates now have Diversity Officers to ensure that White people are stopped from joining that Corporation. The proposed elimination of Whites is not a new phenomina – it has been going on since 1912 – before WWI.


Mass migration into UK is ostensibly to have a large pool of migrants to keep wages low to satisfy the leaders of industry instead of training the British youth for skilled work and appropriate pay. However there is surely more to it than just that. The way the government gives illegal migrants housing priority over UK citizens and veterans makes one believe that the EU Coudenhove policy is being implemented by the UK government. Recent immigrants are given council houses before homeless British citizens ?????

The Home Office are giving out visas like Smarties as they seem incapable of sorting out the refugees from the economic migrants. The job should be taken off the Home Office and given to those who can do the job.

One can also speculate why there are no ‘safe routes’ to Kenya, Zambia, Saudi, Japan and many other countries who are desparate for skilled workers but only to the EU and UK?

Not only that but the Tory government is considering giving all EU citizens domiciled in the UK the Vote in a move to further dilute the Britons ownership of the UK.

However it is now clear that the UN only promotes migration into White Western countries with its Migration Pact never into Africa, China, Middle East, Japan, India, S America??? Some refugees in those countries but not promoted by the UN.


Every second year the EU awards a Coudenhove Prize to the politician or bureaucrat who has made a significant contribution to Coudenhove’s Plan and Coudenhove was the first recipient.

The same plan for the UK?


Touitou died in 2020, when alive he headed the London School of Jewish Studies (1971-1982), & the hesder yeshiva Birkat Moshe in Ma’ale Adumim from 1982 until death.

Yasmin alibhai-brown on Twitter: "#SteveBannon Are good and properly ...

Elon Musk is right, Germany is funding the invasion of Italy and they are not the only ones. The entire political establishment is plotting together to flood Europe with millions of illegals rt


MI5 to ban white applicants


Mike Rotchburns @M_Rotchburns


The Shadow Secretary of State for Culture & Media Mr Dansan Singh said in a BBC interview today that £400m is being spent on a massive music festival for Bradford’s city of culture year, He stated “I’m making sure it will be the most diverse festival ever by banning white people”

British governments of all parties have instituted tax regeims that disadvantage British citizens having children.

https://youtu.be/fNc4T9jYEis  Joe Biden and immigration  and why white genocide is good for you   

Former prime minister Tony Abbott says that 400 white farmers have been murdered in South Africa over the past 12 months – for being white.

The UK advertising industry clearly has a similar agenda as the majority of its TV adverts are promoting BAME actors and mixed marriages as the norm no matter how rare they are. Their agenda is nothing to do with their remit to persuade people to buy their clients goods or services.

A good example is the explosion of virtue signalling by the media that there were no black players in the England womens football team. Not even a squeek from the media that there were no white players in the Nigerian team.

“White lives matter” – hate speech

“It’s okay to be white” – hate speech

“Try that in a small town” – hate speech

“Kill the white farmers” – It’s just a chant


It is easy to believe that the UN, the WEF, The New World Order and the Great Reset are working towards eliminating, by stealth, the White Caucasians or is that another conspiricy theory that looks like it is coming true? The continual tolerence of BAME criminals and intolerance of white innocents  has all the atributes of a deliberate Agenda by the courts and police. For you to decide.

Diversity is a euphemism for discrimination against white people. Could this be the future of Europe?

Disney to release Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs now as Snow Flake and the  & 7 weidos


The BBC interpretation of British Histotory


What is being taught in our schools was too much for this man


So who are the Caucasians?

Some 6 million years ago an ape-like creature started to walk on two legs instead of all fours. He then began to hunt and eat meat and fat.  The meat rich diet was critical for their brains to develop once we left the vegetarian diet of the apes. Why they did it we do not know but it was the start of the line of hominoids. They began to evolve into several different breeds/species (?) of hominoids, one, the Denisova hominids who left Africa perhaps 100,000 years ago and spread as far as China and Micronesia. Another was the Neanderthals in Europe. All of the various hominids came and went extinct except the one that led to the Denisovians, Homo Sapians and Neanderthals. The Denisovians disappeared almost completely with only a trace of their DNA left while the Neanderthals went extinct only about 40,000 years ago but against all the odds the line that led to the Homo Sapiens survived.

About 250,000 years ago something started to happen in the brains and to the bodies of one hominoid breed and they became Homo Sapiens (that is us) who appeared in the southern tip of Africa. Some sort of environmental stress was possibly the cause but we do not know. That evolutionary pressure changed our brain and physical body. We lost the brow ridge and developed a chin. Our skeleton became more gracile but we are not yet completely evolved. Our knees, hips, back and digestive system are still linked to our walking on all fours and cause us much trouble in our later years.

The early hominoid brain seemed to have had several compartments that each dealt individually and in isolation with a different skill. Making fire, hunting, knapping stone tools, making skin clothes. In the developing meat eating Homo Sapien brain those distinctly separate areas of the brain began to cross-link and cooperate – a massive change.  That cross-linking in the brain enabled Homo Sapiens to create and invent and to have almost unlimited imagination. (Read ‘The Pre History of the Mind’ by Stephen Mithen) Of the other Hominids, it seems that only Neanderthals had some limited creativity of thought as they too began to bury some of their dead using very simple ceremonies with grave goods for a select few.  They started to grapple with the mystery of death and what happens to the spark of life when it leaves the body after death. Where does it go – if anywhere? Something we do not understand even today. Nearly all European Caucasians have a trace of Neandethal in their genetic heritage, Africans have virtually none and East Asians often have a trace of Denisovan.

These early African Hominids had to cope with the intense ultraviolet rays in the African sunshine so they evolved melanin (which made the skin black) to protect themselves. But the skin is also required to produce vitamin D from sunlight to allow bone to grow properly and their sun was strong enough for that. As some moved North the sunlight became weaker and damage from ultraviolet rays became less and the need for  Vitamin D increased so the melanin in the skin decreased. Hense humans from Africa became black and those who moved north became white.

Homo Sapiens began to wonder why rain occurred, what made thunderstorms and having intelligence but only with very limited knowledge invented gods and very elaborate ceremonies for the dead as a belief in an afterlife developed. Some of the more astute became Shamans or witchdoctors, to give themselves control over the less astute in their society. They did it with fear and the promise of a pleasant eternal afterlife if you do as they tell you and you will burn in Hell if you dont.

We are all born with the same desires and emotions but our upbring can decide which ones we take up preferentially.  There are many inherited unpleasant traits from our animal past. Greed, envy, lying, spite, hatred, violent temper, the desire and necessity to own land, irrationality, thieving, being very competitive  to be in charge that often boils over into violence. All necessary for survival in an extremely hostile world. However, we also have compassion, friendliness, tolerance,  humour, honesty, cooperation and have a work ethic that makes one civilised and one has to suppress those more unpleasant traits inherited from our animal past. We as Homo Sapians also have a universal desire for ceremony on significant occasions – birth, marriage and death.

Two significant traits we have inherited is to settle, own property and land and to farm for our food but also to wander and migrate to look for pastures new. When they settled it was essential for a stone age clan to have exclusive control of enough land that contained all the rescources for the clan to survive. No problem when there is plenty of empty land but a big problem when 2 clans wanted the resources and control of the same area of land. There is great natural resistance to those who enter ‘your’ land uninvited and taking ‘your’ resources without  asking or contributing to your clan. The two clans may well be very closely related to each other and in the extreme their animosity could be today’s racism??? The belief that your clan is the best is natural and for all clans but it does not demean other clans.

When you see 2 robins fighting in springtime they are not fighting over a female robin. They are fighting over an area of land large enough to contain all the resources needed the raise a his brood. When the Robin has esablished his ‘area’ then the female Robin will take notice of him. It  is the same with humans. If a rival clan tries to take over ‘their’ land and obliterate their clan by force or stealth they will often take very extreme and unpleasant measures to ensure their survival.

When a wandering clan of Homo Sapians enter an empty tract of land does it become that clans property for all time? Does that land belong to the animals already there or the Neanderthals who were there first?

From their place of origin the Homo Sapiens migrated up to the north east of Africa where perhaps some 60,000 years ago a small group of perhaps as few as 50 waded across the then shallow water to what is now Yemen and settled. The rest moved west to become the many tribes of Africans. They were all the same people with the same DNA as the ones who crossed into Asia Minor but evolved into different breeds. (Read The ‘Journey of Man’ by Spencer Wells). Some good at running, some swimming, some less than 5ft tall others over 6 ft tall. Different abilities but all the same people. We all share the same 99.9% of Homo Sapian DNA. The <0.1% makes us individuals. It could be of interest as to why eugenics is considered a good thing for breeding dogs and horses but not Homo Sapians. Our DNA contains our history right back to before we left the sea.

In Arabia they began to prosper and spread out into the very fertile land that is now Syria and settled. From here a few moved north through the Caucusaus (the Caucasians) into the Russian Steppes with its vast herds of animals. Others went east to colonise the rest of the Eastern world or west around the Mediterranian rim. The Cauasaus is the moutainous land between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

If a Patagonian Indian can have fertile children with a Siberian Nomad we are all of the same species but separate breeds. Rather like dogs

Although every person has a very slightly different DNA by which they can be identified by they also fall into general groups depending on your ancestry that can be traced when your DNA is examined. What is  referred to as ‘race’ was when scientists originally tried to categorise humans. Race seems to be based on appearance not DNA heritage which at that time was quite unknown. The discovery of DNA has surely made the notion of Race obsolete? There is surely only one race? Racism is a political accusation invented by Trotsky to shut down discussion. He was a very unpleasant person – so much so that his equally evil fellow Bolshevik Stalin had an ice pick planted in his head.

There are now roughly two world views – a globalist one (New World Order/WEF) where nations do not exist and all the breeds of humans and their cultures are merged into one breed, one culture and have free access to any country. Free speech and free movement are strictly limited and all property belongs to the State.  The other is Populism where the various breeds and cultures are maintained. Nations and their different cultures maintained for the enjoyment by all for their variety. Free speech, free movement and personal property and the fruits of you labour are yours.

Anyone who objects to the Coudenhove Plan is roundly accused of being a Racist by the extreme Left. (read  https://www.theeuroprobe.org/2013-043-un-agenda-21-and-eu-coudenhove/ )

We are all of the same species but different breeds and products of evolution. All humans  share 99.9% of our DNA, we share 99% with apes, 80% with cows and 50% with potatoes. DNA is quite mirlaculous as such a minor change can cause such a dramatic result every time.

As hominoids evolved in Africa they had to cope with a very strong sun so their bodies evolved melanin that made their skin and eyes dark bown or black to protect them from the ultra violet sun’s rays.  However I am at a complete loss as to the evolutionary advantage of going bald. So as man moved north into a much weaker sun that melanin inhibeted the bodily production of essential vitamin D so the melanin gradually diminshed making their skin white. Such people can now suffer severe sun burn if exposed to a hot sun and also prone to skin cancer unless very careful.

A very few probably moved to Europe but the encroaching ice from the North interrupted their migration.  Northern Europe became covered with a glacier over one mile thick. Along the southern edge of this glacier were a few very small groups of hominoids – the Neanderthals and perhaps also even fewer Homo Sapiens who ocasionally they met. That weight of Ice pressed the UK into the mantle. Now the ice has melted the UK is reassurting its position – Glacial Rebound causing us about 5000 earthquakes a year.

When the glacier melted 12000 years ago a few Caucasians left the Russian Steppes and moved west settled and eventually became Poles.  A few of them then moved further west and became Germans and some went south to become Bulgarian, Romanian, Ukrainians, N Italian, Helenes etc. They were all the same people. Due to the climate and lack of sufficient sunshine and vitamin D they gradually lost the melanin that makes the skin brown and hair black to become fair-skinned and blonde.

Your inherited DNA is one of your most priceless and precious possessions and should be treated accordingly to pass on to your children as you received it.

Probably the first Peoples in Britain were the Neanderthals who went extinct over 40-25,000 years ago. So do the British Islands belong to them as they were the first here or British who still have a trace of Neanderthal in the heritage?

Again some tribes moved even further west into Britain but they all came from a fairly small area of NW Germany. They were the different tribes, but very closely related tribes, of Franks, Dutch, Danes, Frisians, Norse, Jutes, Welsh, Celts, Gauls, Belgae. In the Early Middle  Age large numbers of Angles from central Denmark  and Saxons before southern Denmark moved to England before spreading out across the world. All the NW German tribes were the same people but as the tribes became isolated from each other they developed separate languages and cultures but we are all Caucasians who split into the many white tribes. Probably many of these NW European tribes could understand each other as their languages were so close. There are three basic Caucasian language sub groups – Slavic, Celtic and Teutonic with different languages but they are all the same people and all the languages seem to have the same root (Aryian?). The British (English, Scots, Welsh, Cornish and Irish) are an amalgamation of several very closely related Teutonic tribes who moved from NW Europe to settle in Great Britain. Angles, Saxons, Danes, Frisians, Jutes, Norse, Normans, Belgae, Celts and several others. Indeed at one time King Cnut was king of Norway, Denmark and England. They had their own particular languages and cultures which probably accounts for the various accents in different parts of the UK. The Highland Scots call the Lowland Scots Sassenachs (Saxons) but the lowland Scots were in fact Angles. From Russia to the UK we are all Caucasian cousins who have been slaughtering the best of each others peoples for hundreds of years. We should never do so again as we are all now under common dire threat. The Russian and Ukrainians are Caucasian cousins. We have lost over 100 million -Stalin 60m, Hitler 20m, WWI 40m then Napoleon, The English Civil war +++. Imagine Europe now if they all had lived and that wealth had not been spent on wars and having to rebuild after those wars?

All these tribes evolved their own cultures, customs and languages of which they are very proud and want to keep them but nearly all of them more or less agree on basic Christian principles. It is a ‘law’ of Nature to wish to keep to your tribe. Pidgeons flock with other Pidgeons and Crows with other Crows and grand parents wish to see their grand children in their own image. Diversity is, in truth, a celebration of the rich tapistry of different tribes of humans but is being used to disadvantage the Caucasians.

The Britons are all generally called Anglo Saxons (with much Scandanavian DNA) as they were the largest of the many very closely related tribes that came from NW Europe. However we are two distinct groups – Celts and English who have often fought each other in the past but when the English came to dominate they did not try to eliminate the others. Each have kept their own customs and languages with the Scots even their own law and the Welsh their own language. The Saxons and the Celts have more or less the same culture and exist together quite comfortably even on the Rugby field. Where there are two cultures in proximity that are significantly different from each other then serious conflict is sure to result.

When our hunter gatherer ancestors settled one of the first things they did was to dig a ditch and build a berm around their settlement. Not to protect themselves from wild animals but from rival clans who coverted their assets. Basically then your safety and survival rested squarely on your loyalty to your family and the other clan members – was this the first racism’?

So who were the first people to live in Britain? Probably Neanderthals were the first who became extinct 25,000 years ago. From Neolithic times several groups of migrants probably came from Spain and the Eastern Mediterranian. Each group as they arrived more or less completely replaced those already here. The stone age people who built Stonehenge seem to have disappeared and replaced by Bronze age Beaker people probably from Central Asia. Then sometime later, perhaps a thousand years later, the Celts came from Europe to inhabit an empty land until they were conquered by the Romans then by Normans. As the Roman empire declined several German tribes came over first as mercenaries then to settle in numbers until they more or less took over England pushing the Celtic Britons to Wales, Cornwall, Scotland and Ireland but where they kept their Celtic identity. Later large numbers of Vikings began to raid then settle in N England and the Saxons and Vikings fought for many years to control all of England from York to London until the Saxons reclaimed full control. The matter was finally settled in 1066 when William the Conquerer, who was promised the English crown, and his Viking Normans were totally victorious. While all this was going on the Celtic clans were busy fighting each other. The Viking victors did not replace the Saxons but dominated them until they finally all merged to become the English. That more or less is the make-up of the British people. So who do the British Isles belong to if not those who got it by force of arms and promise rather than those here first – the Neanderthals?

The British invented the Industrial Revolution and the Industrial Society which has now given many millions of people much longer and fruitful lives. It came in so fast that Society could not keep up with it resulting in dreadful squalor for many workers (read Orwell’s ‘Road to Wigan Pier’). However the Victorians built sewers, roads, schools, railways, libraries, garden villages and many more improvements for the lives of the general public but there is still a long way to go for some. The British Empire took that culture to much of the world turning many stone age cultures into modern countries.

These are the Caucasians. Now the UN wants the New World Order (the Great Reset)  and the elimination the White Caucasian DNA from the human gene pool. They want a single mixed breed of people  – Richard Coudenhove’s Mestizo people achieved by mass migration with the whole world run by a small elite of unelected and fabulously wealthy families, International banks and International Corporates. Free speech, personal property and owning the fruits of your labour are unacceptable. There is also an unstated agenda on TV programs and adverts to encourage mixed marriages and by the Establishment to help in this elimination of Caucasians. Particularly to denigrate anything British or White – such as the  bizaarly and deliberately equating the flag of St George with Nazi ideology and racism.

Perhap the most effective people who wish to eliminate the Caucasians are some of our fellow Caucasians. Why? Do they suffer from a form of the Stockholm Syndrome??


They hope to achieve that by persuading white women to have less than 2 children or no children at all. (A country needs 2.5 children per family to maintain the population). Mass immigration from the non white countries into white countries is being encouraged to replace the Caucasians. It is up to us as to whether we want our Caucasian heritage to survive and that means having 3 or more children per family.


There are also continuous calls from the ‘Left’ and non Brits (and even some on the Right) to rubbish the Union Jack as racist. The Union Jack is a proud statement of Britishness. Your inherited DNA is one of your most precious assets you have to be passed on to your descendants.

You should be aware that the UN and the Great Reset (akaThe New World Order) want to see all the different breeds of humans reduced to just Coudenhove’s Mestizo people only as they will be more docile and easier to control. Especially they want to remove the turbulent Caucasian DNA.

The UN want eventually that the White Caucasion peoples and their DNA removed from the human gene pool. Their way to achieve that is by mass, unconditional migration into White countries.

George Orwell

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

― George Orwell

It is of interest to speculate what the life style and living standards of the Caucasions in Russia and Europe would be now if we had’t spent so much of our wealth and money destroying each others population and property nearly every generation. Then having to spend more of our wealth and money to rebuild what we had destroyed?

  https://youtu.be/fNc4T9jYEis  Joe Biden and immigration  and why white genocide is good for you

Now why this antagonism to the ‘English’?  The ‘English’ (in this context also includes the Welsh, Scots, Cornish and Irish – the people of the UK and those who spread around the Empire and the rest of the world) are a very small % of the world’s population however their achievements have been enormous. Their inventiveness, work ethic and adventurous spirit and compassion achieved perhaps the greatest Empire in history. But it was essentially an Empire of Trade not one of conquest. If it were not for the British Empire (and some of the other European Empires) half the world would still be in the stone age. The British Empire has at no time sent out an army to conquer another country, not in the same mold as the Greek, Roman, Mongols, French, German, Soviet and many other empires that were of conquest. The Chinese are doing it by trade not force – yet. The British Empire’s control of many countries was almost by default to enable easier trade and usually carried out by private Trading Groups (The East India Company). Generations of the British have produced a country with many networks of roads, water supply, gas, electricity, hospitals, schools, libraries, foul water sewers, bridges, railways underground and overground that many other countries have copied. They were set up for a population of about 50 million but now the population has increased to 65 million with immigration all those assets are now becoming overloaded. That required considerable work and committment. Should those who came to the UK without being invited have free use of those assets or should they contribute to them for several years before they do?

It was not just the British but many of the Europeans as well but the British perhaps did it best? The dissolution of the British Empire post war was was achieved with relative ease and transformed into the British Commonwealth that most of the Empire’s states joined willingly and even countries who were not in the British Empire have joined.

The British were staunch Protestant Christians as there was not much else to do on Sundays. Of late there has been a big drop off but generally they follow the last 6 of the 10 Commandments if not the first 4 – except when about to die.

The fighting ability of the small British army has been of the highest order.

The British Caucasians have excelled in sport at the international level.

They have given the world a great universal language and a template for law and order and the Industrial Society that has raised many millions out of poverty. It is also worth remembering that all the industries of the UK industrial revolution were private enterprises not Socialist inventions or government iniatives. The Caucasians of Europe spread around most of the World and in general enhanced where they went. ( It should be remembered that the American War of Independance was a war between English settlers and a German king with German Hessian mercenary soldiers. The slaughter of Americans by fellow Americans was emormous genetic catastrophy in 1861. Similar the slaughter of millions of Russians by fellow Russians post 1917. A number of Caucasians have done some very despicable things but so have all the other peoples. On balance The European Caucasians and their overseas cousins can be very proud indeed of their achievements.

These achievements have not appeared out of the blue. White Privilege, such as it is, is the consequence of generations of hard work and accomplishments. The British have a culture of tolerance, reasonableness and Free speech, respect for women, personal honesty, integrity, a sense of humour and a work ethic though some do not always follow it. Such a culture is quite unacceptable to the New World Order.


The British have been world leaders of inventions, engineering, science, sport, music, art and literature out of all proportion to their small numbers. Something to be very proud of. Our contribution to the world of sport and music has been enormous.


Britain and the European Caucasians came very late to the slave trade but at no time was it British government policy. Indeeed it was William the Conquerer who first decared that any slave who stood on English soil who immediately be free, but that did not include Serfs. Except in 1685  some 856 of Monmouth’s British rebel soldiers were sent the W Indies as slaves by the infamous Judge Jeffries. The West Indies had soil and weather ideal for growing sugar cane and south N America for growing cotton but they were very labour intensive and the Plantation owners could not get reliable labour locally. Freebooters (the people traffickers of their day with allegiance to no particular country often funded by Portugese Jews) took up the Atlantic slave trade. They discovered a thriving slave trade that had been going on in Africa to the Middle East for hundreds of years where the African Chiefs captured their own people and sold them to the Middle East slave traders. The Freebooters purchaced goods necessary from Europe and often from Britain to exchange for slaves. The Freebooters then bought the slaves off the West African Chiefs who had rounded up their subjects for sale to the Freebooters who then shipped them across the Atlantic to the plantation owners in the North but mostly to the South Americas.  There were British individuals deeply involved in owning slaves but it was the norm for that era and never a National policy. It was widely practiced across the world until Britain, almost exclusively of all the countries of the world, abolished the Atlantic slave trade in 1807 by establishing the West African Squadron of the Royal Navy to stop the slave ships. I believe one of my ancestors was a sailor in that Squadron and was killed stopping a Portugese slave ship and saving a boat load of slaves from slavery. The descendants of those freed slaves owe their fredom to my ancestors sacrifice so perhaps they owe me reparations?

It should be remembered that Gordon of Khartoum was hacked to death by Sudanese for trying to stop the slave trade there. England used the power and strength of the Royal Navy to enforce that abolition.  If any slave was able to stand on British territory they were immediately a free man. The accusation of the British being racist is a major cannon in the anti British army and it is now difficult to understand the vilification of the UK today on slavery as if the UK invented slavery and were the sole practitioner. Many of those descended from slaves owe their freedom today to the British sailors of the 19th century who achieved freedom for their ancestors. Many Brits have ancestors who were in the Royal Navy and who lost their lives freeing slaves. Those of African descent who are today free owe their freedom to the British sailors who gave the ultimate sacrifice to achieve freedom for them. However it has continued in many other parts of the world and is still very prevalent in them today but without any sanction from the Woke Caucasians or the UN. They only criticise the British who made it illegal a couple of hundred years ago.  Why? Slavery of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries can be compared with the Drug Trade of today. Certain British citizens are deeply involved in selling drugs but it is not government policy and the British people have no responsibilty whatsoever for it. Snowflakes in the Western world who criticise those who benefited from the slave trade then without being involved in it are quite happy to buy cheap clothes and goods made by slave labour in the Far East now. Those British sailors who died freeing their ancestors deserve a thanks of gratitude the lack of which is now so very offensive to the sailors descendants?

Nature has evolved very complicated and specific courting rituals – for example – swans to ensure they do not mate with Canada geese. Hedge sparrows do not mate with House sparrows. General throughout the natural world. For the NWO elite to try to enforce a single breed of people on the world’s population is against the Law of Nature. Humans are very tribal and need a common culture and bond with their neighbours to live at ease.

Sadly the Caucasians have for fought among themselves for hundreds of years slaughtering untold thousands of some of the best of each others populations to our mutual disadvantage. (UK has lost 1.5 million of our best people in the last 2 world wars. Germany over 4 million in WWII and Russia perhaps 20 million). The Russians and Ukranians are Caucasian cousins.  Essential that we should be supporting each other now we have more or less achieved stable safe countries. Rivalry between peoples is inherent in Human Nature. The two football team supporters of Manchester or Celtic and Rangers in Glasgow often resort to mutual violence but are fiercely loyal to each other and are great mates when supporting the English or Scottish national teams. Read Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ to understand this behaviour. Sadly peace between rival clans is proportional to their distance apart.

Flooding Caucasian countries with non Caucasians is not the solution for stable societies. Importing people of alian cultures to make up the shortage of workers in you country is not the solution. Making it financially viable for the indigineous population to have 3-4 children and a house is. Some of the most vociferous of people for the demise of the Caucasians are the Woke community who are often fellow, but deluded, Caucasians.

It is the aim of the EU to destroy all the various vibrant cultures of the different EU countries for a single bland European culture that will be easier to control.

Perhaps the biggest threat to us Caucasians are our self loathing liberal Caucasians?

Immigration into Britain has always occured but on a very small scale. Huguenots in the 16 century were French Protestants fleeing Catholic persecution brought their silk weaving skills to England, Jews in the 20th cent fleeing Nazi persecution. They were all small in number and brought in their skills. Single immigrants like Augustus Seibe, a German immigrant who developed Deanes open helmet into a worldwide Commercial Diving company. In the 21 cent Labour’s Blair and Mandelson opened up the UK to almost unlimited immigration to expand their voter base. Some 10 million have come many of who have contributed very little to the UK and brought in many who wish the UK people harm and Muslims who want to outbreed the British and turn UK into an Islamic state. see  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2324112/Lord-Mandelson-Immigrants-We-sent-search-parties-hard-Britons-work.html

It is also of interest as to why so many British people have blue eyes and red or blond hair. The natural colour is black but about 10,000 years ago one person was born in the Caucasus with a genetic mutation of a gene that stopped it making the natural colour of dark brown/black and changed it to blue. As it was  one person in a very small group it was a large % of that group.  That mutation has continued down the ages. All Caucasian blue-eyed people have that gene switch and can trace their ancestry back to that single Caucasian person. Very occasonally and very rarely this same genetic accident also occures in other parts of the world but is quickly lost in a much large population.

Red hair is a very ancient trait and even people with Brown hair it looks very red under a microscope.

Surely envy must also play a major role in the current anti-Britishness?

The future seems to be either a world where the White Caucasians and other cultures have been eliminated and replaced by Coudenhove’s Mestizo people or the Caucasians, all other peoples nations and cultures will continue to enrich the world. The point of no return is fast approaching.

We need a Worldwide Caucasian Foundation to defend and protect the interests of Caucasian peoples in Europe, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and across the world. This costs money but a very small sum from many millions of Caucasians would soon build up a good fund to protect their interests

A small monthly donation of £1, $1 or €1 to a suitable Foundaton would build up a fund to protect the interests of the Caucasians.

A project for someone?

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