2014 – 033 The Coalition proposes to take control over children from parents

From: Julia Gasper <uppermordent@gmail.com>
The Christian Institute in the UK just put out the following news.

The Coalition government, under the guidance of Stonewall, is proposing to bring in a law that  will police every parent and every home, with a ten year prison sentence for any parent who is held by social workers to have harmed a child’s  physical, intellectual, emotional,  social or behavioural development
Undoubtedly this is aimed at curtailing religious and moral education.
This is extremely sinister. The proposed legal definition of emotional neglect is so broad that parents could be arrested and imprisoned for teaching their children that homosexuality is  wrong or for trying to pass their Christian faith on to their children. There is a very active secularist agenda working from the EU and in this country through Common Purpose.(2013 – 004)
The implications for parental rights, children’s rights and the rights of freedom of expression and religion are huge.
The same alarming tendency is to be seen in Scotland, where the government has announced a  plan to appoint a social worker as “guardian” over every child born in Scotland. The parents  will have to justify what they do and what they teach to this social worker!
Another sinister proposal gravely undermining parental rights.
Note also what the acting CEO of Stonewall recently said. Key sentence: “We must use our  skills and energy to make sure homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are eradicated from our  schools, our streets, ours sports fields, our workplaces, our churches and our homes.”  In  other words to teach heteronormativity will soon be a crime. How does she propose to police what parents say to their children in their own homes?
Please all write to your MPs and your local papers and protest about this Big Brother police state legislation.

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