2014 – 003 The England Football, Rugby, Cricket teams – what will happen to them

    The England Football, Rugby, Cricket teams – what will happen to them?

The EU Grand Project is that England will be split up into 9 Regions of a Greater Europe and England will technically no longer exist. (indeed strictly it does not exist now according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica – see 2006-15/a and 2006-15) Currently what is roughly the Home Counties area is called the South East Region – i.e. the SE of England. The boundaries will not follow the historic county boundaries but will deliberately go across them to break them up. When England ceases to exist what will this region be called? It cannot be the SE Region of somewhere that doesn’t really exist anymore.

This will not apply to teams that are not national teams. eg Man United and Chelsea etc only National teams. The reason is the EU want to eliminate all references to Nations and only a single state of Europe.

The EC are very reluctant to say and refuse to discuss the subject at all. They have said, however, that they want to take over full control of English and European football. (to be run, no doubt, by faceless bureaucrats who have next to no knowledge of football.)

The SE Region will not be a ‘part of England’ as there will then be no such place as ‘England’. (see 2006-18 of The Europrobe) The current SE Region will eventually be on a par with any other region on the continent. It will be as logical to select an ‘English’ team from a ‘French’ or ‘Belgian’ region as well as from an English region. So how will there be ‘England’ teams for sport, how will they be selected and what will they be called? Would an ‘English’ team still be selected from a group of nine Regions while a ‘Scottish’ team selected from only one? Would the Eurocrats permit such an anomaly?  more


The Amendments that were passed (March 2007) were, Amendment 28 of the Ivo Belet Report on European Football.

28 whereas the international dimension in professional football does not correspond with the international dimension recognised within EU structures in that football’s governing bodies recognise the separate status of certain EU nations which are not currently recognised as separate Member States of the EU.

What this Eurobabble means is that the UK can only have one football team – not separate England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland teams.

Looming behind this is that the EU intends to eliminate all the Nations of Europe the become one state of Europe. England will no longer exist and you will no longer be English but European.

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