2014 – 005 EU plan to disarm the citizens

All totalitarian regimes wish to disarm their citizens to avoid any possibility of an armed citizens uprising. All citizens without any criminal record should be able to own firearms. The political elite are quite relaxed about criminals owning and using firearms.

 Our splendid Countryside Alliance Executive Chairman is warning us that the EU are working for a unarmed citizenry.  No surprise there then as all dictatorial regimes wish to have a cowed and supine populace.   This will make it all the easier for the Eurogendamerie (2014 – 023).  Visit this site to see them exercising.
The typical murderer who uses a gun is normally psychotic and should not poses any firearm.
So if a pyscho gets into his BMW and deliberately ploughs into a bus queue of kids is the logical response to ban all BMWs?


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