2014 – 031 LibLab Cons on the naughty step

Here is something that you won’t see on the BBC, Sky News or any of the front national newspapers.

A UKIP member says something like Roma are the most prolific of pick pockets and the Eurotards, West London chattering class and the media go purple with rage.

Meanwhile what they have’nt noticed ….. read on

Since Monday this week, there have been 17 Lib/Lab/Con councillors arrested, charged or convicted of offences including perverting the course of justice, child pornography, firearms and electoral fraud. In the same period, a further 13 have been involved in racism, sexism or homophobic scandals. Only 1 – Lord Hanningfield – has featured in the national media. 

If any of them would have been UKIP, they would have made the news.


This list covers yesterday’s (the 15th May) and today’s press reports only. The breakdown is:

Tories – 2 on firearms offences, 1 for falsely claiming to be a barrister, 1 drink driving ban, 1 disqualified for benefits fraud, 1 cronyism over pub license breach, 1 accused of sexist remarks

Labour – 1 banned from office for bullying, 1 cronyism delaying prosecution for benefits fraud, 1 electoral fraud allegation, 5 resignations over racism claims, 2 resignations over homophobia claims, 1 facing investigation into homophobic remarks

Lib Dem – 2 on benefits fraud charges

Take a look, and see how many of these you can spot on Hope not Hate’s website, or in the national media!

Tory councillor in Chingford to be sentenced today over firearms charges

Tory councillor resigns from party over firearms conviction in Somerset

‘Independent’ councillor – whose wife is a Labour county councillor – has disqualification for bullying reduced to 18 months

Labour councillor has case adjourned until safely after the election after her own (Labour controlled) council makes shambles of court paperwork in Thurrock

Former Lib Dem councillor now standing as independent charged with benefits fraud in Kingston

Conservative councillor arrested over false barrister claims in Guildford

Lib Dem councillor convicted of benefit fraud charges forced of council committees after refusing to resign in Tiverton

Conservative councillor receives one year ban for drink driving in Skegness

Police launch electoral fraud investigation into Labour councillor in Slough over intimidation relating to postal votes

Conservative candidate disqualified after £30k benefits fraud conviction comes to light in Enfield

5 Labour councillors resign from party in Middlesbrough citing racism of local Labour Party among other complaints

Tory council accused of turning blind eye to license breaches at pub owned by Tory councillor during function on behalf of Tory mayor in Crayford

SNP activists claims Tory councillor made sexist remarks (but nobody else heard) in Berwickshire

Labour councillor faces investigation over homophobic remarks directed at gay rival in Liverpool

More resignations from Labour Party in Thanet following leader’s resignation over homophobia claims earlier this week
A former Labour councillor has pleaded guilty to abusing his position to defraud a charity. Geoff Hammond, who represented Higham Hill ward in Walthamstow, admitted the offence during a hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court yesterday.

As if there weren’t already enough rakes to step on for Ed Miliband in Thurrock, a local Labour councillor has been charged with benefit fraud ahead of his trip today. Clare Baldwin has represented Labour on Thurrock council since 2011, this month she appeared in court charged with making dishonest representations so as to obtain housing and council tax benefit, allegedly dishonestly claiming more than £2,640. Labour have suspended Baldwin while she contests the charge, though Guido is told she still sits in the Labour group

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