2015 – 039 Who did you vote for? Check here to see if you did the right thing.

The Sleazy Three? – The Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats.
Are they the right people to run our country? They are all complicit in a range of appalling misconducts.

Harriet Harman (Labour Party deputy leader), Patricia Hewitt (Labour MP) and their associates in the Labour Party heavily supported the Paedophilia Information Exchange (PIE) for adults to have sexual relationships with children. The Party Bosses knew about their activities but nevertheless promoted them to higher office. Political pressure by the party on the Rotherham Police prevented them from stopping gangs sexually exploiting 1400 little girls there and it is reported that there are still as many as 4-600 more still being exploited. The gangs claim they are ‘untouchable’. This was allowed by Labour to protect their Muslim vote.

The LibDems in full knowledge of his activities allowed Cyril Smith and others to continue for years abusing little children from Care Homes. They knew what he was doing but chose to cover it up to protect their Party’s image rather than protect the children so are they equally complicit.

Allegations of paedophilia have been swirling around the Tory Party for many years. They are desperately trying to prevent the alleged sexual abuse of little children by the Westminster establishment being investigated and the guilty exposed. They want to appoint a chairman from one of their own in the establishment to head an inquiry. They can easily allay these rumours but will not. Those who are covering up the crimes of their chums are equally guilty.

• All three are guilty of disgraceful abuse of expenses and are still trying to prevent the taxpayers from knowing what hooky expenses are they are claiming.
• All three are guilty of giving their chums lucrative jobs as rewards such as knighthoods and peerages for their support not their ability. The Labour party inserted their Special Advisors (SpAds) into Charities, when they lost their jobs after the last election, on excessive salaries and pensions. They then changed the rules to allow Charities to be politically active on behalf of Labour Party.
• All three parties are guilty of perverting the Honours system by rewarding their toadies for donations to their parties.
• All three are guilty of squandering vast sums of taxpayer’s money on bogus, ineffective Green policies and EU demands such as Windmills, HS2. (theeuroprobe.org 2012 – 015 & 2014 – 076 The Economics of the Madhouse)
• All three are guilty of continually deceiving us with weasel words or sometimes blatantly lying.
• All three support the EU policy of open borders and uncontrolled mass immigration (theeuroprobe.org 2013 – 043).
• All three have agreed to accept the EU/US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership to enable US Corporates to buy up our NHS and pay less than the legal minimum wage. (theeuroprobe.org 2014 – 051 ). UKIP would keep the NHS free at the point of need.
• All three want our Armed Forces to be run down and handed over to EuroCorps.
• All three are intent on impoverishing the Brits while making their toff friends richer.

The SNP is essentially a Cultural Marxist party. All countries that have adopted such Marxist doctrines have, despite promises of milk and honey, eventually led to servitude and poverty of the masses and slumped into brutal, bankrupt chaos – except for the political elite of course. theeuroprobe.org 2015 – 028

The Green Party. Again another Cultural Marxist party that supports the UN Wildlands project and Agenda 21 to allow the international elite to disenfranchise and control all mankind – theeuroprobe.org 2014 – 014 & 2014 – 021 (A very sinister project) and to destroy family and national loyalties.

If you want our country to still be governed by such people then vote Liberal, Tory, Labour or SNP or Green. They are all the same so it doesn’t matter which of those five parties you vote for. Any differences between them are petty and insignificant. You cannot elect the same corrupt political order and expect a different result.

If you want the UK to recover its sense of honour, dignity, Sovereignty, control of our laws, borders and heritage then vote UKIP. Any UKIP caught misbehaving is almost immediately suspended from the party.

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