2015 – 040 Police cashing in on Speed awareness courses


Are police cashing in on driver education courses? Â !!!

“Almost 1.2million took courses last year, three times as many as in 2010†.. and that seems to have coincided with INCREASING road casualty when it was falling before.

“The problem is that branches of the police profit financially from the fact that people take them. There’s a clear incentive here to get people on the courses.†But of course, they will LIE to try to try to hide that, as Dorset Police did, for example on the greed on green camera which made about a £million for Dorset Police through courses and justified only by at least 4 other lies, the  FAQ states: “Is Holes Bay a “GREED ON GREEN CAMERA? No, this camera is now only a red light camera [so it was before then??!!] Contrary to recent publications, if a fine is paid by an offender …¦ the money goes to the Treasury, …. the fine paid does not and has never gone to the DSCP or the relevant council†and this was when Dorset Police were already raising over £1.5 million of courses, and when they knew very well that the vast majority of those caught by the camera were paying them directly for the course rather than opting for the fine!

“Last year a record 1.19million people took up the offer of a course†Now we see the scale of this. It’s a tenth of a £BILLION per annum industry, which seems to be INCREASING road casualty – which is not at all surprising. This industry operates under prrotection of the law, where some of those involved have direct personal interests in the money made through job security and promotion and the responsibility to choose the types of operations carried out – as I have frrequently said, a blatantly toxic and unacceptable situation, what did anyone think was going to happen?

“The National Police Chief’s Council denied that profits were being made from the courses, saying the fees were designed to cover the cost of filling out paperwork.†Good grief. In which case, you would expect transparency? Want to know what happens if you try to find out about the costs? You will get into years of buck passing, hiding, misrepresentation, and when you take it to the modern day PCCs to investigate, (in the case of Dorset, Martyn Underhill), they will just cover it up. And I estimate (and that’s all I can do because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get proper accounts) that the course profit is an eye-watering 700%!!

Full detail, analysis and evidence, and name and shame, at www.dorsetspeed.org.uk

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