2016 – 003 How and why our soldiers can now be prosecuted.

This is essential viewing. I recall warning people that this was on its way some twenty years ago. I could see it coming not because I had inside information but because I read a little history and I understand that history is condemned to repeat itself simply because the human condition is constant and unchanging. Most of Europe has been ruled on this system for centuries. We had the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights, the absolute antithesis of the European system.  We no longer have that protection because the Queen and her ministers agreed under the terms and conditions of the Treaty of Rome that our law would be subordinate to European law and later with the Lisbon Treaty 2007 they agreed that we would all be made citizens of the EU, or Fourth Reich as it is in reality, and our former status as British subjects subordinate to the obligations, demands and allegiances of that citizenship.

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People are confused as to how our soldiers can be charged as criminals for carrying out their duties in combat. This can now happen because they are no longer our soldiers.  The Bill of Rights established the monarch as commander in chief of our armed forces making our soldiers accountable by oath of allegiance only to the monarch and through the monarch to the British people. This was a wise move as should a Parliament become despotic the monarch as sworn official Governor of the nation would have the power to dissolve such a Parliament; only a monarch can mount and dissolve a Parliament. The soldiers oath of allegiance limits him to do no more than protect the monarch from his or her enemies. In return our the armed forces have the protection of the Crown.  Apart from funding, Parliament has no lawful authority over our armed forces what so ever.


With the surrender of the nation’s sovereignty in 1972 the monarch abdicated, there can be no sovereign head of state in a nation that is no longer sovereign. Parliament then assumed the role of commander in chief of our armed forces creating them political mercenaries no longer under the protection of their oath of allegiance. As they are also EU citizens they are now obliged under the demands of that citizenship to serve the Fourth Reich when called upon so to do.


Perhaps you are now asking how all this could have happened in this once acclaimed great democracy. The answer is very simple, it is incredulity. The British people simply do not believe or they refuse to believe that their freedom, their rights and liberties, their laws, their very sovereignty, has been taken from them and given away by their Queen in whom they placed their trust and confidence.


There can be no redress because dictatorships make very sure that every door, gate and means of challenge are tightly closed. Freedom is not paid for with the occasional war, it has to be paid for with constant vigilance, awareness and challenge. This is a reality the British people have neglected to observe and it will be to their ever increasing cost.


Bob Lomas.


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