2016 – 047 The consequences if Brexit is thwarted


I respectfully request that the media stop their continued campaign to scaremonger about the Leave vote, and read the letter below to see the bullet we dodged.



Sent: Thursday, July 7, 2016 4:40 PM


Subject: A Lucky Escape


I know this is rather lengthy, but I hope that you will be able to publish all of this important set of facts for the public to see, given the amount of space allocated to Ken Harrison’s letter.

Dear Viewpoint,

Having read the letters from those who did not agree with the result of the democratic vote for BREXIT, and myself having actually read the original Convention for an EU Constitution, and the two incarnations (2006&2007) of the Lisbon Treaty, I just have these points to make, given the obvious intent behind those treaties:

  • Never again would you be given the privilege of having a democratic vote, you would have had to accept every oppressive measure applied to you, without having a say on the matter. You would have given away any power you had under your control, because the EU Commission built an enabling clause into the treaty, to allow it complete control.
  • You have had a lucky escape from what would have been the EU super state, sweeping away member states’ country identities, with it’s Erasmus Exchange indoctrinating our young military and police to “Live Europe”, possibly using neuro-linguistic programming, a brain washing technique.
  • This was kept secret from voters prior to BREXIT. Germany and France created a 10 page plan, on which 20 Ministers of the EU have already signed at secret meetings in Berlin and Paris.
  • German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeiersaid “A European superstate instead of the European Union”, such an ultimatum will be presented to the countries which have not yet signed at the Visegrad Group (Czech Republic, Hungary,Poland, Slovakia) in Prague, to accept or get out of the EU.
  • Those countries whose Ministers sign up to the super state will be giving away their right to run their own countries i.e. their Sovereignty, and probably their government.
  • NO INDIVIDUAL MEMBER CRIMINAL LAWS–Member states would have no right to a separate Criminal Code, only EU Napoleonic Corpus Juris(Guilty until you prove yourself innocent) instead of our own Constitutional Common Law system with Habeus Corpus (innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers).  
  • ARMED FORCES– Germany and France propose the establishment of the body called “European Security Compact “, dealing with” all aspects of security and defence at the European level “”The EU should be able to plan and carry out both civilian and military operations in a more efficient manner, with the support of permanent civil-military chains of command (EUROGENDFOR). The Union should be able to rely on constantly paid rapid reaction force and be able to provide joint funding mechanisms for such activities. Member states would have no right to their own army, their own special services.
  • NATO – The document also limits the role of NATO in the European continent.
  • The EURO- “When, not “if”– Member states would have no right to a separate tax system –including setting their own taxes. The development of the European Monetary Union will require – according to the authors – the intensification of the political process as well as the division between the state(s), for the cost of the tax burdenThe common fiscal policy part of the new European Monetary Union “the missing cornerstone of the European Monetary Union” inpractice must be understood as a call to create a uniform tax system in all future European Union, and reducing the existence of tax competition between countries. Member states cannot have their own currency, or a central bank capable of defending the financial interests of the nation-state. (The Eurozone failed under these conditions, creating mass unemployment and poverty, and the EU State would take more and more from the richer members to prop up the monetary failures, even including raiding individual savings accounts has been proposed.)
  • NO SOVEREIGN CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN BORDERS –members would lose their right to run their own migration policy. To implement this policy, it is proposed to establish a “first multinational border guards and coast guard” to which Frontex by nation-states would delegate staff. Member States would actually lose control of their bordersand procedures for admission and relocation of refugees on their territory. The project also envisages the introduction of a uniform visa system and conduct of common foreign policy terms with other countries and international organizations.
  • COMPULSORY DIVISION OF REFUGEES – The document also envisages sanctioning of forced migration quotas for Member States: “The situation in which the burden of migration is unevenly borne by a limited number of countries is not sustainable. First, the Dublin system has to be improved by providing permanent mechanisms linking and distribution of the burden of migrants between Member States .”

For those who doubt the veracity of this, which has been confirmed by London Daily Mail and The Express, you can find the original document in German at this URL https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/1534


The UK must immediately leave the EU, trade freely under international rules and then negotiate with the EU – but not on its own. It must include all non EU countries and the British Commonwealth. Already the US Congress wants a swift trade deal with the UK and 11 other countries are lining up to conclude deals.

Parliament has a duty to follow through on BREXIT, and quickly by implementing, the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969 which says the European Communities Act 1972 is void and of no legal force, before any of these measures are slipped in by Europhile Mandarins in Whitehall in positions of authority. Article 50 is a trap and red herring to keep us in the burgeoning superstate.

yours faithfully

Mrs J B

English Constitution Group


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