2016 – 065 man of 35 has been arrested under the EAW over a car collision in some country 13 years ago

From: T.D.Erikson

Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 17:54:34 +0200

And by a similar token, the European Arrest Warrant must be suspended at once.

People still do not understand that it means that – as happens all the time in continental states – people get arrested and imprisoned for long months “pending investigation”, on NO EVIDENCE, AND WITH NO RIGHT TO ANY PUBLIC HEARING WITHIN HOURS, thus violating our Habeas Corpus rights. It rides a coach and horses through our Magna Carta heritage of safeguards for individual freedom.

Brussels is now speeding up the establishment of the European Prosecutor. His handbook will be the inquisitorial-Napoleonic embryo criminal code set out in Corpus Juris. He will be able to issue EAWs. He will be a political appointee. The lack of any requirement for evidence means that he will be able to issue EAWs on trumped up charges, against politically “inconvenient” persons. They will be taken out for as much as a year…. This gives Brussels a grappling iron to ensnare us. It must be cut away NOW.

May must suspend the EAW at once! This will be a litmus test of how serious she really is about Brexit.

At the end of the day, the essential, defining, power of any State is the legal power to use force on people’s bodies. Why leave this power in the hands of Brussels?????

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