2017 – 006 Brave New Europe?

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Tony Blair has said that the British public were not told the facts of the EU pre Referendum. We did receive a comprehensive leaflet from the gov but much relevant info was missing. The missing info is within this book

Mick G

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This book is essentially an audit of the EU





The Origins of the EU from Paris in 1870 to Berlin in 1942 to Strasbourg in 1944 to Brussels in 1957 to Berlin in 1964 and what the EU intentions are for the future.   

This not a normal book with a flowing narrative. It is a compilation of relevant articles, comments and quotes combining like pieces of a jigsaw that fit together to give the whole picture. 

Mick Greenhough was a committee member of the Leave.eu campaign. During that time he was amazed at how uninformed the majority of both Remainers and Brexiteers were about the true nature of the EU.



The reporting by BBC and the mainstream media has been, and still is, woefully inadequate and thoroughly biased both pre and post the referendum.  Brexit was exaggerated somewhat but Remain was riddled with inaccuracies, fabrications and gross unsubstantiated speculation.


Schools and Universities have also consistently promulgated a very lopsided view of the EU to their students to such an extent that they have been teaching propaganda rather than balanced information for reasoned debate.  Whether this was deliberate or through ignorance it is difficult to determine.

‘Brave New Europe?’ was written with the intention to provide a comprehensive account of the origins of the EU and what they intend for its future. Whether you voted Remain or Brexit it is essential reading.

It is for the reader to draw their own conclusions and decide if they made the right choice in the Referendum.

To obtain a copy: Special offer price for a limited period on the author’s web page at: http://www.shieldcrest.co.uk/mick-greenhough.html

Amazon and all bookshops; Search ISBN 9781911090489 after 28 Feb 2017

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